How to increase the length of the penis

Ways to increase penis size

An above average member has a very beneficial impact on its owner. It adds confidence and purposefulness, normalizes mental health and has fewer problems in relationships with women.

Therefore, men who can not boast of penis length try to increase it.

Popular ways to enlarge your penis

is ​​a wide range of techniques that are likely to be effective penis enlargement. However, each person's body is individual and it is desirable to choose how to change the size according to their own preferences and feelings.

The most common ways to change the length of a phallus are:

  • A special massage that allows you to combine business with pleasure;
  • jelqing as a massage and one of the forms of self-satisfaction;
  • An herbal remedy based on increasing the length of herbs and plant infusions;
  • Vacuum pump and vent, differ in the method of their use, but together they give good results;
  • using an additional weighting agent;
  • Increase folk methods.


Massage is the easiest and cheapest way to increase penis length. Men only need hands and it is recommended to use lubricant to increase the level of pleasure from the procedure.

The principle of the

operation is to perform a series of steps:

  1. First, you need to cover the entire length of the trunk, except the head, with lubricant;
  2. Then bring the phallus into a semi-erect position;
  3. Then start slowly stretching the penis from the base to the head.

Massage should be performed daily for 15-25 minutes, up to 200 stretches.

Important!Massage should not be confused with masturbation. The purpose of this procedure is to lengthen the penis, while premature ejaculation greatly complicates the process. Therefore, the penis should be constantly in a semi-erect position, if it touches it, it is completely "erect", it is recommended to take a short break and continue the massage.

Jelling method

Jelking is the same massage with the addition of additional exercises. How is the process going? During the procedure you will need not only to stretch the length of the penis, but also to go to the side, with small twisting movements. The main task of jelling is to prepare the base of the phallus. Thanks to exercise, the blood supply to the penis improves and the tissues begin to develop and grow.

It is important not only to do translational movements, but also to hold the penis tightly under pressure to pull it out. Resistance should be felt along the entire length. This technique allows you to increase the length and width of the phallus.

Herbal medicine

How to enlarge the penis with herbal medicine

Also, when answering the question of how to increase penis length, we can not avoid herbal remedies or homemade decorations.

is ​​recognized as the best herbal medicine:

  • Ginseng. Red ginseng, its decorations and supplements in its composition, is good for improving blood flow and warming muscles, which is good for changing the length of the phallus.
  • Eating celery also has a beneficial effect on penis size and erection quality. The plant can be added to raw food and made into a tincture.
  • Men also praise parsley for solving "male" problems. However, the plant has a number of contraindications related to blood pressure and condition, so we recommend that you consult a doctor first.
  • Nettle. A very effective means of stabilizing blood circulation.

Important!Do not use freshly torn nettle, it contains a toxic element. It is also recommended to avoid using nettle-based creams to increase penis length, if you work incorrectly you can get severe burns.

Vacuum pump and dispenser

There are also special devices that increase the length of the penis. Among the highest mechanisms are such as the vacuum pump, the advantages of which are difficult to overestimate:

  1. usability and ease of use;
  2. Good results for fast magnification;
  3. Low price.

The only drawback is the risk of hematomas from prolonged or improper use.

Extender is a mechanism that constantly stretches the member. The device is attached to the penis, fixed to the sides, and the ring is positioned at a certain length that is constantly lifted from the penis with little resistance. The main disadvantage of the method is the formation of uneven ring swelling, which significantly affects the aesthetic appearance.

Load usage

Hanging weight to enlarge the penis

It is possible to increase the penis by providing weight. To do this, you need to fix it (often on the extender) on the male body and walk during the day. On average, a penis enlargement procedure takes 3 to 6 hours a day.

Important!The specialist must calculate the weight of the cargo! It is not recommended to increase the load on your own, even if the load seems light.

Usually, this weight does not interfere with the normal course of life. However, given the very active rhythm, it is recommended to use other safe methods that do not require constant use.


How do I increase the length and width? With the help of cosmetics. Creams and gels are mainly used to change the length of the penis. However, before use, be sure to take care of your genitals. It is necessary to completely get rid of the vegetation. This will also help to visually lengthen the barrel and may completely eliminate the need to use third party tools.

How it works

They contain warming agents that also help improve blood circulation and promote mild swelling. This causes a small increase in the penis. More often it is recommended to use these products directly before sexual intercourse. For a long-lasting effect it is necessary to apply the cream for a long time. The course lasts an average of three to twelve months. It is recommended to use the preparations together with gelking or massage. The combination of these techniques will allow you to achieve maximum effect in the shortest time. However, before using any cosmetic product, you should undergo a light test for an allergic reaction. ორHow do I do this? To do this, you need to apply a small product on the inside of the wrist and leave for half an hour. If there is no rash and itching, you can apply the cream as indicated.

Positive Properties

Such tools have a wide range of benefits:

  • safety of use;
  • low cost of
  • drugs;
  • is ​​easy to use;
  • does not take much time;
  • does not cause discomfort;
  • Combines 2-in-2 lubricants and magnifying gels for incredible fun.

Important!To reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to buy the drug only from reputable sellers or pharmacies. It is also necessary to pay attention to the presence of all protective films, both on the outer shell and on the inner.

Side effects

The main side effect is an allergic reaction, but the test can completely help you avoid such trouble. Also, with prolonged use of one treatment, addiction may occur and growth may stop in one place. How to eliminate this effect? It is recommended to change the cream analog every three months.

It is important to avoid contact with the scalp when using the cream. The cream can cause urethral blockage and if it starts, the process will be very painful. However, in general, if you strictly follow the instructions for use, the cream is harmless.

Other ways to enlarge your penis

There are other ways to increase penis length. One of the most popular but completely dangerous methods is surgical increase of penis length. The procedure involves implanting a small silicone ball into the base of the penis. However, this method has many contraindications and side effects. These include loss of phallus sensitivity and complete impotence. Implant removal also causes problems in men, so the strong half of humanity prefers to use safer and less expensive techniques.

Folk recipes

You can also find many recipes for traditional medicine based on natural ingredients on the internet.

There are various tools such as:

  1. nettle or ginseng ointment;
  2. Decoction as an improvement in blood circulation;
  3. herbal and root tincture;
  4. Trituration for frequent use.

In folk methods you can also often find the existence of various conspiracies and prayers to increase the length of the penis.

Contraindications and precautions

Any manipulation to enlarge the genitals should be coordinated with a urologist. Men are often reluctant to see a doctor with intimate problems, although according to statistics, specialists often deal not with the small size of the penis, but with the results of patients' unsuccessful experiences. Therefore, all procedures and medications must first be approved by a physician.