How to increase a member: methods to increase size of penis

What are the methods of penis enlargement are there? Help if creams, ointments or gel? It is effective if the surgery? Effective if water pump is? To these and other questions I will answer in a series of articles.

how to enlarge penis

How to increase a member really

Myth: some of the techniques they give up growth of the penis at 5-7 cm in length for a few weeks.
No part of the body can't be done in one and a half-two times a month. Is intense the change is simply impossible for the human body. There are no pills, massage, ointments, creams, gels, and other "secret technique" will not be in a position to give such a result. Achieve your goal, however, should immediately tune in to long-term job for yourself.

Truth: the max. it can enlarge the penis from 1 to 4 cm for 6-8 months
The result will depend on the selected methodology (dilution, for most devices and drugs), of the individuality of the body and, of course, persistence in achieving goals. We are talking about the methods, that cause is the increase of the authority — not the temporary stretching or swelling. Depending on the length, the state will increase in volume and this will increase and the head of the penis). The results can take 6-8 months for about 90% of men, who follow our instructions and recommendations:

  • the increase in length from 2 to 4 cm in erection
  • the increase in length at rest at 2-2.5 cm
  • the increase in the region of about 1.5 cm
  • increase in the size of the head of the penis
  • straightening the penis (congenital curvature, minimum smooth property acquired flatten better)
  • improvement of erection, of libido (sex drive) due to the continuous training of the tissues of organs
  • increase the duration of the sexual act (this is delay premature ejaculation, for the account of a relief of the excessive sensitivity of the head of the penis)

Even with an increase of 10-15% gives a good visual effect.

Matter and the original intimate size: the more, the greater amount of tissue participates in strength and increase, respectively, more the result. Achieve more than 30%, it is very difficult, after reaching this indicator dynamic usually very slow down. You will also need to take into account, that this result for methods with the most rapid growth.

The principle working methods of strength and development of tissues

Myth: there are many different principles of the development of the penis.
On the Internet you can see a series of proposals. Some promise a very rapid increase of the penis, using secret exercises, and other two times increase in the size of creams, others use "the latest developments". Below will tell you more about each of the techniques, but for a while, then:

Truth: all employees techniques are based on the principle of stretching and growth of tissues.
This authority used the pilot Ilizarov. Filatov and his followers have developed a methodology for building new tissues for transplant with the gradual stretching and growth of new tissue. Like all brilliant, this principle seems simple enough: the agency is responsible for the external exposure, the development starts as a response of the organism to prolonged stretch.

How effective is each method


Quickly happening the growth of the penis extender. High efficiency of the method is related to the fact that the genitals are stretched for a long period of time – up to 6 hours a day and the longer the exposure, the faster the growth. Dilution is an analog device Ιλιζάροβα, it produces a stretch in the back of the head with a spring-loaded rod.

The devices differ in their construction and efficiency. To not make mistakes in choosing, read the article about their differences. Wearing the right machine is not difficult, you can walk from the house and their job, while some models allow the application and out of the house. To become familiar with all the relevant materials from the theme, you are sure to come to the conclusion that the best solution is to buy extender PeniMaster Pro, any of the submitted models.



Applies to the effective techniques, but with limitations. Often you can read about their injuries, the overload of the tissues of the penis from the suspension, and other problems. This is due to the fact that hung is usually a very large load – 3 or more pounds in a short period of time – 1-2 hours a day. Besides, I usually apply homemade of the device for the suspension, the weight plus the failed project can lead to very serious injury. No need to try to compensate for a short period of time wearing a large load, is wrong.

Water pump and a hydro-water pump

Usual the water pumps for men, in fact, are not designed to increase the marketing ploy. Designed for a short (a few minutes) periods of application, to create an erection. More prolonged stay in a vacuum damages the skin and causes strong swelling.

In a new form of water pumps there is no skin contact with the blank, therefore, hydro-pump can provide the most powerful and prolonged stretching of the tissues. Body stretched with hot water that heats the tissue, make them more flexible. However, even the maximum time of the application compared with extender small – up to 20-30 minutes a day, an increase of the penis from the hydro-water pump comes on slowly and mainly in the field. Therefore, the water pump is good as a supplement, it is warming up tissue before or after extender, it will enhance the circulation of blood, enhance the level of erection – you will immediately increase your manhood before sex.

