How to increase male sexual member with baking soda

Many men are not happy with the size of the sexual organ, so they are trying to find a method that will allow you to enlarge the penis. For this purpose, the representatives of the strong sex using a wide variety of recipes and ways and some of these threaten the health and lead to the development of incurable pathological conditions. Among the recipes of folk medicine, you can find the tools that are prepared from simple and affordable ingredients, but show high efficacy and are safe enough. One of these is the soda. This product found in every home, and the cost of penny. Before, how to increase the state soda, you need to consider important aspects and rules of use of this substance.

It is effective if soda to increase the penis?

the growth of the penis soda

Many are interested in the subject, you can increase the member with the soda? To answer this it makes sense only after the analysis of the composition of the product.

The soda is often used in recipes of folk medicine, as this is an excellent tool for the control of the inflammatory process and to harm the microorganisms. You don't need to consider that during the use of this substance from your penis will grow by leaps and bounds. Studies have shown that soda increases the efficiency in the use of other methods, namely appropriate to be used as a utility item.

How to increase the member with the baking soda? Ability to change the size of the penis due to the fact, that the substance can be absorbed smoothly into the tissue, and due to the unique action of blood thinner. This feature and make powder necessary – it actively increases the size of the penis. Penis enlargement baking soda will not show normal results, if you don't perform the exercises or use special tools.

It should be noted that the substance is wonderful it protects the penis from injury and various complications. Some physical exertion may increase the chance of blood clots, but soda because of its unique composition capable to thin the blood, which prevents the occurrence of blood clots.

There are several options for the growth of the penis soda, each of which has its individual advantages and characteristics. The particular kind of ideas for yourself, and even better to combine them, but the main thing is not to exaggerate it placed dose. Those who know how to enlarge the penis soda, they claim that phallus grows about 1-2 cm. In general, the powder that is used in the following types:

  • it is used in?
  • apply as the main ingredient for the ointment?
  • it is an ingredient for cooking baths.

Better visually see all of the on the increase state of soda — the video shows the main aspects of the participation in this process and talks about the basic rules:

Useful properties of soda

For those who are not happy with the size of the sexual organ, you will need to learn how to increase the male member with the help of soda, is one of the most simple and affordable methods, the implementation of which will have to spend a minimum of forces and financial resources.

Some people don't even know about the positive properties of soda, believing that it is only used for baking. In fact, for the therapeutic properties of this product are the true legends. If we look more in detail, the substance helps in the following cases:

  • saves you from the unnecessary weight?
  • resolves the burns?
  • copes with heartburn?
  • speed up your metabolism?
  • normalizes acidity in the stomach?
  • apply for the sake of aesthetics?
  • regulates the process of blood circulation;
  • using baking soda increases the penis.

The growth of the penis due to exposure to dust for the circulatory system. It is known to all, that the erection occurs when the filling member and the structural elements of blood. The soda helps to enhance the circulation of blood, which the cavernous and sponge-like body increase in size.

How with the help of a soda can enlarge your penis?

Before to enlarge the penis with the help of soda, you have to consider a number of very important rules for the use of this substance. The most common method is massage. To safely and quickly to achieve a positive result, you must perform the exercise correctly, otherwise, there is the possibility of damaging the sensitive skin of the phallus. The process includes various stages:

  1. The preparatory. Before, how to increase member at home soda, you need to prepare the body to the chassis, it is elastic and has increased the circulation of blood. To do this you need to get a towel — it is better to give priority to the most mild option. Then you'll have to water with warm water and wrap it around the sexual organ, leave for 2-3 minutes. The process is repeated many times – at least 3.
  2. Massage. Not everyone is know how to enlarge the penis with the help of soda through massage, whose main goal – to stretch the body. In between sets we need to provide the best possible restoration of proper circulation of the blood, by running in a smooth and easy movements. When stretching the penis in this comes a large amount of weight, after which it for the account of smooth falsification of this will be distributed evenly in all the veins. Baking soda you must apply directly during the massage. It's enough to get a pinch of substances in the hands and literally crush the surface of the penis. The process is somewhat similar to the application of the scrub.
  3. Recovery. After exercise for increase the penis with baking soda it's over, you'll need to restore the normal functioning of the body. To do this, you simply need to lie down and relax.

Experts recommend prior to the conduct of the penis enlargement baking soda, you need to raise yourself and relax. Often health problems of the reproductive system wear psychological character, therefore, need to properly set yourself in a good result.

Sexology argue that men need to "fantasize" missing centimeters in the head, this will allow you to get rid of complexes.

Soda gadgets


For cooking soda solution you will need to take 2 tablespoons of the ingredients and mix well in 100-150 ml of hot water. The final solution is wet cheesecloth or a small towel and place this poultice in the inguinal zone. The size of the fabric must be such that he managed to wrap fully sexual organ.

