Real Penis Enlargement: How to make your penis bigger

In what form can you enlarge your penis

Is Penis Enlargement Real or Fictional? What do scientists and studies say about this? These questions are, in fact, of interest to a significant portion of the stronger sex, whose male body size does not triple.

Today we will present the conclusion of experts who have analyzed studies evaluating the effectiveness and safety of various methods of penis enlargement.

Use a penis growth extender

Marco Ordena and Paolo Gonero from the University of Turin argue that more and more men want to enlarge their penis because they are dissatisfied with the size. Hence the great interest in the various methods that can affect the size of a man’s genitals.

Italian researchers have analyzed 10 credible studies evaluating the effectiveness and safety of various methods of penis enlargement. Half of these are surgical methods tested on 121 people.

Minimally invasive equipment that does not require the use of a scalpel has been tested on 109 people. One of them has a stretched penis. This is aided by a extender that exerts a force on the phallus that varies from 600 to 1500 grams.

Extenders work on the same principle as devices that have been used for many years to extend limbs, especially legs. In plastic surgery, the patient's skin surface is widened for further transplantation during stretching.

Penis enlargement extender

Orders and Gonero say that you can also enlarge your penis this way. One of the studies named by them showed that the extenders actually feel it by 1. 8 cm, the other study showed that thanks to this method, the penis lengthens by 2. 3 cm.

However, this method is problematic. The first report states that the extender should be used daily for 6 hours for 4 months.

In the second, the device was worn daily for 4 hours, for 6 months.

Penis vacuum pump

Equally problematic to use, but not so effective, was a vacuum pump for enlarging the penis that operates in a low pressure area. Commands and Gonero warn that even if used for six months, it may not significantly affect genital size.

However, both researchers acknowledge that some of the men who used the pump received psychological benefits because they were satisfied with the pump.

However, cock rings at the base of the penis that help keep more blood in the cavernous body can be helpful. "These rings can increase the size of the penis and enhance an erection, especially for men who have psychological anxiety, " say Italian experts. However, they acknowledge that they have analyzed only two documented cases of testing this method.

Exercises for penis tissue growth

Orders and goneros have also tested the effectiveness of quite popular exercises that should improve blood circulation and thus enlarge the penis.

Penis enlargement exercises

In 1970 they were offered by Dr. Brian Richards from the UK. In one of the sexological journals he claimed that this powerful method was tested on 32 people. In 28 of them the penis increased by an average of 3. 5 cm in length and the volume increased by about 3 cm.

But Italian researchers do not confirm this. Their analysis did not show that exercises to improve the blood supply to the penis would allow it to significantly lengthen or even increase circumference.

However, you can find a significant number of techniques on the World Wide Web, including jelqing, which have a real positive effect. It is true that the stronger sex has to work for months to achieve the desired result. The process can be accelerated with special gels and creams based on natural ingredients, the action of which is aimed at stimulating the growth of penile tissues.

Penis enlargement surgery

Real enlargement of the penis is possible surgically, usually 2-3 cm. During an operation called a ligamentotomy, a specialist cuts the ligaments of the penis that attach the phallus to the pelvis. Because of this, it stretches from the perineum to the outside, but for six months it must be additionally stretched in the form of an extender using a special device.

Unfortunately, sexual intercourse after such an operation can be experienced as the problems of filling the cavernous bodies increase with increasing length.

Penis enlargement surgery

The penis can also be completely enlarged, but this procedure, called phalloplasty, is only offered to men with a micropenis with an anatomical defect (less than 7 cm in length).

This technique involves removing the forearm from the skin, reversing the shape of the penis and inserting the penis with an artificial urethra and inflatable erection prostheses.

The penis built in this way remains sensitive to stimuli because its surface is covered with micropen tissue. Also, medicine offers methods by which fat or muscle fragments are transplanted.