Gels and creams for penis enlargement: ointment for penis

The issue of penis enlargement has existed in all seasons. The next 10 years, before deciding to become exclusive, and only the surgical method, which ensured the absence of adverse effects in the form of reduced erectile function and a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis.

gel for penis enlargement

Can cream for penis enlargement to deal with the work?

Traditional medicine strongly a step forward, thanks to the appearance of modern digital devices and technologies. This allowed the professionals in the field of urology and sexology develop effective and completely safe techniques to increase the male sexual organ.

Today, there are more than 100 different medications, with which you can not only increase a member, but also affect the strength of the sexual libido and potency.

Alternative to plastic

Gel and cream for penis enlargement is one of the most simple alternatives to surgery. In the synthesis of drugs that included parent groups, presented extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals. Most of the active components of funds for the growth of the penis is well tolerated by the body, therefore, can be used by men in almost every age category.

Especially fats contribute to the expansion of blood vessels in the body, which improves the microcirculation of blood in the groin area. With the flow of blood to the soft tissue penetrates a large number of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which accelerate the biochemical reactions.

Normalization of the redox processes in tissues erectile bodies of the male penis to stimulate the formation of new cells. With the increase in the number of change and external settings, instrument – significantly increases the length and the diameter. With this elasticity increasing penis is supported collagen fibers, the composition of which is stimulated by the active ingredients of the plant products.

You can either increase the size of penis with the use of external media during the week? Some manufacturers of herbal products for intimate care argue that the systematic use of creams and gels allows you to increase the length of the penis during 7 days. Immediately it is worth noting that directly results from the use of cosmetic products will have to wait.

In accordance with the comments of the buyers, used special creams and lubricants, the actual change in the settings of the instrument observed at 3 and 4 weeks of regular use of capital. Efficiency of foreign affairs of medicinal products depends to a large extent by the composition and the individual characteristics of the organism. Some men say that after the application of the ointment or gel length principle increased by 3-4 cm, others use the same drug, they can't offer the same results.

Sure to increase penis size, during the selection of the appropriate tool should be based on the biochemical composition and clearly follow the instructions for use of the drug.

Forms of circulation of medicinal products

Which drugs are best used to increase the sensitivity of the penis and increase the size? Each tool, which leads to a lengthening of the penis, called a growth stimulant. Available specialized products in three forms:

the mechanism of action
  • gel – transparent the drug in hydrophilic base, which contains vegetable and animal fats is rapidly absorbed in the skin and penetrates deep tissues of the penis?
  • cream – opaque the drug viscous consistency, the composition of which can get oil is absorbed more slowly in the fabric, however, contributes to a more intense moisture skin ointment (ointment) – dense texture, the drug, which may contain the fats, alloys, hydrocarbons, essential oils, etc.

It is obvious that increases the super-gel quickly absorbed by the skin, so as not to leave traces on the clothes. And here an ointment and cream to increase the penis have less penetrating ability. It would be appropriate to be used together with the extender and special vacuum pumps, which are designed to stimulate blood circulation in sexual organ.

Active ingredients

Really to increase size of penis with the use of external instruments? By analogy with pharmacy drugs, intimate gels and creams containing active ingredients, which affect the metabolism of cells, the rate of cell renewal and the formation of new anatomical structures. Usually, cream for penis enlargement includes a specific set of specific components that affect the speed of the physiological processes and growth of muscle tissue.

The approximate composition of the cream to increase the length and sensitivity of the penis looks like this:

  • the extract of grape;
  • extract of milk thistle in?
  • the oil goldenrod in?
  • juice ringworm?
  • allantoin it?
  • the enzymes?
  • extract gorjanki it?
  • peruvian maca.

The above organic oils and extracts beneficial affect the function of the reproductive system and external genitalia. Not too long ago, for the production of relevant chapters were used special ingredients, especially capsaicin. This active ingredient is an alkaloid, therefore, the regular use of the cream often lead to irritation and drying of skin and mucous membranes of particular channels.

the types of gels

I don't want to use a home remedy for increasing the sensitivity of the penis immediately before sexual intercourse, as it can adversely affect the flora of the mucous membranes of the genital organs.

Some men to enhance the sensitivity of the head of the penis and enhance erection enjoy a home-cooked way. It should be noted that regardless of cooked cream "it works" is not as effective as those provided by the pharmaceutical companies. The so-called folk remedies are made with their own hands, often cause allergic reactions and cause the development of diseases of the skin – eczema, dermatitis, etc.

The mechanism of action

It helps to gel to increase state to improve the quality of the ejaculate (semen); Certain types of relevant chapters in addition contain substances that are involved in the synthesis of proteins required for the formation of male germ cells.

How to make the state without transactions?

To get rid of complexes and to really achieve the desired therapeutic results, you need to use only certified cream for enlarge the male penis. Medicinal products which have quality certificates, have been in clinical trials, during which time has proven their effectiveness and safety.

67% of men who used high-quality products, could increase the volume and length of the penis to 20-25%.

How gel or ointment increases the size of your penis? The penis can be developed exclusively from the increase in structural elements of the tissues. The ingredients containing ointment for the growth of the penis, to affect the physiological processes in the body. In particular, amino acids, proteins and trace minerals speed up metabolism and proliferation (overgrowth of cells), mast erection bodies and the muscle fibers. To change the settings of the penis, the growth factors should be used daily during 2-4 weeks.


Help if relevant chapters to prolong the sexual act and what is the gel for enlarge penis it is better to buy? Some manufacturers relevant product release drugs, which have a special action. In their composition contain substances that affect the strength libido and erection. Use a cream should be immediately before the contact to extend it for 30-60 minutes.

What are the types of drugs for the correction of the size of his penis? To determine the best drug can only during individual use. Some tools that are intended to increase the volume of the instrument, the second one – sensitivity of the head of the penis, and still others – the mobility of sperm.

Gel for the growth of the penis can contain a specific set of items, which will affect the intensity of development of the muscle tissue, and the duration of the effect. In connection with this secrete several types of medicines:

  • ointment for penis enlargement for a long time – the drug is intended for systemic use during at least 3-4 weeks, is used for lengthening of the penis for a period from 6 months to a few years?
  • ointment for the growth of the penis a small amount of time – the drug contains substances, which give the growth of muscle tissue; act quickly, however, the effect lasts throughout the months?
  • auxiliary cream-gel for the growth of the penis – a familiar tool used in conjunction with drugs of systemic action, i.e., tablets or pills? with the use of the cream can actually accelerate the process of increasing the size of the institution.

By many consumers instructions for the use of drugs are simply ignored, which then becomes the cause of disappointment in the results of treatment. To achieve the desired result, you need to act in accordance with the instructions in the instructions for use. If the manufacturer claims that the tool will help to increase the length of penis and enhance the activity only with regular use, and you can use them, when necessary, we hope in a positive trend in the increase in the size of the penis is not worth it.


Itching, candidiasis, urticaria, dryness of the skin – possible side effects of the use of relevant medicines. Even if you buy the best and safe gel for intimate care, before use, consult your doctor. You have to understand that any effective medicine to increase the size of the penis contains active substances, overdose which can become the reason of occurrence of side effects.