How to increase a member in the house

The penis is the main organ in men, with this bet is impossible, the size and performance of the penis are even more important than material wealth or social status. This is a fact, and those men who have a member (in their opinion) be not less than the wish-the same sizes, it often develops serious psychological distress.

penis enlargement methods

Penis enlargement methods developed by specialists just for those men who wish to increase the size of penis and to regain the confidence in their abilities. But before I recommend how to increase the penis, doctors will try to determine whether you need a man to extend (stretch) or to add volume to penis, how I normally corresponds to the average or she goes quickly up, was founded on invented (or imposed ads) standards.

So, what can be considered as the "gold standard" for the penis in men; The notorious average 14 cm or "imposed" 25, although the latter option, oddly enough, more discourages women from what attracts, but nevertheless, the popularity of ways to increase the penis grows every year.

How to increase the size of the penis can be achieved penis at home? How effective these or other ways, as properly as the apply and easily to yourself, and how to enlarge penis at home – so in detail on.

What are the complications of surgeries to increase the penis?

The most common early complications (the first few weeks after surgery) include bleeding, wound infection, large swelling of the penis, usually on a temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of the head of the penis, pain during erection. For the most frequent late complications, such as functions include: changing the angle of erection (in relation to transit support links penis looks when erect is upward and forward or downward), the reduction of the penis, instability state and the dislocation during sexual contact, absorption, or osteonecrosis (necrosis) is inserted under the skin of the penis to increase the width of the tissue, erectile disorders, reduction of the sensitivity of the head of the penis, the deformity and the penile curvature. Attention! Very often (more than 50% of cases), has been achieved as a result of the operation, the result does not meet the expectations of the patient.

Really to increase size of the penis using the conservative methods? Of course, positive comments, but as ways to have a number of negative aspects: the possibility of injury, development disability, jelking accidentally run leads to a deformation of the penis, are possible changes of the blood vessels.

Exercises to increase penis size, mainly of a temporary nature, i.e., the result is not so fast, and when you use a vacuum pump and not a short one. Therefore, more and more representatives of the strong sex seeking help in traditional medicine, i.e. the change of the settings of the genital organs.

The surgery will increase diameter of the penis, the length of forever. Types of memory ram fix:

  1. How you can increase the length of penis? Anatomical part of the body, as it was hidden in the. This is due to the presence of the fastener of the device, which supports the penis. The doctors cut the strings, the more visual the extension. I.e., drops the hidden part, perineal part. Ligament welding can recover, therefore, in the postoperative period, it is important to wear weights, dilatory κου'φώματα for over 6 months.
  2. As with the ram correction to increase the diameter of the penis? This method is used previously, but it had a number of shortcomings. Thus, to increase the width use own adipose tissue, over time this has been as a result of their absorption. State was unevenly wide, recalling pavement. Now fattening is done through the input of a specific substance, that gives greatest and most desirable result.
how to enlarge penis

As with any surgery, plastic sexual organ sometimes leads to adverse consequences. During the first weeks after the intervention for some bleeding, long-rest of the swelling, long-lasting, and, where appropriate, and the continued reduction of the sensitivity of the head of the penis, the sensation of pain during erection, as well as the integration infection in the wound.

After cutting the ligaments, for example, it is possible to change the angle of the erection. So horny principle of "staring" is not in the top, right or even slightly downwards. During the sexual act can be extremely unpleasant dislocation of the penis, it becomes unstable.

During the transplantation of adipose tissue or of a special substance sometimes occurs rejection, suppuration, the curvature and other kinds of deformation. The doctor should warn the husband, that very often, almost in half of cases, the result does not bring satisfaction, patients remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the correction.

Sometimes the men seek help from a specialist to clean up the unwanted premature erection with the increase of the thickness of the head of the penis. We recommend that before you decide on surgical methods, to take advantage of the drugs for the correction of erectile dysfunction.

The decision for changing the settings of state adopts the male. When you do this, we recommend that you consult a specialist, especially a psychologist, as well as in accordance with the doctors an important part of men have a distorted idea of the body, considering it incorrect settings of the penis small. If the potential patient has standard sizes of the male dignity, then, I guess, will help shrink, in spite of a surgeon.

