Penis enlargement surgeries

Penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is performed in extreme cases in the presence of significant physiological defects.

Most patients who go to a surgeon with a request for penis enlargement are guided by purely psychological motives. Realizing this fact, the surgeon will first discuss the appropriateness of penis enlargement and recommend videos of surgery to the man. After seeing it many people refuse the procedure.

Is surgery necessary?

Before you wonder what penis enlargement surgery costs, talk to your friend. You will be surprised to hear his thoughts on which penis size is normal and which is not.

Often men appreciate women’s interest in giant cocks. Girls do not value size more, but their partner’s attention during an intimate relationship and the ability to find the hottest areas of a woman’s body.

Those of the fair sex who are willing to consider only men with large penises as full-fledged partners often experience psychological problems themselves.

An above-average member sometimes turns out to be not an advantage but a disadvantage in true sexual intimacy - many positions become inaccessible, movements must be restricted so that the partner is not harmed.

There are situations when penis enlargement surgeries are medically necessary: ​​

  • Genetic deformation of the urethra;
  • Abnormal structure of the penis;
  • The penis is very curved;
  • Overly dense cavernous bodies that complicate erections;
  • hide the penis under the fat mass;
  • Micropenis or penis hidden inside the body;
  • The network between the testicles and the penis.

If the doctor and patient have considered and decided that surgery is still necessary, blood and urine tests should be done. Doctors will also examine the blood for infections and viruses to see if a man can withstand heart surgery.


A plastic surgeon may refuse to perform surgery for the following reasons:

  • Minor age;
  • When a member is standing, it reaches an average length;
  • The patient is psychologically inadequate;
  • There is cancer;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Inflammation of the urinary and genital tracts;
  • STDs and HIV infection;
  • Dermatological defects of the penis;
  • Hematological diseases.

Surgery is not allowed if the patient suffers from any chronic illness.

Types of operations

There are several techniques that can be used to increase a man's dignity in length and width. How much can you maximize your penis? Usually - from 2 to 4 centimeters.

Types of penis enlargement surgeries

When deciding on surgery, ask yourself: Is it safe to have a penis enlargement surgically?

You need to prepare for surgery. In the evening before surgery, you should clean the intestines with an enema. After that, it is not recommended to take food and water.

After surgery, you should refrain from sexual intercourse for some time, exclude stress, vigorous sports and martial arts.

It is also worth refraining from visiting baths and saunas, smoking and drinking reduction.


The most popular and simple ligamentotomy surgery does not require an hour. With this technique, you can increase the dignity of men only in length. As a result of successful surgery, the penis will grow by an average of 3 centimeters.

An anesthetic is injected into the spine, leaving the patient awake. The surgeon carefully cuts the yokes that hold the inside of the penis under the skin and fat. When the fixation disappears, humanity rises from the outside.

The operation is painless, you can return home in a few days. For the first few days men should use painkillers. Avoid intimate contact for two weeks.

A small scar remains in the groin area after this operation, but it is not very visible.


Lipofilling will help increase the width of the penis. A thick substance of organic or synthetic origin is injected into the subcutaneous space of male dignity. To prevent rejection and the body to easily absorb the substance, the patient's fat masses are used.

It first pumps, opens with specific medications, then pumps into the subcutaneous area of ​​the penis. Fat cells will become part of the penis if everything happens without difficulty.

The downside of

is ​​that sooner or later fat cells will start to disappear. We will have to repeat the operation, probably in six months. Expansion artificial substances dissolve more slowly, but the risk of complications is much higher.

As a result, the member expands by one or two centimeters. A man can safely leave the clinic in two days. Within a month of lipophilicity, sexual intercourse should be ruled out.

Internal skin grafting

The most modern technique of internal skin grafting increases the width of the penis. The operation will require the participation of a very experienced plastic surgeon. Such surgical intervention requires general anesthesia and the whole process takes at least 180 minutes.

The skin at the base of the penis is cut off and collapses like an apron. Pieces of the patient's skin, from the groin or abdomen, are wrapped around the naked male cavernous bodies, then the niscart is reattached and sutures are made.

After internal skin grafting, 2-3 cm is added to the diameter of the penis.

The rehabilitation period is long, about six weeks. The operation is traumatic, it will take a few days to stay in bed, you can leave the hospital in at least a week. The painful sensations last for at least 15 days.

Phallus prosthesis

Prosthetics are performed to change sex, or because of a real medical need (for example, when a man is unable to have sex due to an injury).

Cartilage fabric or synthetic elastic materials are used as the prosthetic material. The operation is very difficult and traumatic for the specialist. It is quite difficult to find the clinic where it is held.

The best penis prosthesis techniques are implantable mechanisms that can be inflated.

With the help of such a device you can manage an erection and meet your loved one. Inflatable implants are the most expensive.

Possible Consequences

Surgical methods for penis enlargement

Most methods of surgical penis enlargement are elementary surgeries. However, the end result may not be satisfactory to the patient, and sometimes the side effects outweigh the benefits of the procedure.

Possible negative consequences include:

  • Infections.During surgery, the infection rarely enters the wound, the other thing is that the immunity of the damaged tissues is significantly reduced. As a result, the penis may become inflamed during the rehabilitation period;
  • Reject fabric.Although pieces of skin and fat masses for lipophilic and transplantation are taken from the human body, the body may still not receive them. Inflammation then develops, the most dangerous complication of which would be the death of necrotic tissue;
  • Irregular distribution of a filler after lipophilic
  • .Fat cells are unequally distributed on the dignity of men. As a result, large bumps of subcutaneous fat are observed on the skin;
  • Reduce the angle of the excited body.When a yogi digs, he no longer looks at the member during an erection. Most often, after a ligamentotomy, the excited limb is directed downward. In this regard, the relationship often becomes less comfortable;
  • Short Yoga.Not all men have a large part of their penis hidden in their body. Sometimes the ligamentous joint, which is cut ligamentotomy, is very short. As a result, after this technique the term practically does not increase in length;
  • The penis appears longer only when there is no erection.After cutting the backbone of a man's body, it may turn out that the effort failed to change the size of the penis in the erect position.