Pump penis: how to properly use it?

Penis pump successfully used by many men and is a roller in the form of the bulb and the pump for pumping the air. The device you can use at home by doing specific exercises will help you to increase the size of the penis in several see How effective is a vacuum pump and what are the variants can be found in the market?

water pumps for the state

The principle of action

How to choose a pump and to deal in all the diversity of models? To do this, we need to study the principle of action, to clarify the statement.

The main indications for the use of:

  1. A significant reduction of potency.
  2. Low stimulation.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the options of the penis.
  4. Inadequate toughness in the base of the penis.

The device works on the principle of creating low pressure, which allows you to create a dead environment for the increase of the pressure inside the penis. This leads to the fact that it improves the blood flow in a specific body, with which they grew up, stretched.

With the proper application of a vacuum environment helps:

  • to increase potency you?
  • to improve the erection?
  • increase in the size of the penis.
The efficiency depends on the man, the desire and willingness to proceed with the workout.

How to enlarge the penis by using a vacuum pump:

  1. You need to use it for a long time.
  2. Following chart workouts.

Water pump can be used for medicinal purposes for a long time, but must not be abused, excessive exposure leads to dryness of the skin, appearance of the penis, ecchymosis and bruising.

Kinds of devices

A vacuum pump is a general concept, under which covered various kinds of devices. There are the following variants of water pumps:

  • mechanical?
  • light bulbs?
  • plumbing.

Directly the effectiveness of the device type of model does not depend on, but there are some differences, which have an effect on the appearance and the cost.

Mechanical devices

Water pump, with a standardized structure. The report shall be carried out by manual force. The man only can control the degree of pumping of the air, monitor the situation of the penis.


  1. I can calculate the power and to address adverse consequences in the form of bruises and bruises.
  2. There are some disadvantages during use.

But there is one important plus: in stock price. To acquire the device, you can very democratic prices.


Electric device with a flask and automated pump, which monitors regardless of the degree of pumping of the air. Embed device standards, only manual exposure does not require.

Advantages of water pump:

  • have a mild effect?
  • rarely leads to bruising?
  • comfortable and easy to use.

The probability that the device will damage the health min has a sparing effect, but has a high cost. This should be considered as a defect.

Hydro-water pump

Another type of device, it may be useful male, decided to affect the sizes of the penis with the use of a water pump.

Key benefits:

  1. It can be used in the bathroom.
  2. Easy operation.
  3. Allows you to control the degree of exposure.

By selecting this variety of device, the person must be taken into account, then the process requires no prior training. You will need to spend some time in hot water – this will help you to prepare for the exercise.

How to choose the right

A decision on the purchase of the device for penis enlargement, male you need to pay attention:

  • the density of the sealer and integrity?
  • for the reliability of the plan?
  • for the cost and the manufacturer?
  • in user comments on the internet.

Sealer, which has been deposited on the skin are made of different materials will need to be on the surface was not damaged in any other case the integrity will be broken.

Properly manufactured, the device must be reliable. Design — sturdy and resistant to physical damage. If there is the possibility to assess this option, then why not benefit from that?

Financial file plays an important role, but to make a choice, it is important to take into account not only the price, but on reviews the men who already use a water pump for this model, wanting to increase the size of organ.

Useful tips

  1. It is better to choose a device, with erectile ring.
  2. The bottle is made from transparent glass. This will help you to supervise the process.
And one more tip, before the start of operation to examine the instructions carefully, even if a man is not the first time faced with a similar device.

Instructions for use

How to properly use the greatness of the penis, to achieve the desired result in a relatively short period of time?

To do this, you must comply with simple rules and recommendations:

water pump
  • do not abuse (without fanaticism);
  • not combined with the vasodilator drugs?
  • refrain from drinking alcohol?
  • following chart workouts, passing courses.

It's standard rules that adhere to by default, omitting the fact that it is difficult to find in the manual.

Pneumatic pump

To start the training it is recommended to apply the instrument lubricant. This will help you to avoid injuries, bruising and hematoma, as well as moisturize the skin, relieve dryness.

Diagram use vacuum pump to increase the penis in men:

  1. Before you start pumping air I have to wear a special ring.
  2. To proceed with the conduct of the proceedings (to start pumping the air).
  3. When the body reaches a special state, move the ring to the base of the penis. This will help to determine the result, prevents the outflow of blood.
  4. To withstand the duration of the exercise, press the valve relief pressure.
  5. To remove a member from a bulb.

The algorithm of action is simple, but there is a downside, you need to be training on a regular basis, this is the only way to achieve the result.

Hydro-water pump

Instructions this device stands out for its simplicity, to get a good result is:

  • fill the bath with hot water, so as to close the cavity of the groin?
  • in a few minutes paste loose body in a bottle?
  • proceed to pumping it?
  • when there is a need to restore excess fluid with the help of a valve;
  • when they manage to reach a state of erection, fasten the ring to the base of the penis and stop all manipulation?
  • to watch the process, controlling the degree of exposure.

If there is pain, there appeared an unpleasant pain in the penis or any other senses you have to stop the process of direct well.

Circuit training

You can develop a plan of exercises, for a few weeks. Approximately, it will look like this:

  1. The first 7 days must be carried out in 2 lessons each day lasts 10 minutes, no more.
  2. The next week the right one will enhance the duration of training up to 15 minutes. The is carried out 2 times a day, if there are any unpleasant feelings, then return to the primary pattern of training.
  3. In 3 week to help in the increase of the parameter state can long workout, performed 1 session lasts 20 minutes.
  4. The 4 week — 2 treatments with different duration. 1 session — 10, the second 20 minutes.
  5. In the final stage of the training will last 20 minutes, is done in the morning, after waking up and at night before going to bed, just in the course will go 40 minutes.

What care it requires

Instructions for use shall contain recommendations for how the submersible pump correctly. But fanfare has to take care of in addition, by performing a series of simple manipulations.

What you need to do:

  • rinse with a detergent and hot water before each use?
  • treatment of liquid antiseptic sealer and bottle, will come in contact with the skin of the penis and scrotum to you?
  • after use, rinse again detergent solution and dry with a towels.

It is appropriate to be used as an antiseptic solution of Chlorhexidine or Furazilina, priority may be given with other drugs, will not have in the composition of the alcohol. And also, should not before using water pump to apply to the state of various cosmetic creams in the composition of which there are petroleum jelly or vaseline oil.

caring for the water pump


There are a number of diseases, the conditions under which they apply similar device is not recommended. Absolute contraindications can be attributed to:

  1. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  2. Thrombosis, atherosclerosis.
  3. Varicose veins of the pelvis.
  4. Disease, infectious or inflammatory in nature.
  5. Diseases of the reproductive sector (urological nature).
  6. The presence of the tumor formations of different genesis.
  7. Childhood or adolescence.
  8. Psychiatric disorders.
  9. Disorder of blood coagulation.

And, also, lessons don't take place, if they bring discomfort, accompanied by the appearance of pain. In this case, will not bring the use, and only will harm human health.

Other serious contraindications are not there, device you can use men of a different age from 18 to 65 years of age.