How to massage to enlarge the penis

How to enlarge the penis with massage

Every second man does not meet the size of his genitals. There are now many tools and techniques that can help increase penis size.

It is possible to increase the volume and length of the body by using the methods available to everyone, one of which is massage.

There are many interesting and effective techniques, so if you approach this problem correctly and practice it regularly, you can really achieve results.


Penis enlargement massage can be different because there is a huge variety of techniques. If you approach the choice correctly, you can enlarge the body by about 3 cm, which is quite a lot.

It should be noted that this is a long process and requires some responsibility, as massage to enlarge the penis must be done regularly and several times a day. The first results will be noticeable only a few months later, not earlier.

Important!If you stop doing the massage, then all the achieved results will disappear after a while. To maintain the achieved result you need to do massage constantly, especially since in reality it is not difficult.

With proper massage you can achieve penis enlargement from 0. 5 cm every month, sometimes even 1. 5 cm.


Proper preparation for massage is the key to its effectiveness and efficiency. Not only mental but also physical training is essential. First of all, it's worth breaking down all the restrictions and stereotypes. Set a goal and start moving towards it.

If we are talking about physical fitness, then it can be divided into the following stages:

  • Complete relaxation, calm and even breathing is the key to a great start;
  • undress, take a comfortable position;
  • Prepare body tissues - Perform light stroking movements on the penis and testicles, the movements should not be interesting, they should be soothing.

If the drug causes irritation, you should go through the following simple procedure - soak a soft towel in water at room temperature and apply it on the penis. Repeat the procedure several times. This will increase blood flow but will not cause agitation.

Properly performed massage will not only help to increase the size, but also to gain control over ejaculation, prolong the duration of sexual intercourse and increase sexual activity.

Basic Types and Techniques

If you are wondering how to enlarge your penis with massage, then there are lots of techniques, you just have to find the most suitable one. There are indeed many techniques - from simple to more complex. Of course, you have to start with the simplest and gradually master the more difficult ones.

Jelling technique

If you want to enlarge your penis, massage should be done regularly - this is one of the most important conditions for achieving positive results. The jelling technique is quite complex, a beginner should start with the simplest exercises.

You need to prepare before starting this technique. You can take a shower for a warm rest, make a compress with hot water. The conclusion is that the penis is well warmed.

Important!Warm-up procedures should be done directly on the penis, it is strictly forbidden to touch the scrotum!

jelqing technique to enlarge the penis

Jelqing can be dry or wet. The difference is that special gels or creams are used with wet equipment. First of all, you should do the exercises every two days, after a three-month regular massage, you can do special exercises every day.

The essence of the technique is mechanical action on the genitals. The penis grips at the foot with two fingers, the palm rotating along the trunk. Now it is necessary to stretch the penis from the bottom up, while not affecting the entire surface - it should not touch the head.

Avoid a full erection. If this happens, stop exercising for a few minutes. Exercise time - up to 10 minutes.

Use gel or lubricants for wet appliances. Perform stretching movements from right to left. Change your hands periodically. For starters you should not make more than 100 sets. You can use special creams to enlarge your penis to increase its effectiveness.

Tao Technology

How to do a massage to enlarge the penis using Tao technique? The technique is similar to jelling, but all movements are performed very slowly.

The movements of the jelking and tao techniques are reminiscent of milk, try to "draw" blood on the head with your fingers, while fixing, stop for a few seconds. According to reviews, this technique can increase the penis to 7 cm in half a year. Whether it is true or not - everyone decides for themselves, but it is quite possible to achieve certain results with regular exercise.

Uli Technology

How to do a massage to enlarge the penis using Uli technique? This technique works well to increase volume and length. Unlike other techniques, Uli is held on a 100% erect penis.

There are two types of massage:

  1. Double- The penis is held in two rings - at the base and at the head. Time for beginners - no more than 40 seconds, with experience, duration increases;
  2. Reverse- The position of the hands is the same as on a double street, the difference being that the upper ring extends to the base of the penis. For starters, up to 20 reps.

Keep an eye on the pressure used. Any movement should not cause discomfort.

Kegel technique

Penis enlargement with massage is an excellent technique that does not require additional financial costs. It only takes time and perseverance. Kegel technique is another excellent option to achieve the desired result.

The technique is based on pelvic floor muscle training. This is a complex technique that requires more detailed study. You must first learn how to determine the exact location of the pelvic floor muscles, as many men do not know where they are and train a completely different group of muscles.

Important!Muscle relaxation is needed, so the intensity of exercise with this technique should be moderate.

The first exercise involves tense the muscles, then relax them completely. Initially, up to 20 approaches are done, gradually increasing the number to 100. The second exercise is to tense the muscles and keep them in that position for a few minutes. This exercise can be done at any convenient time - several times a day.

The third exercise is to stretch the pelvic floor muscles, the effort should be gradually increased. After exercise, another exercise is done - by shaking the drops you need to weaken the muscles in the opposite direction, and the anus will expand.

Exercises should be performed in a non-erect state of the penis, although this is not so important.

Other technology

How to grow a penis with massage is interesting for many. Finding suitable equipment is not difficult as they are really many. There is no need to resort to surgery as you can achieve results with more conservative methods. Proper movement can enlarge the body of the genitals because it is actually a muscle. It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking any action.

The most common manual technique that has virtually no contraindications and whether it is correct or safe.

The main exercise of almost all techniques is to press the ring of the penis with one hand (or two fingers). The member should move up and down, then left and right. After such an exercise one can do another thing - fill the body with its own blood. To do this, gently hold the penis with your fingers slightly upside down and straighten it for a few seconds. The fixation time should be gradually increased.


There are practically no contraindications for massage. The only thing to note is that if the body has injuries, postpone the exercises until they heal.

Before exercising and choosing equipment, consult your doctor, as there may be individual contraindications.

Contraindications also include:

  1. pathology of the rectum;
  2. prostatitis;
  3. cystitis;
  4. MPS Infectious Diseases.

Security Technology

When massaging, hands should be clean and dry, nails smoothed to avoid injuries and scratches. The movements should be smooth, in any case strong pressure, prolonged grip of the body is excluded. Beginners should not exercise for too long and overdo the body. Remember that everything is fine in moderation and this also applies to this situation.

Do it right, and then the results will not wait for you - you will be pleasantly surprised and you can surprise your spouse.