The growth of the penis: this is real?

A lot of bands, which suffer the men, associated with the size of the penis. Many representatives of the strong sex are willing to do anything to increase it. Pills, sprays, municipal technical – all of these instruments, if you believe the advertising, it can help to solve the problem with the size of the penis. However, as things stand in reality? If it really can go against nature and change the length of the penis?

growth of the penis

The average size in adult men in the erection is 10-15 cm, This length is considered normal. It's not worth to look at the size in eius flaccidum STA member. In a state of stimulation small penis can be increased significantly, and that is a sexual organ imposition of size – no. But if the size is in position excitation of at least 8 cm, state is called a microscopic. There is no doubt that in men there is a desire to increase it.

Stand on this issue a lot depends on the perception of the man and his partner and of what value is the length of the penis. There is the view that the quality of sex is the ratio, such as the size of the penis, not affect. Although many women still believe that the greatest pleasure you can get, if you don't associate a big penis, which touches it during the duration of the sexual act in the cervix. Some girls are able to reach orgasm with the stimulation of the clitoris and lips. In this scenario prefer to have a partner that had a fat cock.

The men, in turn, is fully satisfied with sex only then, when the lady has experienced an orgasm. In the opposite case, the dissatisfaction with sex life in a couple is the cause of conflict, if and bands about the size caused more often stereotypes, many are very worried about this. It is no accident, and even such questionable methods, such as the use of sprays and tablets, today are very much in demand. Men are sometimes ready to go at all, to achieve penis enlargement.

The size of the penis depends on hereditary factors and the characteristics of the development. If during the process of the formation of the body arise deviations, suffer and genitalia. The cause of their development, as a rule, is the insufficient production of testosterone. After 13 years of artificial stimulation of growth with the introduction in the body of this hormone does not allow to achieve a positive result, therefore, men are looking for other methods to change the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement methods

  • Water pump vacuumis?

State visit to a special device in the shape of a cylinder. This is connected with the air pump, which provides important blood flow to the customs authorities. As a result, the state comes in erectum situation, with blood and increases in size. At this point the penis pinched ring. This prevents the outflow of blood. Initially, these pumps are used for combating with sexual dysfunction. A significant disadvantage of this method penis is that the ring is removed, the penis returns to normal size. In addition, when you run a process there is a high risk to damage the blood vessels, thus appearing bruises, bruises. He leaves the ring on his penis more than 20 minutes is not possible. In the opposite case, there is a great likelihood of damage to the tissues.

  • specific exercises and weightsto you?

The penis is not muscle tissue, so as to raise the same. However, many believe that with the help of physical exercise managed to increase the length of the penis. The method of "jelqing" is a pulling exercises should be performed daily by the hour. The state should not be in an excited state.

Weights have a similar effect. You have to stretch a member, thus making it a more. However, the effectiveness of such methods is questionable. Wearing a special device for a long period of time makes you feel discomfort. In addition, it becomes the cause of the rupture of the tissues, damage to the blood vessels. Medical there are cases when a man was forced to operate on a member as it has been destroyed as a result of wearing heavy κου'φώματα.

wawona water pump
  • pills, sprays for the growth of the penisup?

These techniques are particularly popular because of its availability and simplicity to use. Oral medications must be taken for a long period of time. Apart from the increase in the size of the penis, increase potency, improve the overall health. However, after taking the effect disappears. Visual increase in the size of the penis is associated with increased blood flow to it, in fact I can't anymore. An important role plays and the autosuggestion, that make men to believe that the state has done.

As claimed by the manufacturers, spray it acts similar pills, allowing you to achieve enlarge the penis. I don't have such reactions, does not cause allergies. However, and growth states in fact is not the case. There was no case to change the size of the penis due to the use of this tool.

  • the surgery.

The surgery is the only effective method. With surgery can increase penis length and thickness. Although even in this case, the result may not be as noticeable as we would like for many. In addition, the surgery to increase the penis – it is quite complicated, expensive and traumatic process. Experts do not guarantee the safety and effectiveness of surgery, as there is a risk of various complications.

Don't believe blindly advertising and rush to buy various miraculous healings, for example, the spray, which can help to increase a member. Unscrupulous manufacturers use a common desire of men to change the size of the penis, in order to win in this. To enlarge penis can be only by surgery, and sprays, pills, ointment, physical principles and especially κου'φώματα in this case, is powerless.