The growth of the penis: review of methods

Let's try to understand, if you really increase the member, if necessary. The question is not at all rhetorical. The data on which a member is considered to be really too small, depends on the sources. Those, who you can trust, to claim that the threshold to 10 cm in erection.

how to enlarge penis

Women easier. Mammoplasty gives any desired breast size. Plastic enables you to enhance the buttocks, liposuction — to reduce. With the help of vaginoplasty you can narrow down the bay. Such abundance of opportunities is causing a false assurance, that the doctors under the power to convert almost all of the organs and body parts. Unfortunately, for the male part of humanity, it is not so.

Before I tell you about all the possible penis enlargement methods, I have to admit:

  • to increase the state over 2-2,5 cm impossible?
  • surgeries to increase the length and volume of the penis up to the minute all over the world is recognized only experimentally.

If a 10-cm increase in length and 5 width promise advertising inserts in a package extender, this is not a problem. In containers with creams, they write, that the content will remove the wrinkles. If he had a pull member recommended by the plastic surgeon, it is better to bypass the side.

Jelcing: massage to increase penis

I doubt if many mystics stretching, self-massage, one of the species that bears the name of jelcing. But the advertising of this methodology is enough and it's a video easily to find on the internet, therefore, to mention worth it. For several months every day for 30-60 minutes to pull state hands, by completing various exercises.

Dilution for the growth of the penis

The idea of a mechanical elongation which is transformed into machine – dilution. The producers offer their products for elongation, flattening deformations and penis, relying on the fact that the external effect is applied in many medical fields — orthopedics, orthodontics, surgery. They promise up to 7 cm lengthening for the year, but the practice shows that the maximum it can count is 2 cm.

The principle of operation of the device is in continuous and long-term stretching of penis, power ranges from 200 to 1100 grams. Let's assume that dilution stimulates the growth of extra cell tissue, resulting in the increase of penis in length and in width. Increased resistance causes the adjustment of the tissues, which is increasing due to part of the cell. Power traction creates space between the cells of the penis, and activates the growth of cells tissues erection tel Bearing design should daily from 3 up to 12 hours during wakefulness for at least six months. During the massage member may be granulating, let's say, three times in three hours to give your penis the chance to relax and recover the natural flow of blood. But these three hours is preferable to do 2-3 five minute break.

Solvents different ways of mounting the head — this can be loop, what's more traumatic, or soft silicone hanging on a belt. Usually the machine is durable ring anatomical shape, metal rods and soft straps-insurance, providing the tension. The set includes a strap or even the articulation of the strap to be worn plan.

Devices to increase the penis is made of allergy-free materials, commonly used plastic and stainless steel. Despite the fact that the design is easy and invisible under a free clothes, traps a lot. Often devices are pinching state, rub the skin, just causing pain. None of the sellers don't warn you that the machine can't be wearing to the airport, because I burn in the course of customs control.

When the problems with the veins in the groin, urological diseases, the weak connective tissues of the penis, prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and oncology in the history of dilution can not be used. The device, which allows you to increase a member, it is used after 19 years.

I have to say that for healthy human use extender, in any case, is not so easy, as the sellers say. Not every man is able to get used to the permanent feeling that the state of stretch. In addition, the need to constantly wear it and shoot, the same kind of factor stress. After surgery for increasing the penis wearing the extender necessary, otherwise the result of surgery will be zero. And there were cases, when men, after surgery, so they couldn't use any dilution, even with such a powerful incentive.

the growth of the penis

Often the profit in online shops the most respected brands — canada, the united states, Spanish, and Danish.

The men are not willing to share with those around questions about the penis. Therefore, it is more often order of dilution without consulting with your doctor. And in vain. Penis enlargement device should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the soil, heads — can be intense or glitched. In consultation the doctor will tell you what suspension you have to have a extender in this particular case. This will save you from the disappointment and the blank of the cost of materials.

It will help if the drugs to enlarge penis?

Dilution in some cases, it can give the result, even minimal. But to trust the advertising of the relevant products – food supplements and ointments based on herbal ingredients, which often offer as an escort of course, is absurd. Neither pills, nor repositioning do not change in any way affect the development of tissues erection tel. These tools are useful no more than dried leeches, may earthworms and lamb fat, which constitutes to the growth of the penis folk medicine. In terms of growth hormone, then it will apply only with doctor's orders. The stand-alone intake leads to an increase of the penis, as well as in functional disorders of function of internal organs. And the athletes who build muscle mass with the use of anabolic substances, often suffer from the reduction of the penis.

Generally, if there is no genital phobia and the valid underdevelopment of the penis is due to hormonal imbalance, then the expert may prescribe hormone shots. In particular, this must be important for parents of boys — if the child's penis is obviously bad, you have to show to your doctor as early as possible. In 10 years the average size of the penis of the child — 3,5, see The childhood hormonal correction of for the penis enlargement are quite effective.

Increasing the head of the penis

Surgical head better not to increase. A practice in which between the head and special bodies placed a special matrix, but it is very dangerous. During the process of surgery is damaged nourish your blood vessels, which can lead to necrosis and loss of the head.

Much less dangerous method of injection based on hyaluronic acid, it increases the head an average of 30%. They look so, whose head seems disproportionately small when the state is in a state of calm. After the injection for the growth of the penis effect lasts for approximately a year, depending on the abilities of the body. During this time, the gel is resolved and the process can repeatedly repeat.

The increase of the thickness of the penis

One of the methods is fat grafting, namely, the introduction under the skin of the penis of their own fat cells of the abdomen of the patient. Even with careful observance of the regulation, liposuction, processing cell and the input, the result will be sad. No expert can calculate how many cells keep, in the best case it will be 30%. The process of absorption of the cell goes unevenly, so the deformation of the penis is inevitable. In addition, after the operation for the growth of the penis, there are inflammatory processes. There are clinics that help men to get rid of the residues that were introduced fat cells and are trying to return the penis that genre.

Another method is the introduction of the penis organic matrices with the cells of the connective tissue of the patient. Theoretically, matrix needs to stimulate cell division, resulting in the penis increases the volume. Matrix and is absorbable, it happens during the year. Theoretically, the increase of the penis can be repeated, but it is very costly story. In addition, after surgery is sometimes be in a hospital of not less than 10 days.

Similar is basically the surgery is the placement under the skin graft which is taken from the rectus abdominis, which creates extra volume.

Some clinics offer a mode with concomitant lengthening the penis and increasing the volume, but this can lead to deformation of the penis and other complications. Generally, immediately after any surgery to the penis, it is possible complications, such as great swelling, wound infection, decrease in the sensitivity of head and pain on erection. Later can come the other difficulty — change the angle of the erection, disruption, deformation of the penis, shortcut.

penis enlargement methods


This operation is performed for those whose erectile function is broken due to surgical procedures in the area of the rectum, breast and bladder. Most perfect dentures - inflatable with variable stiffness. To enlarge the penis with normal erection such acts are not justified.

The results of the business of penis enlargement is assessed by the degree of elongation, uniformity of thickening and the lack of disorders of the genitourinary field.

And in conclusion sad, but important fact: any such acts lead to penis lengthening only in a state of calm.