How to enlarge penis without surgery

To make the sizes of the penis more – this is the desire of many representatives of the male sex. Eventually really be achieved without surgery and even without leaving the house. In addition, penis enlargement methods can be quite safe and simple.

how to enlarge penis

Of course, some men slopes trust a lot of medications that promise to make your sex organ thicker and longer, and widely advertised on the internet. However, the effectiveness of most such instruments in practice, is not happy – it is often not possible to achieve something essential, and sometimes have a negative impact on the overall health.

Continues to risk the health should not, and instead resort to radical methods, you should use more simple ways.

Massage, that will make you a member

One of the most effective ways to increase the member is deemed to be a special massage. Requires the next preparation:

  • To be a bit of a soft fabric
  • Hold it under warm running water and then to push it?
  • Put a cloth over the reproductive organ.

Thanks to heat will improve the blood circulation. You will have to repeat this procedure several times, and then wipe the state. Is ready for a massage, during execution of which a person can sit or lie down (as it suits him). Produces all the necessary steps, you will have to be so careful not to hurt the penis, not hurt.

The algorithm action during the massage is the following:

  • Tightly embrace the head and pull it to the side. It is worth to stay is a bulwark, if it will hurt or uncomfortable.
  • Let go your head and massage the penis for the blood circulation better.
  • Stretch, as in the previous movements, only in a different direction.
  • Do this several times, and then pull the body slightly forward.
  • To complete the process tenfold massage of the penis.

Nothing complicated in these exercises don't exist. But the result can be extremely positive. However, in the execution of exercises should be progressed with all of the responsibility and seriousness. Negligence will result in the injured nerve, how annoying and even dangerous. It will pass just 3 months of these exercises and the desired result will be achieved.

The psychology is very, very important!

By an increase of the penis, we must not forget about how important psychological factor. We have to believe in their own strength, the opportunity to succeed, in whatever increased sexual body to radically change your life for the better.

It is no coincidence that it is recommended that, going to bed, to represent his own penis big. Visualization, in fact, it turns out that it is a very important case.

The dreams always become a reality, if it is really powerful and true.

Other ways

penis enlargement methods

Increase of sexual organ really for the account of a spot report. These are some of the points are located in specific areas of the human body, pressure for improving the functionality of the reproductive system, and even helps in the growth of the penis.

On the other hand, the position of these points, each and every human individual. Therefore, you still need to look for, before you click. Maybe, it will help the experiment – ponazhimat these or other areas of the body, with the hope of finding a coveted spot.

Other men resort to other help – especially for this purpose it is useful hawthorn, as well as Korean ginseng.

So now, you may not even think of a surgeon, if it wasn't for the desire to make the sex organ more. There are easier ways to achieve the desired without any damage to the health.