How to increase the thickness of the penis: the rapid increase in volume and diameter

How to increase the thickness of the penis? This question is a concern for almost every man. For many, the thickness and length of the penis is of great importance. If, in their opinion, is not long enough, it will resort to various methods that help to improve the parameters of the penis. It is worth noting that according to statistics, 85% of women are happy with the sizes of the manhood of their partners. But, despite these data, men continue their search for the most efficient methodology, with which you can increase a member not only in length but also in thickness.

how to enlarge penis

How to increase the thickness and length of the penis?

The increase of the thickness of the penis is quite difficult and long process. None of the known methods can not instantly make the penis more long and thick. But if you regularly perform special exercises, massage, and use special creams, you will achieve the desired result. What are the methods for the increase of the thickness of the penis is most effective, painless and affordable, you can learn from the review of the article.

Learning about the most popular methods and their characteristics, the advantages, any man can get for yourself the best option. In each of the methods has its advantages and features, some tricks can be combined to achieve the maximum effect. The main thing is to get the most enjoyable and convenient way, and how to choose the right way for the increase, read our article.

You can enlarge your penis?

Already there are ongoing discussions between doctors and scientists, some of which claim that it is to enlarge your penis is not possible. Others believe that these methods exist. There are a lot of different techniques with which men may increase a member in thickness and length. And in this matter most effective is not only functional ways, but also manual techniques, mechanical devices.

With the help of modern methods of manhood can grow to 2-3 cm in length and 1-2 cm in thickness.

Millions of men all over the world have used expensive and affordable techniques for the growth of the penis. It is they who share their experiences and comments, with a detailed account of the success. Before and after photos show, that to enlarge your penis can be, but this is not so easy. Despite the fact that, every person can use the special κου'φώματα, increase gel, cream, massage techniques and jelcing and take down that high score.

It is worth to resort to the change of the size of his penis?

Childbearing beginning of each person's individual dimensions in length and thickness. If one of the boys penis length is 20 cm, then this does not mean that the rest of it – will be similar dimensions. In addition, the size in a quiet and an erection will be different. For instance, in some men, the length of the penis at rest and during stimulation may not change, and others – to increase to 3-4 and see If the child is small penis, then it can become the cause of serious psychological complexes.

The normal size of the penis can include the following parameters: length of 13-25, the thickness or the circumference, measured in the middle section – 10-16 see If you have noticed that your manhood doesn't match up with the data settings, then the solution of the problem exists. You can increase the member and in thickness and in length. What you have in the initial stage is to get acquainted with all possible ways for the growth of the penis and to choose the best possible option.

Operating modes

Surgery to increase the penis in men it is applied, usually, in more difficult cases. Often functions have been assigned to those patients who have congenital or acquired abnormalities, and abnormalities in the reproductive system.

penis enlargement methods

Surgical technique

With the question of how to increase the thickness of the penis, many patients are turning to surgeons. And this is not surprising, given that with the use of surgery can be increased in the reproductive authority of up to 5 cm in length and 2-3 cm in width. But before you go for a consultation with a plastic surgeon, it is worth to consider potential risks and disadvantages of this process. The surgery is always a risk. The patient may begin suppuration wound after the coating of the seam, open the bleeding.

The increase in the length of the penis, as well as of the width is done by injection, during which a subcutaneous injection of the hyaluronic acid.

This method is used for a long time, but at the same time has some disadvantages.

Hyaluronic acid has the property to dissolve. The same applies to other biomaterials, that are compatible with the cells of the body. The procedure is performed in steady conditions and does not require further outpatient rehabilitation. A few days after the injection of hyaluronic acid male can renew the sexual activity.

Special function

If you want to learn how to increase the length of the penis 3-5 inches in a short period of time, you should pay attention to the surgery. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is the intersection of maintenance strings. The surgery is carried out in stages:

  • preoperative consultation with the doctor?
  • preparation of the patient and the introduction of anesthesia;
  • the cutting of the skin in the scrotum in the middle?
  • crossing the strings with a scalpel?
  • stitches in the incision.

Before surgery, the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination for the detection of indications and contraindications. With the help of a painless process is going on visual increase in the reproductive authority of up to 4-5 cm In that after the manipulation, the patient is required to wear a special provision for dilution.

To raise fat mass

The increase in the volume of the penis is achieved, and through a special process. This process is managed by the own lipid tissue – fat of the patient in the subcutaneous tissue of the penis. Fence of fat made by the body part I'm dealing directly with the patient in advance.

The same procedure is performed as follows: the doctor produces the fence of the fatty tissue from the buttocks, the abdomen or the hips and is subjected to stabilization, in order to achieve a uniform texture.