Enlarge penis with the use of baking soda with lotion includes the daily use for 30 days. A process of any results will not show, to use the method should only be lessons. To increase the power and positive effects on the body in the mixture you can add a little essential oil. Perfect for these purposes, a suitable oil of cardamom or any other plant that has a "male" smell. Aroma of essential oils allows you to relax and forget about everyday problems and soft texture promotes warming up of the body and of the creation of the circulation of the blood. After the procedure some time you need to lie down, but better still, to sleep, to stabilize the result.

Performance improvement with the increase of your penis with baking soda can through the internal host. It positively affects the internal environment of the organism, i.e. contributes to the regulation of the function of major organs and systems. In some cases, the small size is caused by the presence of joint diseases for which a man can not guess. Lead to a reduction in the quality of the erection, or even cause impotence. The use of the substance will save the body from toxins and impurities that can lead to dangerous pathologies.

The use of soda will save the body from toxins and impurities

Before the taking of a substance should consult with a specialist — specialized doctor will ask, as you can enlarge your penis with baking soda, and to do it safely and as possible in a short period of time.

You will need to start small doses – a quarter teaspoon two times a day. This is what happens in between meal. Over time the dose is increased to 1 tbsp for the welcome.

For the prevention of various diseases and problems with the digestive system you must drink soda – 150 ml of water is added to 1 teaspoon of powder. Consumption tool should be in the morning before eating.

Of course, a direct use of the soda will not change the size of the penis, but in each case a positive impact on human health and the emotional state.

Often used pelvic penis soda — testimonials show that this procedure has a high rate of efficiency. To use this method, you must in each liter of water add 100 grams of substances. Based on this ratio of area of basin, can be adjusted, you don't need to make the water very hot, the best choice will be 40-50 degrees. It is very important to remove the pot allows you to relax, it does not cause discomfort, and even more pain. To do this the body must be intact.

Greater efficiency procedure shows directly before the exercise, then the container normalizes the blood circulation in the penis and relaxes the tissue. The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes. To implement the data handling I need as often in the month, but not more frequently than 2 times per day. Respondents men with one voice they said that the soda is very reliable and safe substance for increasing male "dignity", for all the time of course did not cause any complications.

Safety rules

Male sexual system is very sensitive to various negative events, so it needs protection from pathogenic factors of the environment and the indoor environment. Despite the positive quality of the product, the method can lead to serious consequences. To avoid this, you must comply with a number of rules that will allow us to maintain the health in good. These include the following aspects:

  • if you are planning an internal application, you need to be extremely careful, especially if there are some diseases of the digestive system. If in the stomach, increased acidity, then the regular reception of the drug in large quantities causes the development of gastritis or even ulcers;
  • you should consult your doctor to rule out the existence of individual intolerance of this product?
  • with the presence of this disease, such as diabetes mellitus, it is better to refrain from the use of any form, because the action of the active ingredients turns out to be the blood body?
  • is prohibited, if the man was diagnosed with a malignant form of education, because the blood in several techniques substances becomes more fluid, with which the cancer cells quickly spread all over the body?
  • you need to refrain from the use of this tool, with low acidity of the stomach, because it is fraught with serious consequences?
  • some men suffer from increased sensitivity of the skin — the chassis has increased dryness. This will be the cause of serious irritation or even of the inflammatory process, that, in the reproductive system is particularly unacceptable.

It is important to remember that a positive result can be achieved only with the observance of the regulations. In all methods of penis enlargement great importance is given to regularity. If every day to implement an effective and safe method, then you certainly will succeed and you will add your penis a few inches.


the growth of the penis

Application composition has a number of contraindications that must be taken into account, especially when there is some pathology or chronic diseases. In this contraindications include:

  • skin lesions, the presence of a rash;
  • individual intolerance substances?
  • deformation principle as a result of the pathological process (in this case, without consultation with the doctor can't do).

If you have the above factors substance you can't get externally and internally, and in the latter case, these contraindications are listed a few:

  • gastritis chronic type, or any other disease, which leads to a change of the acidity in the stomach?
  • an allergic reaction?
  • azwenne education.

It is strictly forbidden to apply the tool has expired, therefore, you need to check before, how to enlarge penis soda. Now, by the use of should to give up even in the case of, if the tool has a normal lifespan, but the dust changed the color to yellow, it has a particular smell, or any other deviation from the norm.

To guarantee 100% the outcome and definitely learn, see the video that will clearly show features of this process:

Now you know how it affects soda for the growth of the penis. To achieve a positive result, must comply with all the rules and recommendations, as well as procedures regularly. It is important to remember about the contraindications and possible complications are rare, but some men indicate a health problem. To reduce the likelihood of this process you should consult your doctor — not only will I not make a full diagnosis of the organism, and will tell you how to apply the baking soda to enlarge penis.