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growth of the penis

Every year in the world is more than 11 thousands of surgeries to increase the penis, and their number is constantly growing. The surgery lasts no more than half an hour, and already after three weeks the man can begin an active sexual life. The largest part of the turnover is made in Thailand — world leader of plastic surgery. In this text it is a story about how the operation is done for the growth of the penis

Plastic surgery in the world is to a greater extent in therapy, by solving real-world problems. This also applies in relation to functions for the growth of the penis. Many men believe their penis is less than what it should be, while the doctors are pretty sure that most people underestimate the size. Why is this happening? Paradox, but the idea that the penis is very small, often formed in childhood, when the mental comparison with the father or brother may of course discourage.

It is considered that the men often have the erroneous perception of the size of own genitals, because the wrong measure or calculate them. The penis may seem smaller, when viewed from above. To adequately estimate the size, it's better to strip naked in front of the mirror, where you can see yourself in full growth. According to the survey, participation in which has received more than 15 thousand people, the average size of erect penis is about 13 cm. The boundaries of medium size, ranging from 11 to 18 cm. Doctors diagnose small penis, if the size less than eight inches in erection.

As the patient to be treated by the surgery?

Quite a large range of topics can touch up a man in surgery: a bad sexual experience, internal beliefs, corrupted information in open sources on the internet. The plastic surgeon, md, professor of plastic hiroshimasized:

"Now the age of the internet: people can see your photos without looking particularly, where did they come from and how they match with reality. Most of the time it's with pictures from the internet, people come to offer surgeons, showing that they want "thus, as presented here".

Else imagine, if you keep spam-newsletter "Iron erection and a hundred other amazing penis enlargement methods". Here even normal sane person start to think: maybe that something's not right, if it's constantly coming out letters "you Will need to do this!" I often think of the movie "the Man with the avenue of the capuchins", when following a particular culture completely changes the behavior of the people. First throwing hooligans, they drink the milk and to behave like gentlemen. And then, having seen the other movies, they begin to organize the chaos, drink and baking. And here the same: the society affects people, and specific people, movies, cultural patterns create some ideas.

Overall, the patients-men who want to enlarge penis, nothing not differ from the other patients plastic surgery — for example, by women who want to determine the size or shape of the breast or to do intimate this to correct the shape of the ear or nasal cavity".

If you can do it without surgery?

There are many procedures and tools, which, as claimed by the manufacturers, it is able to increase the length and diameter of the penis: lotion, dietary supplements, exercises, vacuum pumps, injections of polymer chains of gel. But most of these money have not proven its effectiveness, in addition, the use of certain of them may in fact lead to damage of the penis. If you seem to need additional funds, it is better to consult your doctor-specialist: a urologist, an andrologist or a plastic surgeon — to discuss if it is worth to apply one or the other method.

There are pills and lotions. Usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and hormonal medication. However, studies that confirm that none of this works, there is no.

There are vacuum pumps, which are commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is capable only for a moment to visually enlarge the size, but very frequently or for a long period of use can lead to tissue damage and the quality of erection.

There are exercises that have been developed over centuries in a number of peoples: the method jelka is used with 9-11 year old Sudanese boys. Movements are simple: the arm must make movements from the base of the penis to the head, biting ejaculation. Sounds safe enough, but in reality, it can cause pain, lead to scarring and to change the shape of the genital organs.

Still, there are injections, but here the risks are very high, but its effectiveness is questionable. Introduction of polymers, polyacrylamide gel under the skin of the penis can lead to almost disability, warn doctors. Polymer doesn't withstand under the influence of gravity, from the physical exercise gel migrates, it often causes inflammation, so it may be followed by infection and so until and necrosis of the tissues with complete or partial loss of the penis.

There is a way to enlarge the penis with the use of lipofilling, when through the holes under the skin is inserted into adipose tissue. However, the result is visible immediately after the procedure, after the fat is resolved (and often uneven), it is converted to seals and irregularities. The consequences of that correct already in surgery.

There is only one non-surgical method of penis enlargement, presentation efficiency, — long wearing extender. It is two rods with an adjustable length, to fit between the head and the base of the penis. Rod must be very gradually, slowly pushes up, extending the penis — i.e. something like a heat Ilizarov, without braiding. Dilution will need to be worn for a long period of time, the result of wearing will be the increase of the length of the penis for a few cm.

Is the size matter?

From the point of view of physiology — no. But sex is not a mechanical grinding of two partners, is a complex of experiences of the individual. There plays a role, and the confidence, and the desire to make your partner happy, and sexual habits, and much more.