Massage: popular penis enlargement methods

This method is a stretching of the penis with the hands in different variations of exercises. Such exercises are enough, but the point of buying the paid methodology no – there are no "secret" exercises not all the exercises are in the public domain, no and flexible program of courses. Like in bodybuilding, you need to select a personalized program, which will be effective in your case, derived from the reaction of the organism to various loads.

Massage they do about 40 minutes a day, so that the rapid development of it is not worth waiting for, this technique gives also the results it's probably too late for quite a few years of lessons.

It will help if the pills, ointment or cream?

Unfortunately, pills, ointment, or cream that can effortlessly enlarge your penis, there is. There are no reviews on independent forums, which would be increased by some pills or creams. Normal composition of tablets is the set of vitamins and extracts and creams contain conventional cosmetic ingredients for skin care.

Hormonal drugs also will not ensure growth, it is another myth on how to enlarge the penis. Hormones can only help in the case of the under-development of primary sex due to problems with the endocrine system at puberty. However, in this scenario, the more I don't need to self-medicate are prohibited in the free sale hormonal remedies. Contact a qualified technician, the doctor prescribe the necessary medication and the correct dose.

the surgery for increasing the penis

However, special creams can be helpful in the growth of the penis. This warm creams that significantly improve blood circulation in the tissues, tone up, and to saturate the oxygen. Is the cream good breeze wind blowing from the penis, ideal for both hot lubrication before a massage or exercises with extender, can provide an increased level of erection before sex. And the treatment creams will help in the event of minor injuries to the mucous membranes and the skin.

Vitamins and minerals, and specific amino acids that help stimulate the growth of tissues, if you combine taking the course as it supplements with the exercise. In professional and amateur sports natural supplements and mineral complexes help physical workout to get fast and visible results. On the website there is a detailed article on what vitamin complexes suitable for stimulating growth.

We should add that more often than not it is possible to achieve the result in those involved with the technique is wrong or irregular. Very thick tunic, which is not stretched, it's comments extremely rare – no more than 5% of cases.

Surgery growth of the penis

It's a surgery for increasing the penis. During the surgery the surgeon crosses a support package, which secures the base of the penis to the pubic bone. Then penis pulls out with the help of extender, etc. as the penis has the inner part, the elongation of the penis just happens on its behalf.

The common misconception that the intervention may increase significantly the body. It is not so, usually, the penis increases in 1-1.5 cm, and the smaller the size initially, the less the inner part, which can mobilise. When you do this, his penis is like "losing the base" — after surgery link worse, the supports, the internal body partly facing out, all this leads to the fact that decreases the angle of erection. So an erect penis after the operation has as a target, not up and down.

Wearing the extender after the surgery is necessary, otherwise the penis just retracted back and will be in the same position as before the surgery. After the operation manipulation can be painful, therefore, if you decide to raise the bird through the operation, be sure to customize with an extender — then it will be literally every hour counts.

And the best option is just to start wearing dilution – with the help of a support package gradually stretched, when there is a result of the reduction in the angle of erection, such as after surgery, as well as the device causes growth of the penis. Maybe, the result will be sufficient and without the surgery, and if you want, you can come by later.

Integrated methods for the acceleration of penis enlargement

To get the results as fast as possible, consideration should be given to the subject as a whole. Most effective methods remains dilution, as it provides 6 hours of the stretching of the tissue in a day. BAD or hydro-pump can be a good addition extender.

Dilution works, mainly, as to the length, hydro-water pump help to get volume.

From BAD to a complete increase fits best supplements with L-due to arginine, the building block of proteins. Arginine improves the nutrition of tissues and stimulate the release of growth hormone, and properly selected vitamins and minerals creates good conditions for the development of the interest in our parts of the body.

You can warm up the tissue with the use of water during the morning shower or bath, then to go through a few sets of extender, the combination of different loads gives an excellent result.

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It may seem that 6 months wearing the extender penis – long duration, but any work on yourself, for example, bodybuilding or weight loss with a diet, it requires time, special activities, and self-discipline. When you see the first results, you know that every day works for you, therefore, if you have the desire to change, start to do today.