10 ways to increase the male dignity

The size of the penis is always the subject of particular attention for any men of childbearing age. This factor depends to a large extent the success of the women, a private self-esteem and even character. The penis of small size often becomes the cause of development of the bands, which always affects the personal life. Today there is a wide variety of ways to resolve this issue: from simple κου'φωμάτων from the shops of intimate goods in complex surgical techniques to increase.

the growth of the penis

Factors that affect the size of the penis:

  • Composition of the diet. In men, users enough animal protein and spices, a member?
  • The level of testosterone. The more hormone in the blood, the more intense it goes up growth of the penis up?
  • The state of the pituitary and hypothalamus (tumors and other damage caused by the underdevelopment of the penis);
  • The presence of diabetes mellitus (inhibits puberty);
  • Bad habits, intoxication. In males, puberty drugs, alcohol, smoking, the growth potential of the penis is not fully used.

The average length of the excited state adult male is 15 cm – size, is considered to be optimum suitable under the female vagina (the standard which a depth of 10 cm), then there are quite adequate for normal sexual intercourse. However, it is much more important aspect of the penis with a view to meet women is the diameter (circumference).

A temporary reduction (grip) of the penis is usually caused by cold or stress. In dealing with these factors size returns to normal. Persistent reduction of the length and the diameter are possible in some hormonal pathologies due to damage to the structure member (smelting of tissues after inflammation, trauma).

Enhancement methods

Option method of penis depends on the initial settings. If you want essentially to build the length or diameter, can only help genital surgery. From conservative methods, you can try the exercises, the various facilities and medicines.


Devices for natural penis before it applied only to therapeutic institutions (LOD-therapy), and now it's in different versions are available for home use. Ordering such devices usually in specialized resources, but a fairly wide range of offer and conventional shops intimate goods.


Dilution – device for lengthening the penis. Schematic of the device is as follows: two parallel axis variable-length and are located between the brakes. One of them is fastened to the base of the penis, the other – the head. The operating principle is the power of exposure is gradually increased during retorto controller.

As a result of the systematic use of the device during the course of the year can increase the diameter of the penis 2-3 inches, and a length of 5-6 cm at the same time correction is made in the shape of a penis (in some of the erect penis acquires a pronounced bend or deformed due to Peyronie's disease). During the first few weeks the device is used from 1.5 to 2 hours, then wearing grow in 4-h.

the growth of the penis extender

Types of solvents:

  • Mechanical (loop or lorum). Clamped down by the head with the use of loop-up or broadband to you?
  • Menu. Tension in the body of the penis is created through the suction heads in a special cell, then the entire length of the trunk rolled tenens tray of silicone?
  • Vacuum-grip . Determined easier and more convenient vacuum, suitable for small states. The main advantage compared with conventional vacuum models are available adhesive membrane. Covers the head, protects the surface from bubbles of lymph and damage.
To apply extensions you need without fanaticism, clearly following the instructions. Excessive tension will lead to a rupture of the ligaments and the appearance of the hematoma.


Satellites referred to specific projects, through which the state for the purpose of traction on a length of hanging load. "Racking" can be home-made or industrial production. Products of the latest generation, which is attached to the head of the penis with the help menu, include the set of suspensions .

Technique of extraction with the help of the cargo, it is not recommended to use the recovery less traumatic exercise. The first time you can't hang it the fuck over 1-2 pounds and maintain the weight, more than 20 minutes.

Water pump

The most effective and popular means of penis enlargement without surgery is a pump for an erection. Visible result can be achieved for a month. Key components of the device – the bottle and pump, creating negative pressure. Working principle: the bird is placed inside, the bottle tightly pressed in the groin, when pumping air becomes a powerful rush of blood to the cavernous body and head. As a result of these exercises in the penis is pumped a large volume of lymph and blood, the walls of blood vessels and dapibus shell, delimiting the scope of the corpora cavernosa stretched.

Depending on the treatment area by a member develop various kinds of water pumps:

  1. Wide - to increase the diameter.
  2. Narrow and long - for the increase of the length.
  3. With special internal restrictor (sleeve) – for the volume of the head.

As a fill environment may be the water (hydraulicus sentinam or hydraulic pump). Such devices are less traumatic to the head.

There are specific techniques and projects for beginners and advanced users. The first time, it is important to monitor the pressure in the device, so the most easy is the water pump with by blood pressure monitors.

The extension of the fixture

The extension of the accessory sexual organ that are intended for the temporary, the situation increase the size without drugs and pills. Products are presented in a wide range of:

  1. With open or closed head. The last option is suitable for men who suffer from premature ejaculation due to increased receptor sensitivity. With the help of these appendices you can enlarge your penis at least 10 inches.
  2. With a smooth or textured surface.
  3. With the vibration mode or warm-up.
  4. Reusable condoms for the growth of the penis.
In the selection of such "toys" should be taken into account not only the length but also the width. Very narrow nozzle to squeeze blood vessels, which can cause hypoxia of the tissues of the penis.

Manual techniques

There is a whole system of various techniques of manual exposure, through which can be achieved increase the size of your penis without surgery, pills and creams. The effect is achieved with the aid of blood flow and mechanical stretching of the tissues.


the growth of the penis hangery

The exercise aims to increase the diameter of the penis. After jelka. Technique: OK-capture with enhanced pressure is determined on the base of the penis, then gradually, periodically sinking, moving forward (without pressure reduction). Does not reach up to the head, commitment returning to base. The exercise is repeated 4-5 times.

Your task – to maximize the girth of the penis due to depression and the retention of this blood. The head should not, when that blacken and numb.


