The extension of the nozzle in the state of: kinds of, popular models, reviews

One of the most simple, effective, safe and low-cost methods of penis enlargement is considered a nozzle. Not only help to increase the size of penis, but also to diversify the sexual life, prolong the erection, to orgasm bright and memorable.

the head of the penis

How it works the nozzle to increase the penis?

Nozzle for a state — the only relevant device, which helps increase the phallus in length or/and width (depending on the model) without a debilitating exercises, extensive damage to the various devices and surgery. Do not cause physical development of the penis, and work is due to the fact that they are placed on an erect penis and increases the length and volume instantly during sex. Respectively, after the removal, the instrument returns to the same size.

You can compare them with vibrators, but in contrast to the past, to enjoy sex-a game for the increase of the phallus, can only men. Κου'φώματα particularly necessary for men who wish:

  • to deliver the partner full satisfaction from sexual intercourse?
  • compensate for the physical dimensions of the penis?
  • prolong the sexual act and the erection?
  • increase the stimulation during the process of sexual intercourse?
  • to diversify the sexual life, exercise deep penetration.

Restrictions on use of, the extension of the nozzle in the state that do not have, except for the individual intolerance of the materials from which they are made.


A wide range of accessories to increase state allows each man to find for yourself the best option. Magnifiers are characterized by:

  1. Type of construction: for the elongation and thickening, open and closed.
  2. Type of surface: smooth with striations, creating a realistic terrain of the penis, with pimples, antennas, beads, quills.
  3. The color of the. The most common color of the flesh, which mimics a real penis. There are transparent, red, purple and other colors.
  4. The material. Is cyber cutis, latex, silicone nozzle, TPR, TPE.
  5. Additional features, such as, for example, by the presence of vibration for extra stimulation.
the head of the penis how to apply

The extension of the accessory is usually closed. Help to enlarge the penis in length from 2 to 10 cm on the Outside looks like the nozzle on a condom fully covers state and have stimulating elements. Therefore, some believe that it can be used as reusable tools for safe sexual intercourse. But the extension of the penis nozzle is not a contraceptive and does not protect against unwanted pregnancy.

The men use the penis, there is a reduction of sensitivity during sex, but this is an advantage for those who are regularly confronted with premature ejaculation.

Nozzle for fattening can be both open and closed type. They, as a rule, have been the stimulating elements: ribbed surface, simulate realistic veins, antennas, etc. it is Especially popular among men devices, which at the same time lengthen the penis and make it thicker.

Particular attention should be given to the open nozzles for fattening. They have the most different forms: iodine? spiral? there are in the form of two rings, united jumper; wide roller etc. Such as magnifiers allow you to get the full satisfaction from having sex both partners.

How to use it?

For penis enlargement device is not rubbed and easily placed on, it is recommended to lubricate state lubricant. Should be in erection. Worn magnifier like a regular condom:

  1. If it is well stretched, then roll up to the top, to wear on the head of the penis and stretch the entire length.
  2. If the evil spreads, to gather in the accordion and stretch the entire length of the phallus.

In some nozzles for penis enlargement there are a loop for scrotal – provide additional locking products and enhances the sense of using the compression of the testes. If strap is not provided, accessories shall be maintained for the account of the vacuum.

The security measures

Penis enlargement device should be stored carefully, be protected from the sun's rays and sudden temperature changes. In the opposite case, the operating period will be short-lived and soon in the head, appear cracks, which can cause rupture of the material.

It is not recommended to use the magnifier for anal sex. The muscles of the anus narrow bow penis, which can cause slipping of the part. In addition, it can cause spasm of the sphincter of the anus, in which it happens involuntary contraction of the smooth muscle of the anal.

What length is best to choose?

To not make mistakes in the market, male prior to the market increase in nozzle you will need to measure the size of the penis. This option in the future will be decisive in the selection of magnifier: the depth should be equal to the length of the penis.

For example, the total length is 20 cm, when the product expands phallus 5 cm, then the depth is 15 cm If your penis will be larger or smaller than this depth, then the head of the penis is great, or, on the contrary, is small.

But there's a flexible model, which devolvunt such as a condom and can be adjusted in length. Also sold the products that you can crop and fit the bottom of the sizes of a penis, male.

We'll just have to pay attention to the inner diameter accessory for the penis enlargement. For the product expressum the skin of the penis and not bring you discomfort during sex, this should be done by the stretch material. If the diameter of the nozzle is 3 cm, the penis, the volume of 3.5-4 cm in this you need to be comfortable.

the nozzle to increase the length of the penis

With regard to the material, the best is cyber cutis. It is the most realistic and pleasant to the touch for both men and women, it quickly takes the body temperature. Women products penis enlargement like more, because it is the maximum mimic a real penis, no feeling of something extra. If required a hard nozzle, a suitable silicone, latex, gel or another material.

For the sense of men not dulled during sex than the head, which increases the phallus, closed, it is recommended to pay attention to models with vibration.

Caring for nozzles

Before the use of a game for penis enlargement you need to wash thoroughly with soap and water, pat dry. Repeat the procedure after each use. The lack of hygiene of the product can lead to infections of the urinary tract. To save the material in the best possible form, it is recommended to lubricate magnifier high-quality water-based lubricant.