Penis enlargement – effective methods

The increase in the length or width of the penis can affect the emotional health of men. A small penis often causes embarrassment beautiful half of humanity, and also be in a position to cause most of the patient's neurotic condition and serious disease by the side of the soul. One of the most effective methods to change the size of manhood is the surgery for increasing the penis.

how to enlarge penis

What are the methods of penis enlargement

Around the male penis goes a lot of rumors and fictional legends, however, you need to understand that with normal view normal length of a member is part of 12-18 cm in erection.

The effective growth of the penis can not only surgically, but also with a variety of ways that do not require surgery in the body of the man. These include:

  • Application vacuum pumps contributes to a significant inflow of blood to the penis of the man. After the achievement of sustainable erection, the penis pinched has the same base with all kinds of devices, for example, latex rings. This technique prevents the outflow of blood from the corpus cavernosum a member, and the length is increased by a few centimeters, compared with the normal a normal erection without a variety of auxiliary instruments. However, it should be remembered that the use of vacuum pumps is not a therapeutic method and is based on physiological peculiarities of the male body. After the discontinuation of the use of vacuum κου'φωμάτων state immediately acquires common sizes. Note, that the disadvantage of the use of water pumps can be swelling authority, in the presence of haematomas due to rupture of blood vessels, as well as a violation of the erectile capacity of the penis.
  • Use all kinds of weighting, κου'φωμάτων and "special" exercises that aim at increasing the penis, is nothing more than advertising campaigns of dubious manufacturers that produce "effective" tools, guaranteeing immediate results. Sexual male organ can't pump up or stretch by using the weights or dumbbells. The use of them can cause injury to body or to cause rupture of the ligaments, that holds the state. "Pulling" the penis can be carried out only after surgical treatment under the supervision of the attending specialist with the use of special solvents (combo way to grow). Such devices can be used and without any surgical procedures. Their effectiveness is quite high.

Tip: to avoid an empty waste of money and the subsequent disappointment, it's not worth buying all kinds of creams for external use, and other "therapeutic" medications intended for penis enlargement in volume. I don't bear any therapeutic load and completely ineffective.

The function

The conduct of this operation aims at increasing the male reproductive authority with the passage and subsequent pelvic cords, responsible for the preservation of the penis. Thanks to this method, the doctors manage to liberate about 3-5 inches inside of the penis. In the past, such surgical techniques have been performed with the uncircumcised men the foreskin of the penis. Modern methods allow you to avoid this and save it with the parallel growth of the reproductive principle.

The surgery is considered (it's not hard, for example, as amputation of the penis) and it takes about half an hour. It should be noted that the increase in the reproductive principle can at the same time surgery to the testicles in men (e. g., during the detection of pathologies can be assigned to the function in varicocele), however, the feasibility of such an intervention can determine only the attending physician. After the plastic penis, the patient may be in hospital urological branch about days. After the lapse of two weeks after the surgery removed the stitches.

Tip: to avoid deviations sutures in the penis it is recommended to refrain from sexual relations after surgery for up to 3 weeks.

Can increase the thickness of the penis

The increase of the thickness of the penis is possible. For this purpose, is made less traumatic operation: puncture of skin of the penis special tool for the introduction of own fat tissue of the patient, or a special gel. After the conference, the penis must protect bandage.

penis enlargement methods

Note that this function may involve the detection of adipose tissue in a specific point of the penis, which leads to the bumps and on the radial tuberosity authority. To avoid complications and inflammation of the tissues, for the increase of the thickness of the penis using various polymers dentures, ensuring the aesthetic appearance of authority and does not affect the deterioration of the quality of the functionality.

Features of the postoperative period

The most effective way for lengthening the penis is the combined technique, which involves the use of after surgery extender and application of jelqing (special massage for child-bearing authority for the change of the length). Consider the characteristics of the following ways:

  • Use extender after the procedure allows to significantly improve the effect of the growth of the institution. Moreover, this device helps in the treatment of curvature and to restore the correct anatomical position. The younger the patient is, the more noticeable the effect of the use of a combo fashion.
  • Regarding the jelqing, then this massage technique should be performed after surgical elongation of the authority for 2-3 months every day at least 1 hour a day. Massage manipulation of the penis held the patient's hands in a boner authority and have as in pulling. During a massage is going on increased blood flow to the penis and increase the size.

Before taking a decision for such a major step, as the increase in the volume of penis surgery, you need to think that, in spite of its effectiveness, no expert can predict the final result. The possible complications post-op can be attributed to scarring of the tissues of the penis and the addition of the infection. Besides, it is often the reduction of the sensitivity of the instrument, it is possible to change the position of the penis when erect, so as to disturb the anatomical starting position, and even the development of impotence (extremely rare).

The result of a direct increase of male reproductive authority remain satisfied with no more than one-third of all patients. As practice shows, to lengthen the instrument may be in an amount of from 1 to 4 see the Exact warranty can not give one doctor a surgeon.