After this the fat is injected with the help of the micro-cannula and the position of the hole required a special bandage. After the manipulation it is recommended to abstain from sex for a month.

Increase in home

In addition to the medical procedures for penis enlargement are applicable and most economical methods that you yourself can use at home. These include specific exercises, use emulator, gel and lubricant, massage techniques, that increase state in a thickness of a few centimeters.

the surgery of increase


If you want to learn how to increase thickness of penis at home, then you have to use special massage techniques. This method is one of the most safe, enjoyable and affordable. Conduct massage should be in a relaxed state with the use of lubricants or special gels, which enhance the effect of the manipulation several times.

For the exercise you have to capture the base of the penis with the fingers of the left hand, forming a ring, and make a circular motion with the right hand. When you do this in each operation you need to be for a few inches to move higher. The process increases the penis for a few cm in thickness and length.


Until now, it has developed many exercises which help you to resolve the issue, how to increase the volume of the penis. The most popular with technicians can be attributed jelcing, Kegel exercises. Specific exercises to help increase your sexual organ in the region of a few centimeters, if you do them regularly and correctly. For maximum effect, before performing manipulations should be applied to the instrument a special gel or cream. Similar tools improve blood circulation and enable you to conduct exercises painlessly and safely.


The growth of the penis in diameter – this difficult task. But only if you can use a special device – dilution. For maximum effect, you must use the device for more than 4-6 months on a daily basis. When you do this, you need to use within a few hours. Dilution is designed for prolonged stretch of the phallus, which promotes the development in length and width.

  1. With correct and regular use of penis increases in length of 1,5-2 cm in length – up to 4-x cf.
  2. The disadvantages of this host can be attributed to long-term processes, the possible occurrence of unpleasant sensations.

Water pump

Increasing the girth of the penis and maybe with the help of κου'φωμάτων – water pumps. They come in various types – vacuum, mechanical, water, hydro-water pump. The most popular is a water pump vacuum. It consists of a cylinder and a hand pump. For the conduct of the procedure the penis is placed in the cylinder, and with the help of pump air pump, creating a vacuum.

This method is not only used for pumping the penis, but also for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. The disadvantages of the use of water relating to the occurrence of bruising and pain, but such effects are most often caused by the improper use of the device.

Gel and spray

If you are interested in the subject, how to increase the diameter of the penis safely and painlessly, then the best option would be to use special gels and creams. The most popular and in demand is Titanium Gel and spray Dominator. Not only do they allow, as soon as possible to achieve significant changes in the size of the penis, but to have a great list of advantages:

  • increase of sexual potential?
  • increased sense at the time of ejaculation it?
  • the possibility to control the ejaculation?
  • sensitive, prolonged erection?
  • troubleshooting problems with premature ejaculation.

The growth of the penis in width is achieved by a specially selected combination of ingredients. All the substances in the composition of the cream and gel have natural origins, so that it is completely safe and harmless. Many children have appreciated all the advantages of sprays and creams, which ensure the rapid growth and fattening of the reproductive principle. In no less efficient facilities can be attributed to and other creams and gels. See a complete list of medications, you can, using the table below.

A lot of kids, people often ask me, can increase the thickness of the penis with the baking soda. It is worth noting that this method has place to be, such as baking soda, increases the elasticity of the penis, but to increase or thickening of the is useless. Baths of soda, in the best case, temporarily will enhance the elasticity of the penis, but within a few hours the result will pass. For the preparation of the basin, must take a glass of warm water and stir in a teaspoon of baking soda. Placing it in a glass of a solution, you have to wait 15-20 minutes. The process should be carried out for 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Stimulants pills

Another option, how to increase state in the region, is the reception of stimulation of medicines. Drugs and dietary supplements sold to the general public from pharmacies and specialty stores. Improve blood circulation in the vascular tissue of the penis. Because of this, is the increase. Before buying stimulants pills, you need to carefully consider their composition. Taking drugs that consist of chemical substances, can worsen the condition, since some of the ingredients may cause an allergic reaction.

What a way to choose?

To give a clear answer to the question, how to enlarge penis in width, it is almost impossible. There is a huge amount of methods by which you can achieve good results, but they all have their own characteristics and nuances. Today to enlarge the penis can be used not only special fitness equipment, and accessories, and innovative gels and creams. Most of them are made from natural ingredients that provide thickening and elongation of the phallus.


In addition, the cost gel is not overestimated and is not for everyone. Buying and using only a tube of cream, I already notice visual changes in the settings of your penis. It is absolutely safe and do not cause unpleasant feelings during the use. This is very important, since not all methods can be classified as safe and sound.