Exercises for increase of a member for lengthening the penis

How to increase penis size? The subject is of interest not only men, but also the beautiful companion. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the strong sex are absolutely sure and ready for a lot of things to increase the value of the.

exercises to increase penis

How to increase penis size?

Some men really want to increase the length and diameter of the penis. Some fear that they will be "less than all", others believe that it "could be larger".

Before taken to the field and to change the mat first, it is worth to find out what is the normal size of penis (can, you just underestimate?) and what is the ideal penis size (I guess this is the size of your penis bring a partner, fun, and not painful?).

Increase in the size of the penis can in various ways. Surgical this:

  • water pump for?
  • exercises and weights to you?
  • medical medications.


This method is classic and is often used for the growth of the penis. Member is placed in a small cylinder, which is connected air pump.

Thanks to this gap starts to stimulates the flow of blood, the penis becomes agitated and visually increases. After that the state pinched this wreath, which prevents the rapid flow of blood. This method is not the best, given that:

  • after the removal of the ring member is the same size as it was before?
  • it is not excluded that a temporary disability?
  • for some bruises, damage to the blood vessels;
  • wearing the ring may be not less than half an hour, otherwise it can cause tissue damage.

Exercises and weights

Prior to the execution of such data to remember that the penis is not a bicep. Upload it, you can't. However, some sources claim that it can provide users with a specific program of exercises that will help increase your sexual organ.

One of those bands exercises for increasing the size of the penis is the massage. Like to combines elements of the ancient arab technology, which can do wonders.

There are also a variety of weights, coated in the genitalia, and stretch it. Like, after the regular wearing (8 hours a day!) the growth of the penis. However, it is very doubtful method, since with its help you can stretch the skin, but it's definitely not the same instrument.

enhancement methods

Magic ointment and pills

There is no medical certificate which confirms that the use of these drugs affects the size of the penis. The majority of these "medicines" in composition have ginseng, "herbal viagra", the grass mountain goat. It's not harmful to the human body, but a result none of them have.

How to increase the length of penis surgery?

In contrast to the above methods, the surgery can give the real result. But before you lie down on the operating table, it is worth remembering for potential risks.

The 2006 edition of European urology today" published an article, in which it is stated that the average length of which can increase the sexual organ, is 2-2.5 cm until today patients offer two basic types of transactions.

The increase of the length of the penis

As is well known, the sexual organ mounted in tazoult-lambese due to the presence of specific strong ropes. These support strings attached to the sexual organ and the hiding place inside in the body. As a result, the transaction strings are truncated, and the intensity unabated.

This leads to the fact that after surgery is visible a large part of the penis. And, in the future, strings have begun to grow together, the patient everyday they have to wear special dilatory device for six months.

Increase in the diameter of the penis

Previously the substance of the transaction was that of other parts of the body, the doctors took fat tissue, added them to the trunk of the penis, which has made the most great. However, the effects were not the best, as the adipose tissue is not expected to get worse and sexual appeared to be rude.

After that they started to implant allograft, which is from fabric that removes from genetically is not a similar body, which is used in various kinds of reconstructive surgery. Some doctors, for example, Brian J. Rosenthal, argue that a similar implant gives a more permanent effect. However guarantee that you will become a donor fabric after the transplant, no one can.

Also, there are other types of businesses. For example, if a person is obese, then with the help of liposuction from the base of the penis cleaned of adipose tissue, thus making optical state.

What conclusions can we make?

Before going to the table at the surgeon or to begin to take dubious drugs, which (according to manufacturers) is able to increase the state several times, talk to your partner, it may be the size of the sexual organ is ideal for this and I don't have anything to change.

Remember that such unfounded complexes can be the cause of many diseases. For example, due to the intense situation and depression can even develop psychogenic erectile dysfunction. In this case, to fix, should be with the use of medication.

big penis

Really to increase size of the penis can be only with the help of surgeons. Various pills, ointments, exercises and weights will not bring the positive result, and some of these methods can even important your injure. So, before taking such life and death decisions, weigh the "pros" and "cons".