Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: benefits and harms, instructions for use

Penis enlargement pump

The most common male problem is a weak erection, followed by dissatisfaction with the size of the penis. Experts have developed an effective way to solve these two cases simultaneously - this is a vacuum pump. The device can be purchased at any branch of the pharmacy, in addition, there is no demand for it due to small responses due to small men.

Despite advertising, at the forefront of internet search is the question of whether the penis has been enlarged with a vacuum pump. Do you understand what a pump is and is it safe? How to use the pump to enlarge the penis, will be the result of what benefits and harms the device brings. We will discuss this later in this article.

What is a vacuum pump?

A vacuum pump is a medical device designed to restore penile function after surgery on the prostate gland. The main purpose of the device is to maintain the correct shape of the penis, as well as the discharge into the vascular bodies due to increased pressure.

What does

look like?

A vacuum pump is a transparent cylindrical flask that has an inlet but no outlet. Because of this structure, the device provides a vacuum effect that can be obtained due to the presence of a small hole to which a hose is attached to pump air out of the flask.

Thus, we can say that the pump is a simple penis pump in the form of a hand bulb or a special pistol pump with a pressure gauge, it all depends on the manufacturer, quality and price.HydrotumpThere are two types of vacuum pump classification:

  1. A device that has a special cylindrical container in which the pump is located and a place for the penis. A thin tube of air duct is also provided, which is needed to mitigate the effect of the vacuum. And thanks to the pressure gauge, you can control the pressure intensity.
  2. A hydraulic pump is a similar device that differs only in the principle of operation. The penis is not affected by air pressure, but by water. You can see what the hydraulic pump looks like in the photo:

Men are increasingly asking the question, which hydraulic pump or vacuum pump is better, which device to give preference to? Most doctors recommend the first option, acting on the penis with water, because the principle of its operation is safer and completely eliminates the risk of injury. In addition, the hydraulic pump can be used independently for erection at home.

How it works

A man puffs his penis with a pump

The effect of a vacuum stimulates a strong acceleration of blood circulation, tissue elasticity, local blood flow, as well as the supply of oxygen to a specific area. To understand what vacuum devices are, it is not difficult to understand what is the working principle of a vacuum pump for men.

  1. A person inserts a member into a cylindrical flask.
  2. The flask should be pressed as tightly as possible against the thigh to prevent air from escaping.
  3. In manual or pump mode, air is evacuated from the device, creating a negative pressure.

In medicine this pressure is used to normalize blood circulation and blood pressure. Initially, a large volume of blood begins to flow to the penis, this strains its cavernous bodies as much as possible, causing an artificial erection. A water or air pump can increase the flexibility and elasticity of penile tissue, improve blood circulation, and prevent further sexual dysfunction.

The original purpose of the device


vacuum pump was originally developed in medicine to allow men to have an erection. Over time, it has been found that an artificially created vacuum for the penis not only improves the quality of the erection, but also promotes penile growth. Most men today know what a penis pump is and how it works.

For reference!Initially, vacuum massage was widely used in medicine, and after proving its effectiveness, similar devices were invented. And only by using such a massager regularly and for a long time is it possible to stretch the tissues of the penis and supply the local blood, which actually determines the size of the penis and the degree of erection.

Side effects of male genital mutilation

With regular use of a vacuum pump for the penis, doctors generally come to the conclusion that the device causes a side effect - a small increase in the size of the penis. This happened for several reasons:

  • Accelerate blood circulation, increase blood flow to the blood vessels of the penis;
  • Active blood circulation against the background of negative pressure that damages tissues;
  • Receiving microtraumas that cause tissue swelling.

Thanks to such changes, the penis increases its diameter and length by 1-2 cm. This means that the vacuum pump not only provokes an artificial erection, but also enlarges the penis.

DIY pump

Can I do this myself?

If a man for some reason can not buy the device at the pharmacy, a homemade alternative is possible. To assemble a vacuum pump with your hands to enlarge your penis, you need to use several available tools:

  • Slightly larger than a plastic cylinder from the penis (this could be a plastic bottle for baby food);
  • A rubber bottom suction cup with a hole for the cylinder, a kind of seal to secure the member;
  • thin tube for air pump (from medical tube dropper);
  • In the
  • piston, similar to the original given in the pressure gauge original, it is attached to a tube to pump air (from a syringe or syringe bulb for girls).

You can then assemble the components into one device as follows:

  • A small hole is dug in the center of the cap in a plastic bottle to place an erect penis.
  • The other end of the bottle should have a pipe inlet.
  • The pipe is placed in this hole, it is processed by sealing.
  • The
  • five-cube syringe is attached to the end of the tube, tightening the connection to the seal or clamp.

This completes the setup of the pump at home, it is important to use the device only correctly so as not to provoke damage to the genitals.

Penis enlargement

Is there a medical indication for the use of a vacuum pump in connection with penis enlargement?

Any device of this nature in the pharmacy must be instructed. It contains the following instructions for operating the vacuum pump:

  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • reduced potential;
  • low libido and degree of excitability;
  • dissatisfaction with penis size;
  • Low degree of firmness at the base of the penis.

Accordingly, modern medicine favors the use of pumps to enlarge the penis. But one has to learn to use the device properly as well as use it for a long time, since the technique provides a cumulative effect.


Not all men have the right to know what effect a vacuum pump has on action. The device and its operation have contraindications:

  • vascular and cardiovascular diseases;
  • atherosclerosis or thrombosis;
  • Inflammatory or infectious diseases;
  • small pelvic varicose veins;
  • neoplasms of various genesis;
  • urological pathologies;
  • Children and adults;
  • Genital trauma;
  • skin diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • mental illness.

