Can I increase the member menu, fanfare, and if it really helps way to enrich your penis by 5 inches?

For most men it is extremely painful is the issue of the size of the penis. Despite the fact that the instrument can be perfectly normal sizes, the representatives of the strong sex dream to increase the volume and length.

vacuum increase of the penis

At present, the specific-andrologists offer access to several tried and tested ways to increase his penis without surgery.

For the if can be increased state pump, how effective is this method and what was built the method of work, you can learn from this article.

How real is this method?

Let's find out, it helps to pump increase your state and in what way. Originally a pump was used for the recovery of erectile function. In the application of the increases blood flow to the penis, which achieved a strong and stable erection. Later, the men who have used this method, it is noted, that after regular use of a water pump there was a strange side effect.

With regular and severe copia sanguinis state last began to increase in volume and grow in length.

The effect of exercise was maintained, and after the cancellation, which caused special attention from the side as representatives of the strong sex, as well as doctors who specialize in issues of men's health.

At present, water has become one of the recommended by doctors methods that allow you at home without surgery to increase the size of the penis. A basic prerequisite for achieving a durable result is the regular application of a vacuum pump. With frequent use, in accordance with the directive male organ is subjected to a constant rush of blood, at the expense of what is happening development of the epithelial tissue, which mainly is the penis.

It is observed that most men, used water pump for the growth of the penis, to achieve impressive results. A greater effect water gives to increase the volume of the instrument – after a few months of exercise may become thicker 1.5-2 times. The length increase is not so significant, and this process is slower.

In young men the effects are more strongly expressed than in middle aged people. This depends on the speed of division of cells, which in young individuals is usually several times above.

Now you know if you can increase the state of fanfare. Consider further the process.

How it works the pump?

vacuum increase of the penis fanfare

Let's see, with which you can increase a member of fanfare. To do this we need to consider the principle of work.

Penis pump is made in the shape of a bulb with pear. In a flask is placed by the body itself, with the help of pears from this pumped the air. The result is the pressure on the genitals, which stimulates strong blood flow to the tissues of the penis.

Full of blood, the penis comes in erectum situation.

But the way the blood flow is usually greater than in the standard of erection, the penis swells stronger and slightly increases in length, filling one entire space of the bulb.

For 1-2 minutes support vacuum in the flask, after which acknowledge it in a bottle of air, allowing the body to come to normal, is not erectum situation. Thus, repeated series of exercises, in which the penis erigere up to 20-30 times.

It is worth to know that the pump and pump to increase the penis — is one and the same.

The effect of the application

While using water pump is going on a regular influx and outflow of blood in the tissues of the penis, through which he begins to increase the volume and length.

Here, in the first plan regular exercise. If your penis is constantly exposed to massage, with the use of a water pump, the tissues begin to stretch the length and width. Because of this, and achieves a stable effect of the increase of the authority.

I can increase the member with the use of a water pump at 5 inches? On average, for 4-6 months of use achieved average results. At that time, the penis can be increased in volume to 1 to 3 inches, and grow to 2-5 inches.

Helps to water pump to increase the penis? Yes. But the result gives simultaneous with the use of a water pump taking medicines that contain testosterone, or the use of extender. The latter is effective in the case of when you need to increase the length of the instrument.

vacuum increase of the penis result

At the expense of what is happening development of the penis?

Inside the penis is made of spongy epithelial tissue, rich in blood vessels.

With regular copia sanguinis, the cells of this tissue are starting to share.

This process starts water pump with regular use.

Causes systemic rush of blood, filling elastic tissue, under the influence of this process begins to grow in volume.

Since smooth muscle, therefore, increasing the thickness of the penis and the length of the. Stretched the skin that covers the body.

To really raise the state fanfare for 2 months? Usually the process of division of cells starts in a few weeks after you start regular use of a water pump. And to observe the first results of man after 2-3 months of daily exercises.

Reduce the amount of spongy tissue can not, therefore, after the discontinuation of the use of water pump size of the penis will not decrease.


Before, how to learn to increase water pump state, it is also important to find out if you can use your.

As with any process, implying interference in the body, the pump has limitations and contraindications. Who don't you can use this method:

  • people who are diseases foreskin, until the full cure?
  • in acute inflammatory processes in the urinary tract, infectious urethritis it?
  • if there is thrombosis, the weakness of the blood vessels and the walls?
  • in diabetes mellitus – only after consultation with your doctor?
  • when diseases of the liver, the kidneys and the male reproductive system.

Generally, it starts to use water pump is worth only after full consultation with the doctor.

  1. First, it will conduct a full examination of the body, and to announce the verdict on the feasibility of the use of this methodology for the penis enlargement.
  2. Secondly, the doctor will choose the intensity of the exercise with fanfare and will calculate the application program.
  3. Thus, the expert if necessary, you can get a prescription for medications with testosterone, which will improve the results from the use of a water pump.
vacuum increase of the penis contraindications
If during the application of a water pump member became acquire a bluish or burgundy shade – it's worth it to reduce the intensity of the load, either temporarily resign from the exercise.

These events indicate increased permeability of the blood vessels of the penis, when exposed to a vacuum occur microcline of the blood to the tissues of the penis.

If you decide to apply a water pump, be sure to observe the frequency of use in accordance with the instructions and needless to not get carried away. If you are unsure, it helps you to water pump to enlarge penis, read the reviews on a particular model and find out what water pump is better. It is in any case will give a result with regular use, but to seek the best outcome without injuries and pain.

In any case, before use of the device better to consult your doctor.