How to increase male sexual member

For each man, starting from the adolescent age, the sexual organ is the innermost part of the body. Stop to the penis always the most severe, and each of the comical phrase in the address masculinity perceived as a serious insult. Therefore, the question about the size of the penis is especially important for the representatives of the strong sex, given that it is rare for a man wouldn't want to make it bigger. There is a huge variety of methods, how to enlarge penis, however, is not all effective, and some bear a risk for the health of men.

Exercises to increase penis

One of the most popular ways to mention exercises for the growth of the penis. Such exercises, there is a great variety, and each person can choose the most appropriate for yourself, the difficulty and duration of technical execution. Special exercises to increase the penis refer to techniques, how to enlarge penis at home, that makes such a choice is very convenient for both men.

Before proceeding with the execution of exercises, the need for special preparation:

  • Select a place where no one will disturb or distract you. The penis enlargement exercises require concentration?
  • Dip a soft cloth in warm water, wring out and cover the state for three minutes?
  • For best results, repeat the process 2 to 3 times.

Exercises to increase penis designed to cut and increase the erection. The tensile techniques are performed in a relaxed and an erection of the penis. Each person can choose the appropriate for this methodology on the internet or in special literature. The key to the success of this method – regularity. By cons can be attributed during this fashion penis and the need for regularly to find free time to carry it out.


As a method, how to increase the penis is the massage. The result is due to improvement of microcirculation of blood in the tissues of the manhood:

  • Massage, like exercise, it refers to techniques, how to enlarge penis at home, which means that it's available to everyone?
  • We will not need additional κου'φώματα;
  • If you follow the instructions, how to increase the state massage, then the risk of occurrence of adverse reactions;
  • Apart from the elongation of the penis in men increases the sexual stamina, improves potency;
  • Choice of methods allows you to choose the most effective for every man?
  • For better result, you can combine the massage and cream to enlarge the penis?

The main drawback of this method is great for spending time for the execution.

Creams and ointments

A very popular way to increase the size of his manhood has recently become a cream for penis enlargement. A wide range of media provides a choice for every taste and wallet. Growth of the penis occurs due to the effects of the active ingredients of the cream to the tissue. On the mechanism of action are divided:

  1. Cream for penis enlargement short-acting. The effect lasts for several hours. Best be applied shortly before sexual intercourse. The best choice, how quickly to increase a member?
  2. Cream long-acting. Effect is observed after some time, after regular use. The producers promise a long-term increase in the length and volume of penis?
  3. Auxiliary tool for penis enlargement. Is the cream used in combination with exercises, massage or other ways of penis enlargement. Independent application of this cream is ineffective?

Before the application of any cream or ointment for penis enlargement be sure to read the instructions. Itching or redness of the skin of the penis may be a manifestation of allergy. In this case, it is better to refrain from the use of this tool. The main drawback of this method, how to increase the size of the penis, is the high cost. High quality cream or ointment in the sex shops is expensive, and the application of cheap products not only ineffective, but dangerous for the health.


The growth of the penis by the help of vacuum pump is quite widespread today. This device is also used for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. Water pump vacuum penis is a oval shaped plastic cylinder with a pump to supply air. Growth of the penis is done as follows:

  • First to the genitals, apply auxiliary cream?
  • Member is placed in the cylinder and the air pump with the help of a pump. The pressure can be controlled with a built-in gauge pressure?
  • Under the pressure of the air expanded cavity corpus cavernosum, and creates an extra flow of blood, therefore, increases the length and volume of penis?

The disadvantage of this methodology penis is of short duration. The procedure should be carried out immediately before sexual intercourse.

Use extender

Another instrument for the increase of the penis is the use of solvents. The mechanism of impact lies in the resistance of the tissues to a specific weight. The weight can range from 400 to 1100 grams. The increase in the volume and length appears as a compensatory reaction of the organism to exposure weight. Penis extenders pertaining to long term methods, the effect lasts for a long time. With the help of these κου'φωμάτων you can also eliminate curvature of the penis. However, in order to achieve a positive result, you must use the extender regularly and long enough. With the configuration of the devices is:

  • Extensions with a belt?
  • Solvent loop type?
  • Multi-purpose solvent paint?

