Can I really increase penis: ways

Maybe not in the Land of men-young, I never thought about the size of the value. I am though of medium size, may increase etc. All these questions to myself almost every man. And in this article we will answer these and other questions.

how to enlarge penis

The size of dignity plays a huge role for the male, the size is important not so much for sex as for his personal ego and self-confidence, I say to you, as the man who managed to raise the hollow member.

The average size of a penis

It is worth noting immediately that the average dimensions are barely distinguishable from race and region of residence, unlike the common mistake. Yes-yes, blacks have the same average size as white men.

Thus, the average size of penis in erection:

  • Length — 15 cm ± 1 cm.
  • Circumference — 12 cm ± 1 cm.

It is also worth to say that it is very dependent on the number, and it's not worth so much in navigation. Thus, according to various studies, the average dimensions vary greatly.

Up to what age grows the penis?

State develops from birth and until the completion of puberty. The most rapid increase is observed with the onset of puberty. For this reason, it is impossible to name a clear frame — up to 17, 18, and 23 years of age. So, the young men who begin to mature earlier, the height of state also never stops. The same applies to the contrary, if the teenager starts "late", and the state will increase by more.

It is recommended it is not recommended to participate in the growth of the penis in those who development of a state is not stopped. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

And yet, he has the size matter?

I have to be honest with you, and you will need to recognize that size does matter. Larger size functional in bed, and flattering the vanity of its owner. However, the importance of the size quite excessive these days, and has to do primarily with the development of porn. People are used to seeing huge states into porn, and have forgotten, as they seem organs of normal size.

But in this we will return to in future articles. And now we come to the main topic of the article.

The growth of the penis, Myth or Reality?

The answer is YES! To enlarge your penis really is. But immediately it should be noted that this requires a serious approach to the subject. Need to understand the aspects of growth. And to start the lesson, rolling up the sleeves. The growth of the penis — a difficult activity, you will need a great deal of effort, perseverance and hard work. But most importantly, you must arm yourself with patience! Because the growth of the penis, such as the marathon, but not sprint.

You have made the decision to increase a member, to what it has become? So, if you are ready, then I will continue.

P. S. You may ask: Isn't it dangerous? This account has a good saying — "a fool can break the penis". With skillful approach, and the gradual increase of the load, the increase of the penis — it is absolutely safe lesson!

Penis enlargement method

I'm sure many of you have heard of different kind of creams and pills for penis enlargement. I imagine that I would not be surprised if I tell you that it's a scam, history, etc. If cream and can serve as an auxiliary method of growth, but about it in following articles.

In fact, there are 2 penis enlargement methods:

  1. The surgery.
  2. Non-automatic increase.

A few words about the surgical method. I have to say, we reject this method, on important reasons, such as:

  • High risk of a failed surgery.
  • A small increase in the size.
  • This requires a great financial cost.

Now, let's go to the second, the growth of the penis. That penis. This, in turn, is divided into 2 sections:

  1. Manual method.
  2. The method with the use of devices.
cream for enlarge

Both of these methods give good results, with the right approach. In this article I will examine in detail these methods, it is the goal of future articles.

How does the increase of and for the account of what?

To understand how the process of penis enlargement, you need to understand how it works in the same state. However, it is not slowly to examine the structure and anatomical features state, not at all. Everything you need to know show the picture below:

In the image represented by the trunk of the penis in section. We are interested in two key details and that:

  1. Tunic penis. In the picture, it covers the trunk of the penis. The upper layer of the skin, however we are not interested in. Immediately under the skin is shell (tunic). Will be displayed as a thick layer along the length of the thread. What is this? This is exactly what depends on how you managed to increase your penis. Below will tell you more about it.
  2. Caveman. This is the kind of tanks. The shaft of the penis, there is a steam cave, and between them a partition. In the picture on the right shows a vacuum cavity and left full. Of course, in reality the cavity is not empty and the image seems to be more understanding. During erection, the caverns, filled with blood, in fact this is the beginning, which results in the erection.

Now, though, the epilogue. What we have examine tunic and caveman? Cite a simple example. Examine the car's wheel. It consists of cameras and tires. Thus, tunic of the penis performs the role of the bus! And here caveman — this is the kind of camera on the penis! And to increase a member, you must first stretch the "bus" — the tunica of the penis, and then upload the "camera" — cave.

Above I wrote that just from the shirts depends on how much you managed to increase your penis. The point is that the shell is a variant of connective tissue, no. of the cell, the tunic is made of large molecules of protein. And it is for this reason that it applies the load, we can't make the cells shirts share, for the simple reason that it doesn't exist! And the only way to increase the tunica — just to stretch the deformation, increasing intermolecular distance.

In some men, tunic has a 1 or 2 layer, and the structure is not so hard. On the contrary, in other, tunic has 3 layers, and sometimes more, in combination with the rigid structure. If you're "lucky" owner of the tunic in the second category, to enlarge your penis it will be more difficult, however, in each case with the right approach and patience, you are sure to get the bonus! To determine how much you have a hard tunic is only possible during the process of permanent activities for the growth of the penis.

And ending the speech for a tunic, it is worth emphasising that the work on the stretch of the shell (tunic) is the base of the penis.

A few words about the increase of the cave. If the official medicine states that of the caves, it is possible to increase, from my own experience I'll tell you the stretch robe, "pump" of the caves, is not so difficult, so most of the caves consist of cells! The penis is not a muscle, i.e. the muscle, but in small quantity, and if it is smooth muscle, i.e., the restriction and thus to raise the how the other muscles of the body is not possible. And this is why the word "pump", can I use it as a metaphor.

The increase is also possible, for account...

There are still some things for which becomes a penis. So, in order:

  1. Garter penis. A member attached to the body of strings, which, in turn, attached to the pubic bone. When you zoom in, it is so stretched, that it gives us more millimeters in length.
  2. Hidden part of the penis. To many it is known that part of the penis is hidden in the body, the perineum. The inner part of the penis can pull, not completely of course, but to contribute to the increase of length will be played.
  3. Sponge-like body. On the underside of the penis, the entire length of the barrel becomes sponge-like body. It is also served to increase, this will give us a small increase in the region.
  4. The head of the penis. Like all previous, the actual magnification, which will allow a little more to increase the length of the.

How can increase the penis and the options that are offered for the increase?

In the beginning, I must reiterate that it is the structure of shirts depends on how much you managed to increase a member.

Increasing amenable as the length and the perimeter. A little bit about how to count state, so that you can know how much you really increase it.

The correct measurement of the penis

The length of the. The length of the measuring ruler (not the soft counter). The state is in a position 100% of the erection is parallel to the floor, over apply a ruler to the base, it pushes in loboc, to stand right not bulging basin. We note the mark in the lineup, which coincides with the end glans of the penis.

The perimeter. Right precisely measure the circumference, not the diameter of the penis. To do this, around the state, in place of 100% soft wrapped measure (or the strip of paper with markers) in the middle of the trunk of the penis. Remember the name.

The following article will tell you more about the measurements, because we need to record various parameters, necessary for the growth.

massage for enlarge

- And in the end the answer to the question, how can increase the penis?

My year of lessons was able to increase the length of 3 cm and width 1.5 cm Some men have a more substantial increase during the year, some less. Unequivocal answer to this question does not exist.

In this first article on our website dedicated to the growth of the penis over.