How to increase the member - technical

The question of how to increase the state alone, it belongs to one of the most common on the internet. In accordance with the static information, far from every modern man satisfied with the size of the value. To get rid of complexes and to have the ability to deliver partner even more fun, the representatives of the strong sex they begin to apply various techniques, which provide the ability to increase the member only in the house.

how to enlarge penis

Can I increase your manhood?

Did you know that, according to statistics, 87% of men wishes to increase the sexual organ, and 90% of women report to his associates, that they need deeper penetration? As a result of this trend, the representatives of the strong gender must either be ashamed, dreaming of a big penis, either to actively implement the action to increase. If prior to the adoption, that is the most effective way to increase the member, considered as from the realm of fantasy, nowadays it has become really possible. The question, if it can be increased state the same in the affirmative, claiming millions of men, tested different practices from their own experience and received a positive result.

If you are interested in, as he increase a member in your home, you can take advantage of the recommendations. Find out if you can, in fact, to increase state alone, from our article on.

Massage as the most effective way to increase the dignity

The easiest way to increase a member, in accordance with the doctors and the users – this is a special massage. You can apply on your own, at home, and without damage for reproduction functions. In addition, during exercise, you can deliver yourself in addition to entertainment, so that in each case, by carrying out specific exercises, that will help to increase the sexual organ, you won't regret it. The main advantages of massage:

1. Security for the male body – in the absence of sudden movements, it is unlikely to be able to injure himself?2. No contraindications for the use of – you can do the following manipulation even if you have diseases associated with the cardiovascular system or undergone surgery?3. No need for financial expenditure – for this massage, it is not necessary to buy the special medicine and tools for implementation will exist in every home?4. Indisputable effectiveness of the method in accordance with the comments of most men who have tried this way to increase the value for yourself, it really helps to achieve the desired result.

Millions of men in one survey admitted massage the most effective way to increase the penis. It stimulates blood flow to the penis, significantly accelerate the development of connective tissue. With special exercises, with the objective of increasing the penis, in no way affect the ability of men to bear children and even on the contrary – contribute to the strengthening of the health of men.

How to do massage to increase the male dignity?

To carry out the presented manipulation you can in the home, at any time convenient for you. It doesn't matter, when you will start to do exercises – will be effective as and before going to sleep, and before going to work. If you don't live on your own, engage them in the bathroom, hidden from everyone.

Presented massage conditionally divided into two stages:

1. Preparation (cooking impromptu).2. Instantly he massage.Before, how to increase the member a simple way with the help of massage, you will need to prepare the following tools:1. A small fabric soft fabric 2. The hot water from the tap?3. Soft towel (something you can always use).

growth of the penis

As fabric you can use fabric, satin, or silk. Try to use only natural materials, which will be nice to become noticeable on the skin and does not cause allergies. Also, make sure the cloth was clean, otherwise it may cause the appearance of irritation.

Further, for the application of the easiest way to enlarge your penis, soak the prepared cloth in warm water and well wrung. After that, put a warm cloth for a sexual organ. The heat will stimulate blood flow to the dignity and massages best result. When you feel that the material is cooled, again moisten it with lukewarm water. Produce this process a number of times, after which dry, wipe the mat first, then proceed to the massage.

Before starting growth of the penis simple exercises, take a comfortable posture sitting or standing. Then, tight clasp with the fingers, the head, begins gradually to keep you on the edge. Try not to challenge yourself of pain and when you feel any discomfort, pause, massage for five minutes, keeping the sex organ in a state of tension. After this time, leave the head and massage on reproductive organ slips, again by stimulating blood flow to him. Further, repeat the initial manipulation of this simple ways to increase the penis, alternately changing the direction of tension of the penis.

After several approaches to carry out this exercise, fully clasp dignity with the palm, pulling it forward and hold it there for a minute. Then, to squeeze the state 10 times. These operations are a simple home treatment, such as to increase a member on your own, but you'll need to generate very carefully, avoiding any sudden movements. It is able to damage the nerve and to deliver a lot of hassle. The method was really effective, to perform all necessary slips and follow the instructions. Visible result will be achieved after 2.5 months.

