Penis enlargement awaits you at home. Rating of the best lubricants

Think seriously about penis enlargement using folk methods and not just, perhaps, just e. წ. Holders of micropenis whose length does not exceed 10 centimeters. At medium length, the problem of penis size is likely to be psychological, as in fact both partners can experience high sexual pleasure.

In such cases it is much better to diversify your sex life, to limit it with prophylactic methods.

How do creams, gels and ointments work to enlarge the penis?

Are Penis Enlargement Creams For Sale? There are many tools available today that help increase the size of the male genitalia, the most affordable and easy in this regard - gels and ointments to increase the size of the penis. You can buy them in pharmacies or order them on special sites.

Short-term This type of cream is used before intimacy, because the effect lasts no more than 2 hours
Long-term Used systematically to prolong or lengthen the penis.
Assistant Used as an adjunct to other methods of affecting the penis, speeding up blood circulation, stimulating growth

effect can be achieved from the groups listed. They should be used to increase the phallus in combination with other measures.

These funds are actively advertised, so it will not be difficult to buy them, the main thing is not to fall for fake and do not buy a gel that will not have any tangible effect. In order not to fall into the trap of fraudsters, you need to know and be well acquainted with the working principle of these funds, as well as have an idea of ​​the manufacturers who have proven themselves in the field of such services.

It can be boldly said that all the ways of penis enlargement without surgery, ointments and other pharmacological products are just to demonstrate their effectiveness, which cannot be said about lazy methods.

The "smear and forgetfulness" approach is not very acceptable in this matter: since the goal is to add two centimeters, you should follow the recommendations of experts as diligently as possible, or even apply a combination of several methods.

Penis enlargement technique

All penis enlargement techniques serve one or two purposes:

  1. Physiological increase in length due to tissue expansion;
  2. Activate the "pump" of cavernous bodies, i. e. simply fight against weak potency.
Surprisingly, sometimes the latter approach is even more effective: Delays in the functioning of the prostate and cardiovascular system can interfere with the full potential of the ‘lower neighbor’.

If the aroused male body is always energetic, firm and stays that way for several hours, then the lack of length can only be resolved through surgery or moderate damage.

For older men, penis size should be taken as a constant and focused on a healthy lifestyle so that there are no problems with potential.

What results can be expected from using the product?

Does penis enlargement gel help you improve the quality of ejaculate (sperm)? Some types of intimate joints additionally contain substances that are involved in the synthesis of proteins needed for the formation of male germ cells.

To get rid of

complexes and achieve the desired therapeutic results, you only need to use a certified cream to enlarge the male member. Drugs that have quality certifications have undergone clinical trials that have proven their effectiveness and safety.

67% of men who used a quality product were able to increase their penis size and length by 20-25%.

How does a gel or ointment increase the size of the penis? The penis can be enlarged only by increasing the structural elements of the tissues. The components contained in ointments to enlarge the penis affect the physiological processes in the body. In particular, amino acids, proteins and micronutrients accelerate the metabolism and proliferation of cells in the cavernous body and muscle fibers. To change the parameters of the penis, growth stimulants should be used daily for 2-4 weeks.

Much has been said about how to enlarge the penis without any medication. Some sources categorically state that nothing but surgery can help you. Others, on the contrary, argue that augmentation is possible with any effect, so you need to understand how to enlarge your penis without pills and ointments and understand this issue. There are many ways to enlarge the penis without medication.

These methods help rid the body of excess chemicals and help change the size of manhood. Most methods of penis enlargement without cream do not give a quick effect, they are distinguished by long-lasting but stable results. The techniques used to enlarge the penis without medication are very diverse - each man can choose for himself how to enlarge the penis without ointments.

Ways to enlarge the penis

There are several groups of remedies on how to enlarge the penis without the harmful effects of ointments and chemicals:

  • methods for self-dimensioning without the use of additional devices;
  • methods using special equipment.

All of these penis enlargement techniques are designed to stimulate blood circulation and resize cavernous bodies. This helps to increase the volume of blood that enters the penis and thus becomes much larger. Therefore, using penis enlargement methods without any gel helps to increase a man's pride.