Incorrect application extender penis may result in injury to foreskin.

The function

The most effective way for how to actually increase state direct intervention. Not every person can overcome their fear of doctors, however, the decision for surgery for increasing the penis can get a good result. All the surgeries are divided into three groups:

  • Surgery to increase the length of penis?
  • Surgery to increase the tumor?

The surgery to increase the length of the penis is made to fit the links of the device of the penis. When you do this, the surgeon uses a Y-shaped or vertical incision. In this way, the penis men can add about 4 cm. After the operation state during the erection will last more than the horizontal position. Also after surgery you may need to wear the extender.

The increase of the thickness of the penis surgery is a widely applied method. Adipose tissue of the patient (usually the femoral region) subcutaneous injection in the penis. Also used allotransplantata. The choice of methodology in most cases depends on the financial capabilities of men, as well as the presence or absence of medical contraindications.

For greater transparency, you can see the video of the surgery for increasing the penis online.

Before applying any of the methods of penis enlargement, make sure that it really is effective and is not dangerous for your health.

Standard sizes

standard sizes penis
  • Inactive the penis equal to 5-10 cm, standing from 14 to 16. Circumference or diameter of about 3-4 cm.
  • The prices are optimal, because they match the depth and volume of the gulf.
  • If the value of the dignity of ranges to these limits, the problem is likely a long shot, is psychological, not physiological nature.
  • Deviation from the rule, consider that the length of the penis at least eight inches in erection in an adult. Normal dimensions of the penis or not, it depends on the aesthetic preferences, the demands of the sexual partner.
  • The size of the penis does not affect the degree of satisfaction of women during intimacy. The view that only large dimensions can meet a legend.

The truth and the mythology

  1. Basic misunderstanding – in which the value of the reproductive principle affects "barbarism". It is also wrong to claim that, having large dimensions, the person automatically becomes a brilliant lover. Discretion, attention, and skill – these are the main features macho.
  2. The dependence of the size of the phallus of the ears, feet and nose don't you have to consider. Such theories do not withstand any criticism. These parts of the body that are formed under the influence of various factors, therefore, a mutual interaction is excluded.
  3. Large weight does not affect the size, that's a myth. Just underneath a layer of fat on the lower part of the abdomen visually lost inches. Pounds act against the very possibility of the sexual act – appearance desire, erection, and that is the problem where important.

In the spabest to generate length affects less than one. Proof of the overpopulation of China.

  • What really affects dimensions: heredity, race, the harmonious development in adolescence.
  • The concept of a rule – very broad: what is the rule for the chinese or a sonata, for the african male – pathology and vice versa.


It is a continuous process, the result is here – add a number of factors:

  1. The measurement shall perpendicular state.
  2. Measuring tape nestles at the root of the trunk in the back until the upper point of the head.
  3. The three length facets, the average is being displayed.
  4. Thickness is measured in three parts: the root, in the middle, not of the cervix.
  5. Similarly, the length calculated in the average.
  6. Measurement is made three times: morning/ afternoon/ evening. The size of the penis a variety. Depends on the temperature of the body and the environment, the degree of stimulation, psychological status, and even a lot of.

If the solution finally, you are determined to increase a member in the house, to proceed to the examination of methods of additions to volume of the instrument.

the growth of the penis

Their are multiple:

  • jelqing;
  • of Kegel;
  • the surgery increase?
  • effect massage?
  • the post cargo?
  • taking medicines?
  • dilution;
  • water pump void?
  • gel, spray, ointment, cream?
  • the nozzle.

The result will bring a comprehensive report with multiple methods. You don't have to wait for a penis immediately. Here the main thing-perseverance, regularity, then the effort will bear fruit.

How to increase the member's home?

The growth of the penis at home a lot of men perceive cautious. Not all the ways to work so, as promised in the advertising. The main task – to choose the method that will not be a waste of time and money.

The Kegel

These exercises are useful for the whole of the lower pelvis: prevents male pathology, improve sexual life, enhance and slightly increase state. Trains pubic-coccygeal muscle (LMB).

How to find: during urination, try to stop the launch, you will feel the tension at the bottom. Remember, what muscles are tense it is the LMB.

