The growth of the penis: techniques, tips and the possible consequences

Hard rules for the size of the penis is not installed. However, if the length of a man's penis in erection (voltage when start) at least 8 inches — this is considered to be the deviation from the norm, referred to by some experts a small penis. In most cases, normal or not the dimensions of the penis, a male to decide for himself. This depends on the aesthetic preferences, the demands of the sexual partner and the importance generally gives the appearance and the aesthetic qualities of this instrument. It should be borne in mind that the size of the penis is usually completely does not affect the degree of satisfaction of the sexual partner during sexual intercourse.

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From what depends on the dimensions of the penis, because in some people it can be very small penis?

The sizes of a penis, and sizes are other parts of the human body, is determined by heredity and the characteristics of growth and development. If during the fetal formation of the embryo and then during development and puberty, for any reason, the failure of the composition to the body of the male hormone testosterone, the development of the external genital organs (penis) may be discontinued. With the attainment of puberty (13 years old) and adults men application of testosterone with the aim of stimulating the development of the genital organs, in most cases, have already been ineffective. The small dimensions of the penis is hypospadias, after injuries and surgeries.

I have a normal "average" penis. Normally if my desire to increase it, to change the shape?

The desire to increase the "average" penis is also normal, as is the desire to increase muscle mass and to gain new physical capabilities. In many nations in different times the size of the penis is given much importance. Both in ancient Greece and Rome there were phallic cults, while the large and esthetically perfect penis represented the masculinity, prosperity, power and strength. A similar point of view and the tradition stayed in the mind of men today. Some men believe that their penis away from the existing in their mind the ideal or compared with what I've seen in magazines, in porn or in the locker room sportclub. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many modern men want to have a more "representative" and an important sexual organ is calm.

The desire to increase the size of the penis in erection is most often determined by the characteristics of the sexuality of the sexual partner. Why many women get more pleasure during the sexual contact from the touch of the head of the penis in the cervix and prefer it far enough firefighters. Others experience orgasm from irritation small lips of the vulva and the clitoris. These women often want to the penis of their partner, it was more of fat. Well, a lot of men experiencing more pleasure from sex than what is brightest and most intense orgasm he experiences the partner.

It's no secret that many family conflicts occur precisely because of problems in the sexual sphere. And often hidden dissatisfaction of women lies precisely in the dissatisfaction of sizes of penis your partner. So, what was the cause of not pushing the man to increase the penis of your desire is completely normal, and most importantly has a chance to exercise. And although the effectiveness of the work for the growth of the penis today is not high and there are a lot of complications, You can try to do this if I'm not afraid of obvious dangers, including deformation of the penis, the instability during erection, as well as the lack of normal sensitivity can stay for the rest of his life.

What are the methods to increase the penis?

The increase of the penis is a more difficult task than the elongation. Unfortunately, the only available conservative method of thickening the penis — application vacuum pump — does not give results. Introduction under the skin of the penis a variety of gels, pastes, vaseline oil gives you a serious complications until the loss skin of the penis and even the ability erection, if gel enters in the cavernous body. These patients should have surgery with a view to the salvation of the penis and the restoration of functions. Currently, apply the surgical and microsurgical techniques to increase the diameter of the penis, on the basis of the transfer of tissue from other parts of the body and the interior spaces under the skin of the penis. One of these techniques provides for a transfer of the units of subcutaneous adipose tissue from the middle gluteal folds under the skin of the penis, which allows to increase the diameter is 1 — 2 cm to the right tissue, and then placed under the skin of the penis throughout its length (as it was wrapped around the penis). Positions of the sampling sewn with a special cosmetic seam and is almost invisible after the surgery.

