It is possible to enlarge the penis by masturbation

How to enlarge penis by masturbation

In search of the best way to enlarge a man, every young person thinks: "Is it possible and how to grow a penis through masturbation? "

Since it is acknowledged that 98% of the male population is engaged in masturbation, but a quarter of men are satisfied with their size, the question arises as to what contributes to this growth. Are there any special techniques?

method efficiency

There are many myths and theories about the impact of masturbation on penis size. Part of the respondents claim that they saw an undeniable increase in dignity from independent care. Others, on the contrary, complain of stagnation of penis size growth, other than the natural relationship, with any other impact. Some did not notice the difference from the manipulation.

However, statistics and observations favor a lack of response. Since masturbation is constantly increasing, not a single man will be left unsatisfied with his penis. In addition, too much dissatisfaction with dignity.

Also during adolescence, masturbation is considered very effective, helps to relieve stress and has an effect on penis enlargement at home. Sexual maturation, accompanied by a regular effect of self-satisfaction, promotes penis elongation, improves blood flow, eliminates many possible diseases associated with sperm stagnation.

Important!Absence of diseases and pathologies of the genitals is the right guarantee of proper development and achieving optimal measures.

Masturbation effectiveness in adulthood depends entirely on massage technique.

Jelking is a popular exercise for the penis. It is believed that this particular method is the most effective and simple. However, the results are small and often short-lived. Among the advantages, one can mention the pleasure obtained during the procedure.

Masturbation benefits

No matter how much scientists argue, they have been driven to neither the category of sin nor the most dangerous disease to madness. People have stabilized and are not going to stop from unsubstantiated theories and reprimands from a small number of “specialists”.

Most point to the many undoubted benefits of complacency:

  1. Beneficial effect on the psyche. Ejaculation stimulates the growth of the happiness hormone and helps stabilize the nervous system. However, it should be noted that the classical relationship brings more benefits in terms of influencing the emotional state.
  2. Prevention of the development of prostatitis and other diseases of the reproductive system.
  3. Memory also improves, heart muscle stabilizes, stress and depression are reduced.
  4. Masturbation increases the production of antibodies in the male body by 40%, which strengthens the immune system and prevents the development of infectious diseases.

Male abstinence causes urological problems. Therefore, in the traditional act of long absence (business trips, absence of a partner), sexual masturbation is recommended, which will also help to enlarge the penis.

Preparation for the procedure

Masturbation technique to enlarge the penis

To maximize the use and pleasure of masturbation when enlarging the penis, it is recommended to follow a few important rules:

  • The first step is to find a quiet and comfortable place where the risk of someone interfering will be completely eliminated. The stress associated with masturbating can lead to serious mental trauma, which can lead to impotence. It is more about young people.
  • Hygiene care is required. It is recommended to take a shower and wash your penis and hands thoroughly, both before and after the procedure. The best option is to use a condom anyway.
  • Imagination and lubrication will become an indispensable helper for the most natural pleasure.
  • For better erection of the penis you should wear porn, or spend time in erotic magazines, post interesting music.

It is important to consider masturbation to enlarge the penis. It is better to be self-satisfied in the evening, when even the atmosphere itself promotes intimacy. And the procedure should be continued for 20 to 40 minutes a day, regardless of ejaculation.

Optional!Once you have learned to masturbate properly to enlarge your penis, you can teach your partner the technique and enjoy caring for your favorite hands.

masturbation technique

There are only four elementary masturbation techniques:

  1. Fist.To do this, take the penis with all your fingers, move your knees away from you and make forward movements.
  2. with the hand.Everything is the same only the elbows grip you and the cere goes to your finger.
  3. Good.You only need to hold the trunk with a couple of fingers and form a ring. It can be mid-paired large, or index with it.
  4. Hold 3-4 fingers.The thumb should point towards you, and 2-3 fingers away from you. It is important not to close the fingers in the ring.

It is recommended to use jelking technique to masturbate to enlarge the penis. The essence of the method involves performing the classic up and down movements, but with a certain amount of pressure that allows the barrel to be stretched. Alternatively, for more stimulation you can use curling, shaking your head, hitting the penis on objects.

> Simultaneous penetration of the anus gives incredible pleasure and arranges a light massage of the prostate. The use of simple vibrators and pumps is also recommended for the effectiveness of the method.

Contraindications and precautions

When answering the question of how to enlarge the penis through masturbation, many reasons should be mentioned that limit the use of this method or penis enlargement in general.

The main deviations are:

  • sexually transmitted diseases and other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • development of inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  • endocrinological diseases;
  • deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Normal or enlarged penis.

Important!Masturbation can enlarge the penis, but you can not ignore your own feelings. If there is a partial or complete loss of sensitivity in the penis, it is advisable to stop the procedure immediately so that it does not recur, it is best to use good lubricants.

There are many different methods of penis enlargement. Some are effective, some are not, but proper masturbation is considered to be the best procedure to change the size of the penis at home. Effectiveness depends only on individual characteristics and belief in the operation of the equipment.