The range of penis enlargement products is quite large. But when choosing a cream or gel you should pay attention to the nature of the effect.

They are divided into:

  1. Short-term. They act instantly, but the effect duration is no more than 2 hours. The advantage is the use before sexual contact.
  2. Long-term. This requires constant and regular use.
  3. Assistant. Ideal for those who have a medical condition or general fatigue.

This information is indicated on the packaging of the goods.

The question of whether penis enlargement cream helps you is actively discussed on internet forums. The reviews are positive and controversial. It is better to choose a penis growth cream that contains a maximum of natural ingredients, only such a composition can lead to the expected result.

What type of creams are used for enlargement?

Use an ointment to enlarge your penis for those who are not happy with the size of their penis. After all, such dissatisfaction can lead to a serious psychological barrier, which will reduce a man's longing for the opposite sex and lead to impotence.

It is difficult to classify drugs for penis enlargement as there are many of them on the market. Typically, men buy several types:

  • vegetables;
  • with plant and animal components;
  • hormonal;
  • with heparin;
  • with
  • nitroglycerin;
  • with
  • enzymes.

Do not use hormonal creams without a doctor's prescription as they may harm your health.

If you are going to solve a delicate problem yourself, without consulting a doctor, you should pay attention to herbal remedies. You can try lubricants with special components that will give you a short-term effect. Their effect can also be felt by women who get a brighter orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse.

We talked earlier about whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with cream. Now let's get acquainted with the principle of their work. Creams and gels are very similar in composition. Most of them contain two or more active ingredients that have a warming and tonic effect.

Important! It is believed that the concentration of active substances is minimal and can not harm the integrity of the body, but you should still use the drugs strictly according to the instructions, after consulting a specialist and avoid overdose.

Gels and ointments for penis enlargement

It is a mistake to believe that the more often and more closely the product is used, the faster and more noticeable the result will be. Ე is not true. If you do not follow the doctor's instructions, but treat yourself, then the man can not be bypassed.

Cream formulations have a single mechanism - blood flows into the cavernous bodies, the penis acquires the ability to increase in length and width. Pharmacological drugs help to establish the nutrition of the penis. It is believed that long-term use will help:

  • improve the condition of blood vessel walls;
  • to restore cavernous tissue;
  • Activates the growth of embryonic cells.

When burning in the gel, a gentle massage of the penis shaft is performed, this has an additional positive effect. Allow the blood to stagnate. Cloudy fabric under manipulation takes on the property of stretching properly.

Choosing the most effective gel is not so difficult, you should strictly follow the recommendations. When choosing a drug you should evaluate:

  1. Ingredients. They should be natural and have no harmful, toxic effects on the skin and body;
  2. Validity period. If they expire, then the use of such a tool is dangerous to human life and health;
  3. Customer reviews and their feedback on the results obtained. If there is a simple one that proves the absence of the result, preference should be given to its analogue;
  4. Doctor's opinion. For men, information from doctors can be useful for a variety of reasons. Often, it is better to consult a doctor before using such creams;
  5. Suitable for the penis are lubricants that have minimal contraindications and allergens. The greater the risk, the greater the likelihood that unpleasant symptoms will occur after use, as well as various skin problems;
  6. cream should be selected individually. This means taking into account the characteristics of the organism. Otherwise, the greater the likelihood of its ineffectiveness, there are many similar goods on the market. It is a shame to buy a "nest" and spend money.

Recommendations for using creams and ointments

After purchasing the drug, carefully read the instructions for it. Usually used according to the rules:

  • The cream is applied 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse;
  • They cover the skin of the penis except the skin and head;
  • wait for absorption;
  • Perform jelqing techniques.

NoIt is recommended to combine the product with alcohol and narcotic stimulants. The effect will be unexpected.

In general, ointments do not leave an adhesive film on the skin. After the action, the man feels a pleasant warmth around the genitals. Medications can enlarge the penis for 1, 5-2 hours, then the erection is stopped.