If you don't let phase with the increase of the penis, then read the most affordable and secure ways:

  1. Water pump vacuum. In a special pump created a vacuum, thanks to which blood flow increases dramatically, and the penis becomes more than ever. And to prevent the reverse flow of the blood, save the size, just grasp the penis base special ring. It is the method that is applied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but the disadvantage is that the effect is temporary. When the action is over, your body will become the previous dimensions. Negative consequences there are here: abscesses, bruising, impotence, damaged blood vessels, loss of colour and of the thickness of the leather. It's just thinner. Ring for tightening, can be worn only 30 minutes, otherwise you will have to deal with necrosis of the tissue.
  2. Exercises and other techniques. How to increase the size of the penis, when you are not at home? There are different techniques, exercises, which in the long run help to deal with the complex of a small penis. For example, the ancient arab technique jelking. On this basis, the daily kneading state, the citadel. You can gradually increase the duration of the massage till happy 30 minutes, but in no case did not allow himself to reach orgasm. As soon as you feel it coming, take a break. As in this case increases the bird? It is believed that the permanent damage, that dosage load, leads to injury of the tissues of the penis, the proliferation of new cells, increasing the corpora cavernosa Of men need attention, sharpness, action, change of hand, given that any increase of the load of one of the sides of the penis causes deformation and further complications.

For the operation is important not only to the desire of the patient, but also the original size of the penis:

  1. When the penis at least 9 inches, i.e., the expert deals with the underdevelopment of the penis, when it is important the every inch.
  2. When the length is about 12 cm, the surgery only for the improvement of the aggregates and expressed the achievement of the result.
  3. With a length of over 12 cm mode already will wear supplementing character.
tools for the growth of the penis

After surgery you must abstain from sex. The timing depends on the type of surgery. For example, during the extension of the penis is not less than 3 weeks in a maximum security prison, with the increase of the width — to- 4 weeks, but if the surgery, got married, then it is not less than 1.5 months.

To enlarge your penis in various ways. After detailed consultation with specialists, maybe even with a therapist, you will be able to choose the most appropriate method.

Radically, once and for all, you can increase the width of the phallus, the decision for surgery. To increase the volume of the penis under the chassis, proceed adipose tissue of the patient, receiving the special syringe from the abdomen, thighs men.

Before, how to enlarge your penis in width of the patient immersed in the artificial dream. Under general anesthesia, a special fabric is inserted into the area marked in the penis and gently distributed there.

After surgery the fat to give pleasure, thanks to the fine capillary vessels, supplying. Literally within a week, with the measurement of the width of the penis, a male can be seen that this increased by 1.5-2 cm in Addition, many patients say that the penis gradually increases the length of an erection. This result is achieved by the fact, that the mass of the phallus, after the operation has increased significantly.

Drugs, to help you make your penis thicker

The methods selected for the growth of the phallus, required to complete a cosmetic medicines which accelerate the growth of the penis. Modern companies offer a huge variety of media.

However, most of them are as phony, don't bring any results.

Cosmetic preparations, which allow the member to add length and volume to the width, they release in the form of a cream, ointment or gel. Differ from each other the composition and the duration of the action. According to the last index, the chapters are divided into several groups:

  1. The long-term. The product should be used no less than 1 month every day. The effect lasts for about six months after the completion of the course.
  2. A rapid action. Ideal for the increase of the authority before the intimacy. These tools allow you to achieve the desired effect for 5 minutes. The result will not keep for more than 3 hours.
  3. Auxiliary. The recommended to use in combination with devices that are designed for the increase of the phallus.

Almost all modern drugs contain solely natural ingredients. It is more secure and allow you to achieve a positive result. Hormonal means ceased to be popular, given that they differ from the mass side-effects.

The principle of action

The manufacturers of miracle-working capital for the growth of the penis, promising a solution, the primary male sex problems. Also make sense during sex is more bright and at the same lovemaking prolonged.

In fact all the creams and gels that operate on various principles:

  1. They have a warming effect, which enhances the flow of blood in the right place?
  2. Cause division of cells in the phallus and growth?
  3. Support favorable equilibrium level of nitrogen?
  4. Strengthen the muscles of the penis?
  5. Increase the sensitivity.

Side effects

Manufacturers are trying in every way to convince men that their products are absolutely safe for the health. Therefore, it allows the men to experience only positive emotions.

In fact, sometimes there are unpleasant side effects of gels and other similar media.

Forcing the person to abandon the use of this method, the increase of the phallus.

After spreading state, a person can begin to feel a strong burning sensation and itching, which is located in the vicinity of the position of the scrotum. Such reactions arise from the very sensitive skin or the availability of intolerance to individual ingredients. Also allowed the option of an overdose in.

Enlarge penis with the use of medications, gels and ointments

Promotional videos and pictures guarantee a "shocking" result after the application of these instruments. Unfortunately, it is not so. The more you have to get the composition in accordance with your needs. Need short-term or long-term effect. If you don't pay attention, that may not be what you expect.

the growth of the penis at home

If we take into account the cream with a short-term effect – each drug is a good thing, because the composition contains the component that causes the growth of the penis and the glans penis. If selected ointment for the long-term effect, you need to consult with an expert. I'll tell you, what the composition is suitable for you.

Application extender

You can enlarge penis at home and with the help of this device. Dilution can be of different types:

  • The middle?
  • With the gap?
  • Looped.