The most effective ways on how a male to increase state

A significant number of men are thinking about how to enlarge the penis. After all, many of them just are unhappy with the sizes. Some due to the length of the penis, and may even appear serious problems, which negatively affect their lives. Often enough this problem disappears self-confidence and self-esteem suffer. Therefore, it is recommended that the advance to learn the basic methods of penis enlargement, that will really help to increase a member.

how to increase the male member

Standard size

Before, how to increase the member should determine with the normal sizes. The male member has not been any hard rules about the length. However, the deviation can be considered that, if the size less than eight inches in length. When you do this, genitals, must be located in an erection.

Quite often one man, alone, decides whether the sexual organ some deviation. In this case, it all depends on aesthetic preferences of men and the demands of his partner. In most cases, the people themselves come with a problem. After the satisfaction of the sexual partner of a bit depends on the size of the penis. This is only a common myth, that introduces many people to the error.

It really is

Many wonder if it is possible to increase a member on your own which methods of penis enlargement, there are, and how it can enhance the male sexual organ. It is recommended that the advance to do to in the future, similar problems do not occur.

The penis is an organ, which has an increased level of sensitivity to external influences. It has been shown that the actual size may be reduced, if, for the satisfaction of his sexual desires regularly use the inside with a very narrow diameter.

Therefore, if possible, reduce the size, then we can assume that the increase of the penis is very much possible. However, you need to solve, it is true that we need to apply the penis enlargement method.

To find the edge, you should familiarize yourself with the average dimensions of the instrument in an excited state. If we are talking about representatives of european race, have an average length of 11-16 cm, and a diameter of 2-5 cm Therefore, people with such sizes of a penis, nothing to do, so as the genitals, it has standard settings.

Enhancement methods

The people who took the final decision have to deal with how to increase the size of your penis and to make the choice of best way for penis enlargement.


This method of penis enlargement is one of the most common and effective. It is the effective method has been used for many years the inhabitants of Africa, India and the Middle east. With the systematic use of Jelqing can easily increase genital dimensions.

For a start you need to figure out what to do to increase the member this method. To genitals faster they grow, you will need to buy the special lubricant and clearly follow the instructions. This method of penis enlargement is divided into two main ways.

When you use any of these, the genitals should not be fully excited. The level of erection should be about 50-70 %.

During the increase of the size of the penis in this way in a sexual instrument several times increases the circulation of blood. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the cavernous body stretched. Literally after 2-3 months of regular Jelqing, the state is growing by a few centimeters.

how to increase the male member house

There are several techniques of Jelqing, that will help any man to understand, how to increase a member:

  1. Exercise no. 1. Before proceeding in the process of the growth of the penis, you should do warm-up mast erection tel. Therefore, before, how to enlarge the penis, you'll need to cook a special tool to warm up tel. To do this in the pan is heated a bit of salt, after which it will be placed in a sheath of fabric. Then, this bag should be temporarily applied to the penis for it to warm up. When phallus is fully warm, you will need to bring it up to imperfect erection and to process the special lubricant. Then, for the elongation of the principle you need to embrace it with your fingers and gradually stretch. During execution of these exercises, you should monitor the number of them . The first time should be no more than forty. Gradually increased the number up to 50-60.
  2. Exercise no. 2. This exercise will also help to make your member a bit more. This technique of increase of a member different from the previous fact, that the pressure on the genitals, not with your fingers, and the whole of the palm. Taken and hard compressed for 10-20 seconds. During compression, the member should continue in different directions. Compression will have to be very strong, but it's painless, so you don't inadvertently cause damage to soft tissues. Penis enlargement you will notice within two months after the start of the execution of the exercise.


There are other real methods of penis enlargement. The massage is ideal for people who want to know how to safely increase penis size.

It is the easiest way through which you can increase the sexual organ. Why in this case don't need to spend the finances, and everything can be done at home. The massage is applied not only to increase the length, but also to improve the sex drive.

During the implementation of these increases the sizes of the exercise, we must clearly follow the instructions. This will not only increase their effectiveness but also will protect you from all kinds of injuries that may occur during the execution of the exercise.