There are usually no side effects from using quality creams to enlarge the penis. However, on the net you can find many reviews from men who have experienced negative manifestations after using these funds. The most common of these are the following reactions:

  • appearance of nausea;
  • Gab reflex;
  • weakness, darkening of the eyes;
  • burning;
  • itching or hypersensitivity;
  • redness, rash on the application areas of the cream;
  • potency disorder;
  • ulcers occur on the skin of the penis or glans.

These side effects can be caused by low quality ingredients, overdose or allergies to the cream components. Before buying a cream, in addition to studying the composition, you need:

  • Check its validity;
  • Read the instructions.

Simple precautions will allow you to get the desired effect and avoid side effects.

The instructions contain all the necessary information, most often the use of the gel is not recommended if:

  • marked lesions, lesions, ulcers, rashes on the skin;
  • There is an individual intolerance to the constituent components;
  • There is an allergic reaction to plant or plant extracts;
  • men have psychological diseases;
  • There are hormonal disorders, disorders or endocrine diseases of various origins.

Usually, high quality products do not cause any side effects and if they do occur, this is a reason to doubt the quality of the product. Is it possible to enlarge the penis with low quality waiting for you? Of course no!

In case of extensive lesions it is recommended to go to the doctor and at the same time consult with him about whether the cream can enlarge the penis and, in general, the cream promotes penis enlargement. Remember that only a qualified doctor can give accurate advice on this matter.

An indication for the use of the cream is the presence of one or more factors:

  • small penis;
  • weakening or lack of an erection;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Penis sensitivity decreased.

Overview of Popular Lubricants and Their Characteristics

Is it possible to enlarge the penis using external means? By analogy with pharmaceuticals, intimate gels and creams contain active ingredients that affect cell metabolism, cell renewal rate, and the formation of new anatomical structures. Typically, penis enlargement creams contain a certain set of non-synthetic components that affect the speed of physiological processes and the growth of muscle tissue.

Creams contain various plant extracts and hormones that activate blood circulation. They can not only enlarge the penis, but also significantly increase sexual desire. It should be noted that penis enlargement creams are not medicines. But their quality is confirmed by certificates.

comparisons will help you figure out which gel is better for magnifying. Analyzing the indicators will allow you to make conclusions and buy a quality product.

However, beware of substandard goods and counterfeit goods that can be offered at a discounted price. The pelvic area is a very sensitive area for men who should not be exposed to additional danger. So choose a gel or ointment for penis enlargement only from well-known manufacturers who are responsible for the quality of their products.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the gel, read the information on the Internet about whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with the ointments of your choice.

Can I make a cream?

Do not try to make your own penis enlargement balm. This action will require specialized knowledge from you. It is not enough to assemble the same components as in the finished tool, you need to know:

Physical properties of
  • components;
  • their exact number;
  • Production technology.

It is best to buy the finished product at a drugstore or online store. It certainly does not harm your body if it is certified. If the components are mixed incorrectly, you can burn the delicate skin of the phallus.


Ointments, creams, gels for penis enlargement - means that the problem of insufficient penis size will not be solved - this is the opinion of urologists and andrologists. Creams or gels will improve sex life with their other properties: they increase the quality of erections, make the feelings of intimacy brighter and stronger.

Penis enlargement with gels and ointments

Do penis gels still help you? A penis enlargement cream or gel is a remedy that works when used properly, but you should not expect excessive results from it. Penis enlargement gel can be enlarged by only a few centimeters.

The truth about penis enlargement cream may not always apply to buyers, but it must be taken for granted. Only surgery can dramatically increase the size of the penis.

Medical professionals are skeptical of men's attempts to enlarge their intimate organs. Their justification for objective reasons in case of penile curvature or underdevelopment and requires surgical correction.

Temporary remedies are sufficient to avoid embarrassment in front of a partner during intimate behavior. Penis enlargement ointments are not an option if you are ashamed of its small size. They supply the body with blood. After a few hours, when the homeopathy or medicine stops working, the size of the penis will return to its original size. Action time is enough just to have sex and help your partner reach orgasm.