How To Grow A Dick Quickly: A method of rapidly increasing sex per hour or day of sex

Methods of penis enlargement

Some men are convinced that it is impossible for an enlarged penis to stand on its own, in a relaxed position, but this is a serious delusion.

It is important not to damage the body when trying to enlarge the penis quickly.

Here are a few things to know if you are looking for a way to enlarge your penis:

  • Do not do anything that causes minor pain.
  • Do everything in moderation. If you rub the penis, the spots / red will be covered, it will not be better.
  • In a short period of time, the penis can become sensitive.

These are three simple points to consider. Since almost every man thinks about how to enlarge his penis, it is worth understanding the most effective ways.

The essence of the fast penis enlargement method in an hour or a day of sex

I'm moving on to the case now. Indeed, in a short time, it is possible to enlarge the penis at home without the help of specialists, you can make a small swelling. The swelling usually affects the skin and the slightly cavernous body of the penis itself. You should understand that in the case of a light injury, the body can grow, but not for more than twenty hours.

If there is an urgent need for penis enlargement, then with the help of the cream it is necessary to protect the skin from the active drops, after which it is already possible to affect the body in any way: milking, gelking, using a vacuum extender.

Ideal is a combination of all methods at once. Depending on their skills, the massage can take from half an hour to an hour, the body loses sensitivity and a small degree of numbness is achieved.

Constant blood circulation is the result of tissue overload, causing minor damage. A body in such a state has no options other than increasing the available volume of penile fluid. Even at rest, the penis will become significantly thicker. During an erection all the cavernous bodies that are more stretched will already receive much more blood.

Do not forget about the timing of the effect, but it is really bad if the member looks firmer for two hours than before. This is the first impression that will remain in the memory forever.

How to enlarge your penis in 5 minutes with devices and folk remedies

There is a unique technique of jelling that became famous thanks to the Arabs. Used properly, it can enhance your penis. Every man wants to learn to give maximum pleasure - penis enlargement is sometimes the only option.

Sex plays a huge role in people's lives. Here, in addition to enjoying pleasure, reducing the risk of developing heart disease, it plays a role in relieving stress quickly, showing extra confidence in one’s own abilities.

If a man is nervous about the size of his body - you can not leave everything as it is - it can be the result of the development of many pathologies, including mental instability.

How jelqing works

Since it is quite possible to enlarge the penis in 5 minutes, it is first necessary to understand how the penis increases in size during a normal erection. During arousal, blood flows directly into the genital organ, which contains all the clouded bodies, empty vessels.

Blood fills the penis as much as possible and the size gets bigger. Different muscles begin to contract at the base of the penis, preventing blood from flowing in the opposite direction. Thanks to an exercise called jelqing, you can dramatically increase blood circulation and quickly stretch your muscles. After that, small cracks appear in the body, filling it with blood and increasing the size of the penis. If you repeat the exercises regularly, you can achieve penis growth not only in width but also in length.

In fact, this technique is one of the types of massage that is most effective and affordable for everyone due to the absence of any expense. You just need to be patient and also be sure to follow all the instructions in the instructions.

Do not expect results to appear immediately. In order to increase your penis by at least one centimeter, you may have to work for at least three months.

To achieve positive results, it is important to follow a few guidelines:

  • Before you start using the technique, it is important to study all its nuances.
  • You should not skip the instructions while performing the prescribed exercises.
  • To achieve the desired effect quickly, it is forbidden to break lessons.
  • It is important to choose the most suitable method for yourself, ie with or without lubrication.


How to do a massage to enlarge the penis

If you do not know how to enlarge your penis in 5 minutes, then massage is a kind of gymnastics with binding force.

should work like this:

  • Raise your penis.
  • Perform actions that will simulate masturbation.
  • Before the moment of excitement it is necessary to loosen the penis with a tight ring, closed fingers on the head.
  • Please note that compression should never be too strong. Otherwise, bruises may appear on the skin.
  • Fix this position for 5-10 minutes.

Thanks to such simple actions, you will be able to maintain the maximum level of pressure inside the penis, which will be the result of stretching and filling the cave bodies with blood.

Gel, spray, ointment and cream

There are many different sprays and ointments for penis enlargement. Before making a choice in favor of a particular drug, you need to decide what effect you are going to achieve.

If you want to reach penis size as soon as possible, you need to buy a cream that is designed mainly for a short time. Thanks to this, you can enlarge your penis before having sex, but the effect will last for two hours.

There are various ointments that last a long time. They should be used regularly for 2-3 weeks. This option is suitable for anyone who dreams of a stable change in penis size.

There are additional gels, sprays, but they have a weak effect. It is recommended to use them only in the form of drops, tablets with drugs.

Here the person decides for himself what result he wants to see. It should be understood that attention should be paid not only to the duration of the effect, but also to the ingredients that are part of the cream, spray.

Folk remedies

Today, there are many folk remedies that allow you to increase your penis size without the use of medication.

Pour 1 tbsp. K. Lung plant raw lung wort, pre-dried, with a glass of boiling water. After injecting the solution, you need to use 15 ml three times a day.

If you decide to enlarge your penis using this medicinal plant, you should understand that this method has many different advantages:

  • The use of folk remedies can not cause any side effects;
  • You can buy plant material in the nearest pharmacy without any problems;
  • The results of the treatment will appear slowly, but will last a long time.
Lake cream for penis enlargement

It is important to understand that if you decide to enlarge your penis with herbs, you will definitely need to demonstrate not only patience but also diligence, but only in this way you will be able to achieve a truly optimal result.

Despite the huge benefits of using folk remedies, there are several disadvantages, namely:

  • In case of individual intolerance it is forbidden to take herbal medicines;
  • For some boys it is impossible to wait and in any case a positive effect will be possible only after two months.

Leech Cream

Every year more and more men use homemade najin cream to enlarge their penis.

To prepare this medicine you need to collect and dry as many blood purifying worms as possible from any tap water. If this is not possible, do not be upset, as you can buy them freely at almost any pharmacy. The price is reasonable, so you need to make sure it is really worth it.

About 100 grams of dried worms should be ground into a powder and then filled with melted lamb fat (200 ml). The resulting mass, after mixing, is rubbed into the skin of the genitals every night before bedtime.

Finally, it should be noted that medicine knows many different ways to enlarge the penis. Each person, at his own discretion, according to his desires and abilities, can choose exactly what is most suitable for him. It is only important not to forget that any method will be much more effective if the procedures or exercises are repeated without delay. Only then will it be possible to achieve a truly desirable result.