The display method - another effective way for penis enlargement

Today it is known and other quick methods of penis enlargement at home. For example, in addition to exercises for the rapid increase of the penis, you can use the display method. It is no coincidence, experts say that our thoughts – p. Introducing himself owner of a large penis before sleep, dignity, really can increase in size by itself. Thoughts cause secretion of specific hormones, which is responsible for the increase of the male organ, resulting in a more even and without any manipulations and special tools.

Acupressure for the growth of the penis

An even quicker way to increase state points of impact on the sexual organ. It is actively used in Asia, and noted the greater efficiency. It's no secret that every part of the human body is associated with a particular point on the soles of the feet, the feet, the palms and even the ears.

According to doctors, even for a state of nature is assigned a specific point, which allows the increase in a short period of time. Find it difficult, since for each person it's individual, but you can massage the various points of the body to get a true recovery rapid increase of male power state, - or, at least, to heal himself from a pair of three health problems. In any case, you won't regret it.

Enlarge penis "antiquated" methods

penis enlargement methods

In the end, you can use popular ways to increase penis. These methods use special teas made the official pharmaceutical companies on the basis of special herbs that are designed to cope with various men's problems and to stimulate the growth of the reproductive principle. You can also prepare as tea or herbal teas, while learning the composition.

To the state has become, you can brew the following herbs:

  • Ginseng;
  • Hawthorn.

These herbs are characterized by great efficiency and will certainly help for this purpose, in which you want to end up. But, before to increase the state obsolete way with the use of presented plants, it is recommended to consult a specialist to determine the individual action for you, as well as to make sure that they will not cause an allergic reaction or other adverse consequences associated with the personal intolerance to any component.

Material penis enlargement methods

If you don't trust the massage, the plastic, and the grass, you can use another effective way to increase a member. For example, for these purposes, you can use a special device. It is a device that carries out the stretching of the penis, resulting in an increase of connective tissue, and starts to grow. This device is worn continuously for 4-5 hours a day or with breaks wear twice a day for 2 hours. Every 20 minutes socks extender you will need to increase the intensity of the penis in a half inch. As a result of regular use are presented in your device, you will be able to achieve a visible result after 3 months. But keep in mind that:

1. Use dilution not more than six months?2. The application can cause a lot of discomfort?3. To use occurred the device is not possible, if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis, ribbed, or have recently undergone surgery on the penis?4. Also it's not a valid application of the device if there is damage to the sexual organ.

In other cases, the use of dilution can, being careful during the operation. Remember that the effective it will be then, when unobstructed distribution of load and will not make hasty moves, which may injure the reproductive organ.

These same properties have and other devices to increase the penis of men: vacuum pump or water pump also an excellent job with their work. To buy these devices is easy in an affordable cost in special stores. Use them in the same way, as the dilution rate, and enjoy the fast result.

Gel to increase the value

If you are interested in any other way you can increase a member, you can use special gel. In addition it is considered a therapeutic instrument, and an excellent prevention against the men's problems, such as:

1. Sexual dysfunction?2. Infertility?3. Impotence.

It can be used even just before beginning to deliver a woman enjoyment. To do this simply apply the penis approximately 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Another advantage of Gel is that in the search, how to increase the member a simple way, you can use it together with other tools (massage, extender, herbs, mental influence, etc.). For example, many men prefer to be used under special nozzles for the growth of the penis. So I can combine business with pleasure – to please your partner new sensations in sex, as well as effectively to increase the sexual organ, also, to get extra fun.

Because, the question, if there is a way to enlarge your penis, it will respond in the affirmative. Today, there are a huge number of different methods of stimulation of the growth of the penis, which are proving to be effective at any age. But keep in mind, that after 30 years in this may require a lot more time than 20, the result in each case is established forever.

big penis

You can choose yourself how to enlarge your penis and to enjoy the received power, but remember that in any case, consult a specialist couldn't hurt. And because, before, how to produce the above manipulation, it is better to consult your doctor to find the most effective method to protect oneself from possible negative consequences as a result of the mistakes that can make every young man in the reality of the increase of his own penis.