How much does a male enlargement surgery cost?

Man with an enlarged penis

Many guys in the world are unhappy with the size of their penis, if traditional methods do not help, then surgery to increase the dignity of men will work.

Whether it is possible to enlarge the phallus without surgery

Several men around the world are happy with the size of their penis, so for over a century scientists have been thinking about how to enlarge it safely and painlessly in the shortest amount of time

Over the years it has been found that there is no single method that guarantees penis lengthening by a maximum of a centimeter, quickly, painlessly and effectively.

There are a sea of ​​sites on the internet that offer to increase penis size from fifteen to twenty centimeters in two days. Most of the doctors' comments and negative reviews of the patient confirm that rapid enlargement of the penis with creams, gels or pumps is not helpful.

Any method has a right to exist, but they can have little effect on masculinity, increasing it in a short time. Most manufacturers "forget" to state that their miracle gels often have side effects that then lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

for whom the operation is shown

Surgical intervention for safe penis enlargement is prescribed only for medical reasons, it will take some time, but it will be performed under general anesthesia. Young people agree to have this problem surgically resolved only in exceptional cases, as few people have the means to decide on anesthesia and spend a few days in the hospital.

Only a qualified surgeon from an independently selected medical center may authorize surgery. This spicy operation is allowed in the presence of several sufficiently weighty indications:

  • The patient's reasoned consent;
  • The minimum size of a given organ, which can be seen only with the help of special means;
  • Erection function or potency problems;
  • There is an imbalance of endocrine hormones, due to which the penis did not develop properly;
  • Presence of penile degeneration due to damage to the pelvic area;
  • Age-related changes in masculinity.

Experts say that the body should grow with the help of surgery, which is ten centimeters in the aroused state, and not more than ten centimeters in thickness.

An unequivocal indication for surgery under general anesthesia will be significant deformation of the penis, its reduction due to prostate adenoma or cancer.

Penis enlargement without surgery

Those who have a normal-sized phallus should not decide to have surgery; they simply misjudge it because:

  • Compare their bodies to the penises of other young people;
  • standing comparison;
  • Make comparisons with a large beer belly;
  • has mental spectrum disorders.

To increase a man's height and diameter, most patients simply need:

  • to lose extra pounds;
  • Remove the fat layer around the penis;
  • Use a vacuum pump;
  • Establish high-quality use of
  • Establishment;
  • Change your diet;
  • Use a few exercises to increase your body.

With the help of the above methods, men can sometimes be slightly lengthened, but it is necessary to perform the actions quite regularly and all of them are associated with discomfort.

Urologists do not recommend, for good reason, body extensions with gels, creams, and dietary supplements that provide instant results, as they can be detrimental to a patient's health due to impotence.

According to patient reviews, the result of carrying weight on the penis is not only positive, as weight gain can cause tears in the tissues of the penis, perineum and blood vessels.

Contraindications for surgery

In order for penis enlargement surgery to be approved, the patient will have to go to a medical center whose qualified specialists:

  • Examine a potential patient phallus;
  • Listen to men's complaints;
  • will conclude that the current size of the penis does not allow for a full sex life;
  • will perform a number of diagnostic procedures and undergo additional tests.
  • is ​​guaranteed to advise you on any issues related to the operation.

You need to consult several specialists before starting penis enlargement. Not only the therapist but also the endocrinologist, psychologist, andrologist, urologist, surgeon should place signatures on the bypass page sheet.

In order to increase the dignity of men with surgical intervention, it is necessary to provide test results and conclusions of narrow specialists, confirming them with high quality photos, videos and ultrasound results.

Types of Corrective Intervention

You can quickly and effectively correct the shape and enlarge the penis surgically, and in this case the growth may be five or more cm.

Combining surgery and non-surgical methods is quite simple, wearing a quality and certified extension for a quick recovery in the postoperative period.

By wearing an extended penis with the help of an extender, you can significantly save time in restoring sexual function, avoiding discomfort and complications.

Ligamentotomy allows you to simply dissect ligaments that securely hold a few extra inches under the skin. The advantages of the procedure will be that:

  • it will last exactly half an hour or an hour;
  • The patient will be fully recovered within fourteen days;
  • Complications can be avoided in 90% of cases;
  • Only the scrotum will be a clean, unobtrusive suture;
  • will be discharged from the hospital in a few days.

The cost of a ligatotomy is not high as it depends on the location of the medical center and averages $ 1000.

Lipofilling is another popular way to get rid of male problems as it is associated with the injection of its own layers of fat extracted from the peritoneum into the shaft of the penis. This method allows you to increase this part of the body only in width and maintain this effect for several years during a full sex life.

After this time it is necessary to repeat the fat pumping, because fat cells can dissolve themselves under the influence of natural processes in the male body. According to patient reviews, there is no rejection of fat cells, therefore complications almost never occur and how much the procedure costs with an andrologist.

Interference with implantation

If you have problems with low potency and small penis size, experts recommend resorting to one of the most difficult methods - muscle type transplantation.

Before you know what it costs to have surgery to insert a penis implant, you need to know the specifics of the procedure and the recovery after it.

The operation is performed in several main stages:

  • Cut out the tissues of the penis;
  • muscles are tightened on a quality implant;
  • Extra fabric is sewn with high quality;
  • Other manipulations that are necessary in each case are performed;
  • The patient remains at rest until he recovers from general anesthesia;
  • Control of the sutures on the penis is performed.

The relatively low cost of this type of operation ($ 2, 500 or $ 4, 500) indicates that it has many significant disadvantages:

  • Recovery time from surgery is about thirty-five days;
  • difficult for men on physiological and psychological level;
  • is ​​associated with a higher risk of postoperative complications;
  • are constantly coming to the hospital to open and heal their wounds;
  • Always follow all hygiene procedures;
  • Refuse sexual intercourse during recovery.

If it is impossible to live without penis lengthening, then the only surgery to increase a man's dignity, the price of which is high, would be penile prosthesis. Falloprosthetics allow you to install an artificial partition that is no different from a natural genital penis.

The price of the prosthesis also includes the cost of materials for the operation, so it reaches $ 2, 000 or $ 10, 000. The clinic patient should take into account severe pain, a long period of postoperative recovery, and strict adherence to physician instructions.

What determines the cost of the procedure

You need to explain in advance how much you will have to pay for penis surgery as the cost can vary considerably.

The cost of the

procedure depends directly on a number of factors:

Location of
  • Medical Center;
  • Qualification of the physician conducting the intervention;
  • using additional consumables;
  • Medical Center level;
  • Difficulty of intervention.

For ligamentotomy without first and further consultation with an andrologist, you will only have to pay $ 200 or $ 1100. Experts say the cost of the implant surgery will already increase to a record $ 25, 000.

If the penis is elongated in the capitals, surgery will be more expensive than in regional medical centers. Doctors advise to pay attention to the reviews of former patients of such institutions, because no one can guarantee that everything there will be successful.

The cost of increasing masculinity is simply cosmic and it is indicated in the price lists without any post-surgery recovery fee and without treatment of possible complications. Before making an appointment with an andrologist or surgeon, you should think carefully about whether it is worth enlarging the penis by a few centimeters, a few months of discomfort, pain and refusal from a normal sex life.