How to make:

  • strain on the muscle during the day and 20 times for three seconds, then relax. Gradually increase up to 50 times.
  • when you will learn to catch LMB separately from the other muscles, extend the time of compression up to 10 seconds, with accommodation in 4 seconds. To begin with 20 times a day, to bring it up to 50-70.

Check the status of the LMB: stir sergiovanni state, or make him bounce. When you will be able to do that without a strong trend, it means that you are enough trained muscle.

Maintain this situation, not throw exercises. For the conservation of bluefin tuna hang in a vertical phallus towel and hold for a while.


jelqing penis

Technique of Jelqing due to the complex massage movements called "milking". Manual effects jelqing tested, gives quite good results. Phallus doesn't have to be in a completely erection. The erection is not more than 60-75% of full power.

Exercise 1

  • Before the direct "milking" the cavernous body warming up required. This will increase the elasticity. The easiest way: heat the salt, or cereal in a pan, pour in a bag (can be a sock), to pay in dignity, from all sides of the planet.
  • Then, to achieve an incomplete erection, use a lubricant. At the base wrap the barrel with your fingers, making a dense ring.
  • Very slowly move ring in the head, like it was pulling. I caress the head should not.
  • We start with 40 protjagivanija, gradually increasing their number before two hundred.

Exercise 2

  • In this exercise for the growth of the penis, the penis is pushing the whole palm. Wrap gun, compressor for at least 10 seconds. If it comes out from the palm of your hand, can be connected with the procedure for the other.
  • At the time of compression to keep alternating left, right, down, up (sequence is not important). The compression should be strong, but painless, not to cause damage to the soft tissues.
  • Reviews of promise of elongation of 2 inches per month.


In addition to the increase of the length, the increase in the volume of the penis, plus a massage – a positive effect on potency.

The main thing – the correct execution of the technique. Follow the instructions prevents injury, promotes greater success.

  • Before the massage you should warm up your sexual organ.
  • A little moisten a towel in hot water, the wrap the penis.
  • Wait a few minutes, repeat the process two more times. Result to increase significantly after this compression. Skyrocket the flow of blood, the skin will be better to stretch.

There are different ways of massage. Some motivational vertical body, other loose.

To stop must be on one technique and do it consistently.

The suspension load

The growth of the penis posting in this load – traumatic method. The subject is exposed to a weight of the links and the cavernous body. This leads to forcing you to stretch, increase penis in length. The thickness doesn't change.

  • Before the process of reproductive organ warm up the massage.
  • Then, before the head is attached to a bandage, locking the strap.
  • Hanging a small load (there's a video with this design).
  • The first discussions need to be continued for a quarter of an hour. The weight of the load, the process gradually.
  • The head of the penis should not be numb. If this happens – reduce the load.


Dilution dilates phallus, therefore, the fabric, to get rid of the unpleasant tension begin to rise. The device gives you long term result, reinforced these sizes will remain. Dilution you should use a few hours every day.

Is vacuum, looped, medium, raw. Looped is cheaper, but it's not as comfortable, such as vacuum or the middle.

Water pump

Externally it looks like a pump. It is used to increase the size and improve the potency. To be able to help, if a vertical body can not reach the desired elasticity natural way. Water pump creates a vacuum, stimulating the circulation of blood, enhancing erection.

As it applies water pump void?

  1. Before the use state is required to process cream and to enter the cylinder, which is supplied with the device.
  2. For plenum vacuum, the air from the cylinder pumped, the body is under pressure.
  3. Due to the increased flow of the blood pump increases the volume and the size of the penis (on the internet you can find the video of the process). The pressure inside the void is governed by a built-in pressure gauge.
  4. The elongation, which of these, helps to achieve a water pump, of a temporary nature, in order to better apply just before sex. A lot of men use it, so as to increase the size of plus the result the erection.
  5. Sold pump in pharmacies or shops of intimate goods.

Gel, spray, ointment, cream

In whatever form medication either produced (cream, spray), their action is 3 kinds:

  1. In the short term (for the relevant act);
  2. Prolonged (addressed in long-term outcome);
  3. Accessories: the result is the additional use of more powerful drugs.