Prior to the start of the process to increase the virility, better to the advanced heating of the penis. For any towel should soak it in warm water and wrap the penis. In a few minutes the process will be repeated. The compression is done to make enlarge your penis most effective. Increasing the temperature makes the skin more elastic and several times improves the circulation of blood.

During the execution of the massage will gradually need to start the skin with your fingers. To carry out this process it is recommended to regularly for several months, to achieve the desired result.

Application load

To increase the size of the penis can and by using the suspension of various loads. This is not the best way to enlarge your penis, as it is quite traumatic. During the use of this technique load seriously affects the cavernous body and the links, so that you can increase the manhood. In this way, can affect the length of the body, but the thickness of this will not change.

how to increase the male member load

Before performing this procedure it is better to do to make the body warm. You can configure by using the joint massage and hot towels. After a good warm up, you can proceed in the same process. Before the head you will have to attach a band-aid, which you'll need for the establishment of the post lace for hanging a small load.

People who do regular posting of goods, it is not recommended for a very long time to do it. The first few sessions last for more than 20-30 minutes. Then, the duration of the procedure and the weight of the load will gradually increase. In cargo insurance, you have to pay attention to the head. The point is that we should not be numb during the duration of the suspension. If it's too numb, then you should use the easier load.


Many people wonder how it is possible to increase a member extender. This adjustment is not used only for the growth of the penis, but also for the alignment of. To understand how to effectively increase your authority, this device, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the project.

By using the extender the penis begins to expand and to substantially speed up the development of tissues. Extender allows you to increase the length of the penis for a long time. Therefore, it is concerned that the length of the body increased a bit, as this will continue, even if in the future you do not use the device.

There are several effective models extender and therefore, you will need in advance to decide which device is best to use. For example, looped κου'φώματα is cheaper, but their use is not very convenient. More easy are the middle and menu number.

Water pump

Some people believe really to enlarge the penis using a vacuum pump. Indeed, some argue that the increase in the length of a fanfare is impossible. You can safely say that this fixture can't just become a member, but a lot of times to improve potency. This device creates around a vacuum, which strengthens the erection and stimulates blood circulation.

Before using this device, you have to figure out how to use it.

Before use of the device, genitals, becomes lubrication, and special creams. After this is inserted in the cylinder of the device. To create a vacuum, all the air from the pump pumped and the state is being subjected to severe pressure. This leads to an improvement of the blood circulation and make your penis is more long. To reduce the pressure a lot of models of pumps have a special built-in pressure gauge.

It is possible to by using the water pump to lengthen the penis forever? No, as the growing size of the penis begins to gradually decrease. In order to maintain the length, you will need to use the pump before sexual intercourse.


In most ads, in which describes how to enlarge the penis, referred to various ointments, creams, and sprays. There are many variants of these medicines. Can be:

  • in the short term – it is only effective if you apply before sexual contact?
  • long lasting – will get the long-term result?
  • auxiliary – it is recommended only to be used in parallel with other, more effective drugs.

The short ointment may be more effective. To do this you need to use it along with any of the planet a result item, which could stimulate the rush of blood. So he manages for a while to increase the size of the penis.

Less effective is spray, as they can only slightly enhance the circulation of blood. Therefore, you don't have to believe what spray is able always to increase the size of the penis.

The nozzle

The nozzle is ideal for people who are concerned about the issue, as really to enlarge the penis. This is the most quick and easy method. It is most often used if you need to lengthen the penis during sexual intercourse. Using the nozzle can not only be extended manhood, but even to improve erection.

how to increase male member water pump

There are closed and open standards such as κου'φώματα. The first is ideal only for elongation, to increase the width, it is better to buy an open standard. It is better to buy accessories, made of latex or silicone, as these materials are very similar to the skin.

With the use of such accessories can lengthen the sexual organ to 8-10 cm, However many, as the sizes are not satisfied, and therefore, in the trade you can find models with an elongation of about 3-5 cm


Make increase the manhood any man can be, who cares about the size of dignity. For this purpose, each male will have in advance to get acquainted with all the common methods of penis enlargement to select the best method for penis enlargement.