How effectively to increase the penis?

Those involved with the growth of the penis, facing the problem, that the enlargement process is not happening as fast as we would like. Despite the fact that they do everything you need by following this method (wearing extender or massage), the increase takes place very slowly. In some cases, for example, is well increases the length of the penis, but the size of the girth (thickness) of the penis is increased very slowly or not at all doesn't change, while others are the opposite – the thickness increases, and the change in length is negligible.

Therefore, there is a question, you can optionally do to speed up this process? Answer this question asked by one of the leading experts in the field of penis enlargement, sex therapist dr.

Penis enlargement results depend on the characteristics of the male body. It's not a secret that visiting a fitness center, a more easy building of the muscle, and in others it is not so easy. Exactly the same with the male elasticity – one of the most easy to learn to sit with a piece of string, and the other more difficult. You can overcome these characteristics of the body? Of course, it can be improved, and to achieve speedy implementation of the procedures. Directly should be divided, the increase of the penis in terms in 2 parts – the increase in the length (stretching of the ligaments – elongation) and the increase in the region (accumulation of mass).

The increase of the thickness of the penis

We can compare it with the mass increase in sports. There are men in a short period of time can easily be achieved an increase of muscle mass and, if the penis is not a muscle, data of men provided for more easy process of penis enlargement to a thickness of, by massage, or by applying a vacuum method. But a part of them men who can't get the building mass without improvised, therefore visiting the gym, consuming supplements, protein, and some even use the hormones. Very similar situation, and with the growth of the penis.

For those who are difficult to served increase of the thickness of the penis, you should additionally consume the drugs that contribute to the process of division of the tissues, improves blood supply of tissues. And be sure to follow the physical activity, as physical activity is very negatively affects the increase of the thickness of the penis. Speaking of their preparations, the internet is available a wide range, most of whom do not gives result, but for this we need to talk separately.

the growth of the penis

Increase penis length

Staff is very well known, that the length of the penis can be increased with the help of elongation of the ligaments. The most effective κου'φώματα for this purpose it is extensions or a special massage, in which time strings, such as in sports, when learning to string.

Surgical to increase the penis is not possible and men will need to understand that the surgeons are deceiving them and achieved the increase of the length is only the result of wearing the extender after the surgery.

Most men strings are not elastic, and to increase the penis in length, is very difficult. In this case, your clients I suggest that along with the massage, or wearing a extender to consume drugs, containing silicon. Silicon is a trace element, which determines the elasticity of the tissues. After 20 years of silicon in the body accumulates.

Products silicon in small quantities is contained in pulses, but usually the amount is not enough to make the ligaments more flexible. Therefore, in parallel with the actions for the increase of your penis I advise you to consume drugs, containing silicon. The silicon contained in preparations intended for the health of hair and nails, and you can buy them at any pharmacy. Prior to the selection of the drug, you should see the amount of contained silicon. The most good medicine is a silicon chip balm from Germany, as and to the base of the makeup is silicon dioxide, the natural product.

On the basis of penis lengthening – the regular and prolonged work, exercise, massage, bringing dilution or by applying a vacuum pump, but the efficiency of this process you will need to use the appropriate medication. The evidence medication, you should choose depending on what result you want to achieve and, then, the result to increase the size of the penis is effective! Prior to the selection of the drug, think about what you want to achieve – to increase the thickness or to lengthen the strings!