Penis enlargement pump

How to enlarge the penis with a pump

There are many ways to increase penis size: surgery, herbal medicine, ointments, gels, creams, enlargements, gels. However, the safest, cheapest and most effective option is a penis enlargement pump. With its help you can not only enlarge the penis, but also eliminate such a problem as erectile dysfunction. Men have been using the pump for several decades to achieve the desired effect. How much can the penis be enlarged with a pump and does such a device help with erection problems?

Every adult male thinks about enlarging the male organ in one way or another. At the same time, someone really has complexes because of the small penis, while someone wants to surprise their partner with impressive size dignity. On the internet you can find many suggestions on how to grow a male body in a day. However, it is unlikely that such a stunning effect will be achieved so quickly. A process like penis enlargement requires a lot of patience.

How does it work?

The effect of using a penis enlargement pump is achieved through the blood flow in the cavernous body, which allows the organ to be enlarged. In the case of single use, this method has a short-term effect. However, if you use the device regularly, you can achieve excellent results. It is impossible to say unequivocally how much the pump increases the penis and whether it is realistic to increase the body size in a week. However, when using the device you can expect the following results:

  • Penis enlargement vacuum pump allows you to correct the penis even with severe curvature.
  • Penis enlargement vacuum improves erection function.
  • A healthy man can also use the pump to increase erection.

The action of the device is based on the fact that negative pressure is created inside it. Such a vacuum affects the vessels of the penis, causing blood flow and an increase in blood flow to the small pelvis. Because of this, the penis becomes hyperemic. As a result, the pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse intensify significantly and the penis gradually expands with the pump.

How to choose a pump for penis enlargement?

Considering what doctors say about penis enlargement pumps when purchasing a device, the size of the flask should be selected taking into account individual characteristics. You can tell a sex shop consultant the size of your penis and he will choose the right option for you and tell you how to use the device properly. Several types of devices are on sale today:

  • Mechanical PumpPenis enlargement - works with the help of a pear or an air pump. Such a device has a flask and a hose that goes to a pear or a pump. He also has a special device to fix the penis. Such devices are several times cheaper than their electronic counterparts and are quite durable.
  • Electronic vacuum pumpfor penis enlargement is no different from the manual version. It also consists of a pump and a bulb. In this case the electric pump automatically pumps air. Such a pump is equipped with a battery or a device for connecting to a power line. This is the safest device since air pressure is reached automatically.
  • Water pumpYou can use it in the pool or bathroom to magnify men. In such a device negative pressure is achieved with water.

Where can I buy a pump?

You can buy a vacuum pump to enlarge your penis at any sex shop or online store. At the same time, for the first use, many men choose transparent devices so that in the process they can see how much their penis has grown.

How to increase member with pump?

After purchasing a pump, you should carefully read the instructions to make sure you are using the device properly. It should be noted that such a device has many contraindications for use, which is also important to read before use.

The step-by-step process for using a vacuum pump is as follows:

You must warm your penis before using the
  1. device. This is a mandatory point in the instruction on how to use the pump properly. You can take a bath for at least 8 minutes. This relaxes the pelvic floor muscles for the most effective treatment.
  2. After washing, lubricate the penis with lubricants. For these purposes you can choose a cream or gel that promotes penis enlargement. This should be done so that the skin of the penis does not come into contact when using the pump.
  3. Next it is desirable to shave the hair for comfortable use of the device.
  4. Always use a penis attachment for all uses.
  5. When the device is installed correctly, you can start the air pump from the cylinder. The penis will begin to swell gradually, and it is important to monitor the timing of air evacuation. The fact is that the duration of air pumping is strictly limited and is always specified in the pump instructions.
  6. The duration of the first procedure should not exceed 5 minutes.
  7. When the procedure to enlarge the penis with a vacuum is completed, the device needs to be vacuumed. This can be done by means of a valve that returns air to the cylinder.
  8. Next, you need to remove the device, leaving the amplifier glass to prevent rapid blood flow from the body.

Now you know how to use a vacuum pump properly.

This is important!If the penis pump procedure is performed correctly, then no discomfort will arise.

device usage restrictions

Doctors do not recommend using a pump if:

  • Mental disorders.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Violation of the integrity of the vessel walls.
  • Use of
  • analgesics.
  • tendency to thrombosis.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Insufficient kidney or liver function.
  • Presence of a hernia in the groin area.

It is strictly forbidden to use a vacuum pump during diabetes because over time it can cause serious irreversible damage to blood vessels. As a result, ulcers and bruises may form.

If a man has blood clotting problems, using a pump can break the blood vessels in his head and cavernous bodies. All this leads to the development of complications, a hematoma can form in the penis, it does not resolve by itself. At the same time, pain may appear in the genitals.

Patients with thrombocytopenia may have bruises and bruises on the hollow organ when the penis is enlarged using a vacuum.

The negative effects of penis enlargement can be observed in the development of various pathologies of the almond skin. Complications of pathology are usually noted in such cases. If a man suffers from a rash spinal hernia, then the use of a pump can cause him to tingle.

DIY pump

There are many instructions on the internet on how to make your own pump. This is a fairly simple device to make yourself. The scheme of a vacuum pump is as follows.

A homemade pump is a pump or bulb for air injection that is connected to a flask by a pipe. The penis enlargement flask can be made of plastic or glass. Its size may be slightly larger than the size of a penis. The shape of the flask should be cylindrical. It is advisable to choose a transparent pump flask so you can observe the result of the process. If you have all the necessary components at hand, then the penis enlargement pump with your own hands will be ready in an hour. Making an electronic pump is quite a complicated process. Therefore, it is much easier to buy a ready-made device, especially considering what the pump costs to enlarge the penis.

Can I increase the member with the pump?

Those who dream of a penis enlargement pump should understand that such a device is not a panacea. It is important to know how to use the pump to avoid damage.

Regular use of the

pump allows you to enlarge your penis by 4 cm. For greater effect, you should resort to surgery.

The effectiveness of using the device often depends not only on patience and duration of use, but also on the physiological characteristics of the male body and the age of the male.

Of course, it is possible to enlarge the penis with a vacuum pump, but it will take a long time. Continuous use of the device during the procedure requires the use of lubricants and antibacterial agents.

To improve blood circulation to the penis, you can combine the use of a pump with special ointments and gels to enlarge the penis. In this case, you can get the maximum effect by using a pump.


Pump is an effective method that can stimulate blood circulation in the genitals and thus increase it. The main thing to remember is that you should not fan this device fanatically. You need to use it properly, choose a quality pump and monitor your condition.