It is forbidden to use the pump if exercising with it causes discomfort and pain to the man. Age restrictions - 18-65 years.

What are the benefits of using a vacuum pump?

You can find out if a vacuum pump helps to enhance an erection and increase the size of your penis if you try the technique using your own example. Medicine only notes that two options for the development of events are possible - to obtain a temporary effect or a permanent result.

By what processes is a temporary effect achieved?

If you use the device only periodically and not constantly, you may get a temporary effect. It is driven by several mechanisms:

  1. If you pump your penis for a long time, the elastin fibers of the body will be stretched inside the bulb under the influence of negative pressure. Thanks to such changes, cavernous bodies will be able to retain much more blood at the onset of an erection, which increases the lining of the penis. The effect will diminish after a couple of hours, according to the normal length of elastin fibers, and the size of the penis will return to its original size.
  2. Due to the effects of negative pressure, not only blood flows from the penis, but also the lymph that accumulates under the skin along with the almond skin. After completing the pump, you can observe the “donut” effect, which subsides within a few hours of exercise.

What do you need to do to get a lasting effect?

If a man decides to take the permanent effect of a pump, it is worth combining the use of a pump with manual equipment. This will allow you to stretch the elastin fibers of the penis even more, and then pump the cavernous bodies as much as possible with blood. Such manipulations need to be performed regularly for a long time to get a cumulative effect.

The best exercise guide is jelly massage, which aims to gradually stretch body tissues with your own hands. These exercises, together with the pump, enhance each other’s efficiency.

Basic techniques for using

A review of best penis pump practices will help men find the best options for them. The best results to date are shown by two methods - classic pumping and packaging.

Man with pumps

Classic method

The classic pump is the use of a wide pumping flask where optimal vacuum power is provided, allowing the penis to be fully inflated to the width. Thanks to this method, a man can increase not only the length of the penis, but also the diameter in which the cavernous bodies are filled to the maximum with blood.


In this case a narrow flask is used for the phallus pump. Under the influence of negative pressure, the penis will not be able to stretch its width, which means that it will increase its length as much as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to apply this method of using a vacuum to those who are not satisfied only with the length of the body, but not with its diameter.

Safety Rules When Using a Vacuum Pump

If you use the device to enhance an erection and enlarge the phallus illiterate and unreasonable, by ignoring the instructions, a man can damage his body and damage his sexual health. Therefore, manufacturers apply pump safety rules to the following items:

  • If you feel pain or discomfort during pumping, stop immediately and determine the cause of the pain. If these are injuries, the procedure can be repeated only after the body has fully healed.
  • No need for a very hasty and sharp vacuum impact on the penis. You can increase the pressure gradually day by day, also at a slow pace you have to make pressure drops with the help of a special pump, otherwise the tissues will not stretch, but simply destroy.
  • The pumping approach should not exceed 40 minutes, with a minimum load of one hour per day. And then, this time we have to approach it gradually and not from the first day. When blood flow stops, cells can die.
  • It is not necessary to apply the procedures very often, as such activities only hinder the growth of the phallus. You have to set the teaching schedule yourself and strictly follow it.

Under no circumstances should the testicles enter the flask during vacuum and negative pressure. Therefore, it is important for men to correctly select the optimal width of the pump.

Advantages of using the


Evaluate the suitability of the pump according to the yield indicators of these procedures. Proper use of a vacuum pump promises:

  • Provide strong and long-lasting erections after injuries;
  • increased potential;
  • prolonging orgasm and hypersensitivity of the body;
  • increase in diameter and length of phallus by 1-3 cm;
  • Reduce the risk of developing cavernous fibrosis;
  • prevention of genital diseases;
  • Improve the shape of the phallus and reduce the existing curve.

The device should be used for at least 2 to 4 weeks to achieve these results.

Feedback from those who helped

Friends gave me this toy with humor. At first I evaluated its effectiveness until I saw a program on the subject on TV. After that, I used the device for about a month, at the end of the session I was sure that the penis was 1. 5 cm wider in diameter and the quality of sex life changed for the better.

I use the pump very carefully so as not to damage the skin and blood vessels. Thanks to such actions, I am able to strengthen the erection and it prolongs sexual intercourse. I decided to use a pump to combat premature ejaculation.

I enjoy procedures when I see my friend literally grow up in front of us. For 3 months of regular exercise I can boast a length of 1 cm and a diameter of 1. 5 cm.


In addition to the contraindications and certain risks, there are drawbacks to the pump. This includes the following disadvantages:

  • small vessel ruptures, resulting in subcutaneous bruising;
  • Disorder of phallus sensitivity due to overuse of the pump;
  • numbness and dryness of the skin;
  • Risks of getting pain;
  • Possible reduction in ejaculation force due to improper use of the device;
  • Risks of reduced erection quality due to improper use.

Testimonies from those who caused the damage

I made mistakes while using the pump, which caused the blood vessels to rupture and cause painful sensations. Since the body is already very sensitive, with excessive negative pressure, I had very unpleasant sensations.

I have been using the pump for a month and a half and I notice that I can not achieve such a strong erection without it now. Feeling as if the body is just getting used to the device. In my case the erection only got worse.

I did not like the device because any impact of the vacuum is accompanied by pain and the feeling as if the skin is falling apart. Either it is not for me, or I am using the pump incorrectly, but I had to give it up.


The maximum effect of using a vacuum pump can be achieved only by choosing the right type and size of device. It must be used in strict accordance with the instructions, without abusing the working principle. The pump has instructions and contraindications that are provided in advance. Achieving phallus gain and improving erection quality can only be achieved with regular and correct use of the pump.