the surgery for increasing the penis

So, penis widening is achieved with "plug-ins" in this tissue from other parts of the body. If you want to increase the diameter of the penis more than 1 cm, then for this purpose they used another function — microsurgical thickening penis with the transfer method of the muscle tissue. It is much more difficult and prolonged surgery with more difficult flow postoperative period and long duration of hospitalization. However, the more difficult the task, the more difficult and more expensive by the decision. Before you decide on surgical penis widening will need to take account of the following. These acts are quite complex, extended and the street. Sometimes require quite a long time (up to 10 days and sometimes longer) stay in the hospital, and careful post-operative medical monitoring. It has significantly higher, compared with activities of lengthening of the penis, the likelihood of complications. And although described mode and allow you to significantly increase diameter of the penis prior to their production, we need to discuss all the details with Your doctor. The main thing to understand is that the miracles and simple solutions in this sensitive area there is. Probably as a result of this operation Will be substantially degrade your penis than achieve an increase in diameter.

It is possible to make elongation and thickening penis for a business?

It is theoretically possible, but we strongly don't recommend you to do this. It is important to know that thickening can be exposed already permanently big penis. This is due to the fact that the size of the tissue used for the thickening of the penis, it must match exactly with the size of a hanging part of the penis. And this is possible only when the sexual organ is already as far stretched. If you do instant surgery can lead to deformation of the penis, the appearance of the radial tuberosity on its surface, and other complications.

What are the complications of surgeries to increase the penis?

The most common early complications (the first few weeks after surgery) include bleeding, wound infection, large swelling of the penis, usually on a temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of the head of the penis, pain during erection. For the most frequent late complications, such as functions include: changing the angle of erection (in relation to transit support links penis looks when erect is upward and forward or downward), the reduction of the penis, unstable state and breaking during sexual contact, absorption, or osteonecrosis (necrosis) is inserted under the skin of the penis to increase the width of the tissue, erectile disorders, reduction of the sensitivity of the head of the penis, the deformity and the penile curvature. Attention! Very often (more than 50% of cases), has been achieved as a result of the operation, the result does not meet the expectations of the patient.

What should I do if I decide to increase the penis? Where to go and what to look out for?

First of all, you won't have to resort to advertised "ancient way", "100%", hotel therapists and other "methods", provides for an increase of the penis without the participation of your doctor. The expectation should be deceived in 100%! You need to be aware that in nature there are neither drugs, nor any complexes exercises that contribute to the growth of the penis. If you want to get the real result, you need to apply only for doctors, professionally involved surgical and other methods of penis enlargement. After the initial inspection and examination, the doctor will explain to You the real potential growth, i.e. Of the penis. It will specify the details of the growth techniques, features of their application, the possible side effects and complications. If you are going for surgery growth of the penis, technique of surgery, the characteristics, the duration, the duration of stay in the hospital, in the period prior to the resumption of sexual life, the risks and complications should be described with all the details.

Beware of those "experts" who will only tell You about the advantages of the proposed method and nothing about the shortcomings and possible complications. Never take the decision for the business very quickly under the pressure of the doctor, especially if you are not well-known among patients and in professional circles as an experienced specialist in the field of surgery of the penis. Think evaluate the pros and cons. Be careful, if before Your surgery you do not sign the Contract for the provision of health services and informed consent. In these documents you will need to handle all the nuances of the proposed treatment and the monitoring of the relationship with your doctor and treatment facility. Remember that the growth of the penis requires deep expertise, excellent surgical technique, careful observance of all the technological stages of this process. Trust only the professionals with high reputation!

Some of the real results of different methods of increasing the penis.

the growth of the penis

The most reliable results in the medical published only in carefully editable professional medical journals. And it is these, and not promotional articles in the press or on the internet can serve as a reliable source of information. In the journal European Urology 2006, Volume 49, Issue 4 (April), page 729, posted the article in English urology. C. Y. Li, O Kayes, P. D. Kell and co-authors, who analyzed the results of the application of different methods of penis enlargement. Indicate that the satisfaction of the patients varied from 17 to 35%, approximately half of the patients required re-surgery, the vast majority of also don't gave a good result. The frequency of complications surgery amounted to 10%. The authors recommend that before making a decision on surgery for the lengthening of the penis, think carefully, and some patients with so-called genital weakness are invited to communicate to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Draw your own conclusions, dear patients!!!