How to enlarge your penis - ways

The small size of the penis significantly affects the sexual life of men: it inhibits the sensitivity during the sexual act by both partners, especially if the woman has the standard depth and width of the vagina. For this reason, some men have to go to a wide variety of, sometimes it is very dangerous and of questionable effectiveness, experiments on the growth of the penis.

how to enlarge penis

Do you need to prolong the penis?

I have to say right away that the surgery recommended is not everything: there is a category of men, who are unhappy still and objective physiological parameters of reproductive authority. These european men are considered to be 12-16 inches in length. If a man speaks with a request to increase the state under these of the original data, the doctor is trying to find the cause of inferiority complex. Can discreetly recommend a treatment to a therapist, since it is obvious that a plasticity internal problem in each case will not be solved. Probably, it is for dysmorphophobia, or depending on the perception of parts of the body. Therefore, even if you are now resort to plastic, and has passed successfully, nobody will give a guarantee that the result will satisfy you fully.

Another thing, if the normal size of the penis there is a small deformation (asymmetry, curvature) – in this case, the cosmetic surgeon will certainly help to restore the attraction of the penis.

Another important point – the length of the penis should be evaluated solely on an erection. That is, if in the locker room of the athletic club have you noticed someone's penis impressive size, this doesn't mean that when it is in erection is to be increased significantly. And therefore, the reason for doubt in her own sexual solvency in comparison with someone you have a priori it should not exist.

Today, ads penis enlargement methods by using the alternative medicine that can be found anywhere. Each year, approximately 20000 men who are exposed compared to the advertising effect and are beginning to use highly questionable drugs and facilities for the growth of the penis, even without the knowledge of the risks, and sometimes dead.

Dangerous and relatively safe methods of penis enlargement without surgeon

  1. Weights – some of the oldest tools of increase of male authority. Enjoy in native american tribes. It was considered that the load is connected to the sexual organ, is in a position to "pull" down. It's amazing, but similar goods are applied now. Those who had the opportunity to see them first hand, they say that they look like instruments of torture of the inquisition. Be that as it may, the doctors assured: with the help of these devices can be achieved except that the stretching of the skin. For the size and volume of the member that does not affect.
  2. Fitness equipment. There are specific fitness equipment, supposedly allow you to "pump up" the penis. But the first thing you should learn if you want to buy similar equipment: the penis of your muscles. So, this is a waste of money. In addition, through these κου'φωμάτων you can press the sides of the container vessels that nourish the body, and for a very long time to disrupt the flow of blood, causing thrombosis ethernet veins.
  3. Water pump vacuum was able to become a classic among adventurers, aiming to increase the penis. The essence of the method is the introduction of the penis special suction cup. Because of the vacuum stimulates instant blood flow to the genitals, after the construction of relief and short the base of the penis strap or ring. I have to say that this method is often practiced and in the official medicine, but for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. "Wearing" the design of the penis can not be more 25-30 minutes, after which it inevitably starts tissue damage. Water pump vacuum is better than quantity and frequency of complications. The most common ones – damage to the blood vessels and nerves, bruises, bruises, abscesses, temporary impotence. It should be noted that the same process of "gap gain" is not a pleasant process.
  4. "Jelcing". It is less dangerous, but it is equally useless method of penis enlargement. Is in a range of great touches in the exercises. According to legend, these exercises have been invented yet Arabic by the sages and handed down from generation to generation. In fact, the "workout" were invented all of the merchants themselves, who to this day kindly offer a list of their accounts around the amount for the detailed program of the course. Exercises don't bring you any results, take a long time (about 30-60 minutes daily), and require incredible self – discipline-the conduct can only be a state without an erection.
  5. Tablets, dietary supplements, ointments and creams. Contain, as a rule, plant extracts and chemical stimulants. The main component is the "grass mountain goat", which is supposed to be used for similar objectives, the chinese. Of course, no result of these funds will not bring. And in the worst case, trigger extreme allergic reactions and internal medicine.

In ancient times there were even more barbaric methods of the penis in size. For example, men in native american and eastern tribes resort to the help of poisonous snakes and insects. After the tweaks the the penis especially fluff and, consequently, increased in size. Expiration date is the process varied from a few weeks up to six months. Reasonable civilized man can imagine, what is the hardest complications have led to such rituals.

penis enlargement methods

Home methods of penis enlargement are the most dangerous. However, sometimes it is not less dangerous process of offer and skilled doctors. The most popular previously used a full invasive surgery. Assumed wide dissection of the skin of the penis from the trunk with instantaneous implantation in this cartilage graft. Such surgeries call for a weight-side-effects – from complex restoration, up to full impotence.