Cream or ointment with a short-term effect easily cope with the task. Suffice it to add in the composition of them is strong increase of the temperature element, capable to cause a rush of blood to manhood to you. You will happen temporary increase in the head of his penis and himself. Ointment or gel may not, without the aid of massage or extender provides a tangible result for a very long time. In the selection of the drug prolonged action, does not consider positive comments below from the description of the tool, pictures and video from the series "before and after". If we talk about the accessories report, these tools and medications – what you need.


With the help of vitamins enlarge penis is unlikely, but to enhance the strength, improve erection you will be able to.

  • askorbinata acid (In). Stimulates the production of testosterone, improves the circulation of blood the corpora cavernosa;
  • vitamin B maintains a good level of sexual potency;
  • vitamin D is involved in the synthesis of testosterone, stimulates the sexual desire?
  • Vitamin E improves blood circulation in the penis?
  • Zinc and selenium directly affect the potency. Improve the functioning of entire male reproductive system.


  • Some men consider that: if the hormone affects the formation of sexual organs during puberty, it is sufficient to drink away in a pure form and the growth will start again. It's not that way at all.
  • In addition, hormonal drugs are dangerous to health. Drink only for the reasons, that can bring lots of unpleasant side effects.

Ladies and men, the development of a relevant authority affects only the testosterone produced by the body during adolescence. Adults synthetic gormonoterapii preparations beverages useless and dangerous.

Diet and lifestyle

Many don't know or don't want to know how it affects the machinery concerned men way of life and nutritional behavior.

Oily food in abundance, sitting on the couch in front of the tv, bottle of beer in the evening and two hundred grams of cognac on the weekends – here's a recipe in "as fast as you become impotent"

Any size will not help here. Activity to support an erection boost. For this body we have to educate and feed into useful products.

  • Kegel exercises during the day don't we stagnate familiar mysam and blood.
  • It turns out, during the smoking process vessels of the penis spazmiruyutsya and it will be reduced by a few millimeters.
  • Slow erection, lack of desire – frequent satellites drunk syndrome.
  • The extra pounds visually hide cm, and to take advantage of these gives which protrudes the belly.
  • Daytime charging, includes exercises for maintaining the activity of the will help to support the sports form, it activates sexual functions.

Useful products

  • seafood, fish?
  • contain protein: meat, eggs, milk?
  • olive oil, sesame or vegetable oils?
  • nuts?
  • fruits, vegetables, weeds.
  • ginger in any form.

The function

the surgery for increasing the penis

Not every man decides to enlarge the penis surgery. All covered previously techniques are inferior to surgery, however, the price of the procedure, making it unaffordable for many. Surgery is mainly of two types:

  1. Add length.
  2. Fattening.

Surgery can increase a member to 4 cm Surgery under local anesthesia in the clinic.

The head of the penis

  • The nozzle can add to the dignity, the length, the thickness, to enhance the erection. There are open or closed. For the elongation at select off the spout.
  • The material from which it is made, should be elastic, soft. Silicone or latex better, since it feels like to look like skin.
  • Appendix extends the dignity of up to 10 cm Lovers the length a bit, mainly, generally elongation of 3-6, see Able to renew the sexual act by reducing the sensitivity of the head.
  • To surprise your partner in bed, the head – a very good choice (if it's the technique employed, on the internet a video applications with comments).

What women think

Women think about penis size, probably, only in one case: relevant act has not brought any emotion or brought him pain and suffering. The second is the result of very high value, in the first case, often, it is the size of the institution plays a role and the inability of its owner. So, instead of trying to build the length or the width, try to know more about the female physiology. Try different positions, learn sexual techniques, in general, will evolve, and the ladies will be thinking only about you.

What do the doctors say

  1. Of all the techniques to increase doctors recognise the effect is called vacuum fanfare. Kegel exercises also bring tangible result, but not elongation and improvement of health.
  2. Andrologists, the sexologist are facing the problem of size, as regards the treatment of the pathology. Microphone distortion something, you need to be treated. All the other bands and it is imperative popcultural a false perception of sexuality.

Healthy man, with good potency and erection – this model.