"The assumption is that the variation in the "normal" is pretty great. 11, or 18 inches — still a significant difference, — says the plastic surgeon. — Size does matter, in the sense that a lot depends on your partner, adaptation, sexual experience. And the issue is not how big the penis had, in the previous men of your companion, and even in reactions and expectations. Women receptors can focus on different areas of the genital organs: in the area of the clitoris, the vagina, the anterior surface or somewhere near the neck of the uterus. The diameter of the penis matter, if receptors are concentrated at the entrance or from the walls of the vagina, the length of the — if around the neck of the uterus. And this means that the ability of men, the position, the understanding between the partners important as the size. There is no universal penis, which can satisfy any woman."

How does the surgery?

"It's usually a guy comes in and says: "Doctor, I want to have the ability". Talking, detailing all we discuss, surely we're talking about sexual needs. It happens that for the thought process from the inability to fulfill your dreams or sexual fantasies: for example, to have sex with a woman, prominent figures," — says the doctor.

It is very important, as with other plastic operations, to evaluate adequately, it will help if the surgery is the achievement of a specific goal. Every doctor will try to avoid the surgery, if he sees that the expectations of the patient do not correspond to the real possibilities of surgery or that the actions of the doctor will be ineffective, the expert believes.

By using the tool can increase the length and diameter of the penis.

With a lot easier. This function technically, it's called pale, and it means that dissection of suspensory ligament of the penis.

"Today, wan — basic operation that we offer for elongation of the penis, — says the surgeon. — With my own point of view, this is optimal for the degree of risk to the patient, wound, and get a result. If and not, in fact, refers to the effects a linear elongation. We just increase the angle between the penis and the ivy, cutting package. So, the penis is simply pushed forward and it turns out the effect of the increase".

The effectiveness of this tool depends to a large extent of compliance of the tissues, therefore, to increase the chances of success and to not be scars, the doctors will recommend the patient to wear extender before and after surgery, in combination with taking medicines that affect the stretching of the tissues.

That is, the schedule the following: 2 months ago wan begin to wear the device, and then, a half hour surgery, and after three weeks with extender. Overall — a little less than 3 months in all.

With a diameter of more and more difficult for the patient, but the most interesting for the reader.

Increase the diameter of the penis may be 2 inches, which is quite important. It is widely used in two ways. The first, the most common — for the account of own tissues of the patient.

Arranged thus: take a section of muscle tissue from the back or the rectum abdominal muscle, and move on to the penis. In fact, the penis is wrapped by the extract muscles, and then sew the vessels to restore blood flow is called revascularization.

A similar procedure involving microsurgery. After this, the patient needs peace and quiet during the week.

The second way is: get dermographia patches from the groin area and are located along mast erection tel. in Other words, wrap the penis, such as the transplantation of muscle tissue, but in this case, the doctors can do without microsurgical technology, therefore, the recovery period passes easier: you don't need strict bed rest, and in the clinic the patient has only a few days.

There is a way to increase the thickness of the penis with the use of silicone implants — an increase of arthroplasty of the penis. It is the least traumatic method, and the same surgery like a boob job, only individual dental implants are made specifically for the patient.

In all cases, the choice of the method depends solely on the preferences of the patient. The doctor is obliged to inform, where you will tripe, what complications and consequences for some, so that the person can make an informed decision.

What are the risks?

Despite the apparent simplicity of operation and ease of recovery, in addition to the basic risks that accompany every surgery, there is the risk of getting serious complication: if your doctor will is it too much to engage, to act with sloppy, can damage the artery, the more doom the patient to impotence. Therefore, the choice of clinic and doctor, guarantee the result, is the most important part of the business.

Important, what to look for when choosing a clinic — is weighted discussion with your doctor. I don't have the right to promise increase in the penis three times or spontaneously to say, how many centimeters will be more. Attention your doctor — the key to the success of the company.

Wan often combine it with liposuction area, pubic area, on the whole gives the best results in patients with excess weight. The doctor says that based on personal experience, the patients reactions for the elongation of the penis rather satisfied. With regard to the possibility of repetitive tasks, often the need arises when the surgery for elongation in combination with the increase of the diameter, and this usually shows the desire of the patient in a remote postoperative period.

However, in addition to the risks associated with health, patients also are concerned and for the reputation, for the anonymity procedure. The plastic surgeon convinced that the issue is solved simply: "Beyond the law protects the patient that states that any surgery, the doctor can't advertise it, there is also an important point of contact for the patient and the physician. There was maybe between the two of you trust? Do you think that the doctor decent moral quality, who will not allow, in principle, be spread for the project? He says if it will be in the details for the other patients? Calls if it's their names? Or just leading examples, similar to yours? By default, the doctor has the right to discuss the operation with anyone. However, if the patient worries too much about that, then, in terms of psychological comfort, can especially tell with speech, that is not interested in posting this story".