Jelqing – the repetitive movements (by type of milking), with the aim of enhancing the flow of blood to your penis and the stretching of the tissue. This is a fairly simple way, giving you the most quick and significant results. Can lengthen the penis for a few months.

Before the start of the course the penis must be warmed up and excited at least 50%. Basic technique:

  • The gun state is obtained on the basis of OK-attachment (the ring from the index finger and the big toe);
  • The plot thickens and moves towards the head (the process should be continued for at least 3 seconds);
  • To change from one hand immediately comes the other.

In the direction of the trunk onto the stretched dapibus shell, the project aims to increase the penis in thickness. In the direction of down load rests on the upper links, for the account of stretching, which increase its length.

The main types of jelqing:

  1. Wet. Used lubricant to increase transparency, involve both hands, engagement glides along the trunk.
  2. Dry. Without ointments and lubricants. Capture is determined for the dry skin of the penis and move slowly because of the tension and down-to-up: on the head with strength at the base without him. Operated one hand.
  3. Extendens. Performed with two hands: one capture at the base, another of the heads. An attachment member is slightly stretched, others channeled the blood to the head.
After the exercise by the accumulation of lymph may swell foreskin. This effect has been driven within a few hours.


Clamping technology the clamping member by using the shackles for the purpose of increasing the girth such as in an excited and in a state of calm. Overlap just outside of vienna, and from the inside of the artery continues to flow in the blood.

Beginners should not be weighing more than 10 minutes. Immediately after removal you need to do light massage. The skin state should not blacken, tingling, it is also unacceptable. Libra should not be worn on bare skin, it is necessary that a soft strip.

Masturbation is also a variety of manual stimulation, but in size of a member does not affect. This is the opinion of the experts and of most men. Very quick up and down motions directed solely to irritation of receptors of the head. The pace and the power pressure does not contribute either inflow of blood, nor of the stretching of the tissues.


To increase the size of the penis and the head may be hyaluronic acid injections. The substance is related to the human body, therefore, does not cause rejection and allergies. Procedures are performed in specialized clinics. From the time that take up less than half an hour, the patient can directly go home. Sex life is allowed in 2-4 days. For 6-12 months filling improved, state return the same size.

Instead of drugs hyaluronic acid to increase the size of the penis can by the introduction of the yours cleaned and fixed fat of the patient. This process is called "lipofilling". It takes about one hour, after which the patient is in the hospital, still 5-6 hours. Sexual life is not allowed a month ago.

Some men leave negative feedback for the results of the process of lipofilling – member gets abnormal gelatinous. About a year after the fat is resolved, can be left a lot of lumps under the skin. Injections of hyaluronic acid to give elasticity and softness, the essence of biodegradable evenly. Both procedures give an increase of the diameter of the penis in 1-1,5 cm From complications that may affect the structure of the blood vessels, the formation of fistulas, smelting of tissues.

With regard to the botox, the synthol', silicone, introduction in the state for the purpose of increasing their areas. The botox causes a loss of sensitivity, the silicone can cause pulmonary embolism and death. Vaseline in clinical is not used anymore, however, some people are still trying to increase his cock home. The result is lumps under the skin, inflammation and deformation of the body.

Surgical techniques

Surgery to increase the size of the penis combined with the term "phalloplasty". In genital surgery there are the following types of interventions:

  1. Ligamentum – extensions of length of a member for the account of a fit pushing the strings. As a result of released 1-2 inches of barrel. The surgery takes approximately one hour. The restoration will take 2-3 weeks. Within 6 months, the patient will need to wear special dilution. The operation is not recommended in erectile dysfunction.
  2. Transplantation of muscle tissue – increase in the diameter of the penis due to implantation of the torso of the tissue obtained by abdominal wall or fascia. Finally the region is increased by 3-4 cm, the Procedure lasts about 3 hours. The result remains forever.
  3. Penile prosthesis – increase the size of the penis by using the implantation own of the cartilage of the patient or the installation of tire materials.
The above operations ensure real growth of the penis. Manufactured under general anesthesia. Pre-the patient is undergoing examination, the specialized urologist, gives blood, urine, an EKG, an x-ray. After surgery there can be complications in the form of infection, rejection and displacement of materials.

Other tools

Tools local application alone is not effective for penis enlargement. Can be used to get the biggest result from the exercise, as well as for the temporary aid of the senses immediately before sex.

Base oils comprise substances that ensure the flow of blood to the penis and to increase the sensitivity of the head. Visually, the penis can be slightly increased in volume. About the same short-term effect can be achieved with easy rubbing the skin state of the pulp of baking soda and water . The water can be replaced with honey, aloe vera juice. Stimulating properties that they have, also, the essential oils of citrus fruit, or mint.

Correction power to increase the share of products-aphrodisiacs, also, will not lead to an increase in the size of the penis. We can eat useful for the movement of products, but the positive effect will be only in relation to the activity (it will improve the quality of erection, it will skyrocket your libido). The same effect will be from the gym and yoga.

Herbs and nutritional supplements, as well as PDE-5 inhibitors for the size of the penis does not affect it. Characteristics of the data media, also, are limited in erection increased, improving the potency. Preparations with a basis of male growth hormone of the penis, also, do not cause. Testosterone is involved in the development of the body, but only during the period of adolescence.

the growth of the penis, the extension of the fixture
Some people are trying to "grow" the penis biting bee's, by using the lubrication of iodine and even ointments for the joints with warm effect. These experiments may result in permanent deformation of principle or a loss of the sensitivity.


Quickly, is completely safe and for a long period of time to increase the penis is not possible. The only harmless and effective way for building dimensions instrument without the chemistry and the surgery is a manual, or hardware stimulation. Before the application of each method, it is advisable to consult your doctor.