Small penis: what to do, how to enlarge penis

The men of slavic type of the rule is considered the penis length of 14 cm in the excited state. The threshold is 9.5 see If the sexual organ is smaller dimensions is the pathology, which bears the name of a small penis.

the growth of the penis

What should be the size of the penis

About 80% of men complex for the size of the penis. This is due to the lack of information on the size of the penis.

Penis size is determined by three parameters:

  • in a break?
  • during an erection?
  • at maximum strength.

Measurements produce at room temperature, to avoid the reduction in response to the cold. Measure the penis in the back, from the pubic area up to the edge of the head. When the angle between sexual state and of the anterior abdominal wall should be 90 degrees.

The results affect the following factors:

  • general health and age of the patient;
  • the presence of diseases and pathological changes in the penis?
  • the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer over the ivy.

The presence of these factors is functional, and true shortening of the penis.

Sexual organ, the size of which in the extended state, less than the average length of two and a half times, is defined as a small penis. This means that when the pathology penis does not exceed in length two inches.

Small penis has a size of not more than 9,5 – 11 cm, while the stretch or in erection.

Why the small penis

The causes may be the androgenic and acquired. This pathology develops due to the production of the genitals and leads to infertility.

If three years ago a boy the testicles remain in the abdominal cavity and do not descend into the scrotum, urologist diagnose syndrome Kalman. The surgery will not bring the desired results, since this pathology is disturbed, the formation of the cells of the pituitary gland, responsible for the synthesis of the hormones that stimulate testosterone.

The pathology may be a consequence of the syndrome of Klinefelter, a genetic disease in which the child there is an extra X chromosome. With the result that the boy has the female body, narrow shoulders and a small penis with poorly developed scrotum.

The above reasons relate to androgenic.

The acquired concern:

  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the testicles?
  • the damage and the volume of the testicles?
  • the volume of the hypothalamus, adrenal and pituitary gland;
  • pharmaceutical, radiation and temperature effects on the testicles?
  • syndrome giperprolaktinemii it?
  • the Peyronie's disease to you?
  • diabetes mellitus.

The symptoms of a small penis are observed:

  • retarded intellectual development?
  • underdeveloped scrotum.
  • low hairline is?
  • the wrong size of testicles?
  • impotence.

Signs of deviations from the norm

Apart from the anatomical of the symptoms, the deflection can be characterized by other symptoms:

  • a woman's body type is?
  • anomalies and malformations other sensory systems?
  • weak hair plate?
  • deformation within shells?
  • delay in intellectual development?
  • depressing situation?
  • the obesity?
  • the presence of erectile dysfunction.

Important! If the above features are manifest in adolescence, you should immediately contact an endocrinologist.

penis enlargement methods

Diagnosis of the pathology

For diagnosis you need to consult qualified urologist, and genetics.

The first thing you need to see a family doctor, who will send a young man on the narrow technical.

Usually for the diagnosis of pathology appoint such methods of research:

  • the sperm?
  • a blood test for levels of hormones?
  • ct and mri of?
  • genetic study of chromosomes and karyotype for the exclusion or confirmation of hereditary pathology?
  • radiation method for the detection of inflammation and tumors.

Important! The timely treatment will save man from physical and psychological complexes in the future.

How to enlarge your penis?

Pathology treated in two ways:

  • Conservative. Lies in taking hormonal medicines, as well as application extender and vacuum.
  • Surgery.

Conservative way

Devices menu

They operate on the principle of pressure gradient – with the help of the pump from the cylinder has been removed the air, creating a discharge in the cylinder. Consequently, the blood from the body arrives at the penis, causing it to grow.

Extensions – devices external stretching for the continuous stretching of the penis in length.

Attention! Dilution is used not only for the lengthening of penis, but also for straightening principle, for example, in Peyronie's disease.

With the help of extender can achieve these results:

  • the increase in the length of 3-5 cm in erection?
  • 2-3 inches in a relaxed state?
  • the increase in diameter of 1 cm

Dilution set for the penis is in a relaxed state in 4-10 hours a day. Using the device of 4 to 6 months, depending on the desired elongation. Achieved the results remain the rest of their life.

The treatment is contraindicated in:

  • inflammatory processes foreskin and head?
  • needless to expressed foreskin is?
  • pointed out penis.

Before the start of treatment you should consult your doctor.

Surgical way

Anatomical features for determining the corpora cavernosa to the pubic bones give you the ability to increase the length of penis with surgery.

Dissection of suspensory ligament – the most common surgical method, which allows you to lengthen genitalia, in length, which will allow the interior part of a corpora cavernosa Run in conjunction with the plasticity of the skin at the base of the penis.

Potential postoperative complications

Objective prediction result of the operation does not exist. It all depends on the anatomical features of the area surgery. The result will depend on the results of a CT scan, and MAGNETIC resonance imaging of tissue, length of the links and other factors.

After the surgery may develop complications in the form of:

  • post-operative scars that are formed within the for an extended period of healing of the wounds?
  • excessive holes maintenance strings. This can lead to a setting state in the scrotum.
  • displacement pubic hair is?
  • particular penis, in which the state is involved in a joint;
  • necrosis minutes or a narrow skin graft.

Prevention measures

Preventive measures of the small penis:

  • the exception of hormonal treatment of the mother during the period of pregnancy?
  • monitoring of the levels of sex hormones in?
  • the timely observation of a specialist?
  • the normalization of the weight?
  • waiver of the bad habits?
  • the exception of injuries of the penis?
  • refusal of acceptance of hormonal drugs.
the function

The goal of treatment is to improve the quality of life of men. Before I diagnosed the problem, the more effective will be the treatment. This will allow you to avoid complexes and hassle in the future. The treatment is aimed at normalization of sexual life and restore reproductive function. Better, if the pathology will be resolved in childhood.