Real and proven ways to enlarge your penis at home

How to grow a penis at home

How can you enlarge your penis at home? The question is archaic, even the ancient Greeks had a cult of a deity with an unnaturally long penis - the priapus. In modern times the disease of men, the name of an oversized penis is called "priapism".

Popular culture today is spreading the dimensional standard of this part of the body, which is much higher than average.

Someone is interested in ways to enlarge the penis out of curiosity, while someone deliberately and persistently wants to change the size of the genitals without lying on the operating table.

Top 10 best methods for penis enlargement at home

There are many options for enlarging your home. They aim to increase the length of the body by supplying blood to the body and stretching it. The most popular of these are:

  • Folk remedies such as soda;
  • Impact on exercises such as stretching, jerking, weight lifting;
  • devices - pumps and hoods;
  • nozzles;
  • massage;
  • GEL;
  • cream;
  • ointment;
  • spray;
  • Medications;
  • hormones;
  • Herbs and products.

Each of them requires special attention as there is a possibility of organ damage.

Folk remedies

Each new generation of men has given history a new method of penis enlargement. Most common: Use baking soda, which is only temporary.

To lengthen your penis you need to take a soda bath. Manipulation is performed one hour before the expected intimacy - the method becomes temporary.

The moment the penis is immersed in the bath, it should not be in an erect position.

Soda baths to enlarge the penis

Use soda as a compress. It is mixed with honey, then applied to the entire length of the penis, unless the mixture hits the top. This distribution of the composition is explained by the fact that the composition causes discomfort when in contact with its sensitive skin. In the extreme case, they feel a burning sensation. Then there is the risk of organ damage.

Ordinary soda paste is common, but it is treated with caution. Take a hot bath before the procedure, steam the skin and then dry it well with a towel.

A man lubricates his penis with vegetable oil and then pours a small amount of soda. He should then take a soft sponge and gently massage the lubricating penis. In a circular motion for no more than 5 minutes. Then do not touch the body for 2 minutes. After the procedure, the resulting paste should be thoroughly rinsed with water.

A small redness may appear after completion. After that, it is worth lubricating the body with a fat cream that does not dry out the skin.

There are other popular ways to actually enlarge your penis by increasing blood flow. To do this, use horse chestnut tincture or aloe juice.


The following exercises are distinguished:

  • stretching;
  • jelqing;
  • Hanging weights.

Depending on the goals, a specific exercise will be selected.


Stretching the penis as a way to increase it

Stretching is aimed at slow, gentle impact on the penis in a non-erect position. This exercise is performed in the same way as the difference in the complex of postures in which the body is stretched.

It involves stretching with almost 360 ° rotation and with the same effect but like a ramp. The duration does not exceed 10 repetitions, each in 15 seconds.


Jelling is a rather interesting technique based on filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, which is the reason for the increase in body size. This exercise is available in wet and dry versions. They differ in the presence of lubricants.

The man achieves an incomplete erection, grasping the finger ring and the index finger at the root of the body. He then compresses them for 3 seconds. Wears such a "ring" on his back. He then crosses the base with the other hand and repeats the movements.

Hanging loads

Load hanging is a traumatic occupation. This is the most famous and ancient method of increasing the length of the penis. They usually take a rope that they create with a loop and fix it to the back of the penis. For convenience it is sometimes additionally fixed with adhesive plaster to prevent the skin from sticking.

Then the weight is suspended from the string. With such a "device" they carry out the usual household chores.

If even mild painful sensations appear, you should stop acting immediately.


Mankind has developed a number of innovative devices to resize the penis. Each category of devices contains a large number of shapes and sizes that fit millions of users.


Penis enlargement vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is known worldwide as the most popular device for penis enlargement. Its principle of operation is to create a low pressure area around the body immersed in the pump.

Under the influence of this pressure, the penis expands. Additional blood flow is created by simultaneous weak drainage. The procedure lasts from half an hour to one hour. This method is good for increasing the thickness of the penis.


Extender - a device for stretching the phallus tissue. The device stimulates tissue growth. The device is designed not only to lengthen the penis, but also to increase its width.


Attachments belong to the products of temporary penis enlargement and are used directly during sexual intercourse. They instantly increase the length and width of the penis. Of course, they do not give a real effect, in the form of changing the size of masculinity.


Massage is also common among men, aimed at increasing the size of men. An example of a massage with exercise is jelking.

Massage can be aimed at enlarging the whole body as well as affecting the scalp.

General hand massage is a popular method. First, the penis is covered along the entire length of the lubricant, and then the penis is in a full erect position.

The penis is confined to the palm and makes translational movements from the root to the head and pulls it out. Then, Niscart gently lowered himself and gently returned to his seat. Then they change hands and repeat the exercise. As a result, they have at least 30 movements with both hands, but no more than 60 repetitions. This session lasts 20 minutes.

Special massage techniques are used to enlarge the head. The fingers are placed at the base of the penis and pressing on it draws blood to the head. This massage is performed slowly. When the fingers reach the back, they are fixed in this position for a couple of seconds.

Creams, ointments and gels

There are three categories that can be divided into all creams, gels, ointments that increase the penis:

  • short-term;
  • long-term;
  • Assistant.

The first category is relevant immediately before sexual intercourse, as their action lasts no more than two hours.

Long-term penis enlargement for one month. Their effectiveness has long-term results but is based on their systemic use.

The third group is used in conjunction with other methods of male genital enlargement.

Medicines, herbs and homeopathy

Medications for penis enlargement

Medications, as well as home enhancement techniques, are designed to circulate blood throughout the body. Herbs, foods, pills, dietary supplements and hormones all influence the change in masculinity. They make men get more erections, prolong sexual intercourse, increase organ sensitivity and increase libido.

Regardless of which drug a man chooses, he appoints a medical officer.

Side effects and risks

All methods involve some risk. An unsuccessfully chosen folk recipe or pharmacy gel can cause an allergic reaction or burns in the tissues of the genitals.

If you exercise, massage, or wear the device incorrectly or excessively, you may get a hematoma, bump, or even damage to your penis. However, do not be overly afraid - it is enough to follow the banal measures of safety.


Any man can choose the option he wants, try one of the ways to enlarge his penis. But the decision must be balanced and meaningful. It has been scientifically proven that penis length does not affect the quality of sex and large size measures cause discomfort to some girls.