How to properly use the penis pump

Water pump vacuum, is used for the growth of the penis, is yet another excellent solution as a preventive measures oriented to the strengthening of potency.

With a vacuum pump can enhance the activity of, the execution of a systematic and prolonged exercise. Help to improve blood circulation, which gives the guarantee of a penis in diameter, and, also, increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

This appendix to increase the manhood has a number of advantages. You have to figure out what it belongs to, and how to properly use pump;

Undeniable advantages vacuum pump

water pump vacuum for the state

Thus, the effectiveness and the efficiency κου'φώματα manifested not only for the growth of the penis, and in the next:

  • Disorder of sexual function. The systematic use of the appendix may increase the volume of the penis, but and to maintain an erection throughout the sexual act.
  • Greater sexual intercourse. The essence lies in the fact, that thanks to the pump reduces the sensitivity of the penis, and allows you to prolong the ejaculation.
  • Treatment of penile curvature. If men twisted penis pump helps to keep your body in a straight position, with the effect of reducing the curvature.
  • And the main advantage – the increase of the penis is not only the length, but also in the region.

How to choose the right one?

There are two types of devices for penis enlargement, it is airy and hydro-vacuum.

They can be of different sizes, have a variety of extra features, for example, the vibration.

When choosing, you have to stop at the one that comes bundled with erectile ring. There are κου'φώματα with a mark-up nozzles, for the best was the stimulation. When buying, you should pay attention to:

  1. From what material is made from compressor, because the function is directly the arms with the skin cover, to ensure the tightness.
  2. The sizes and the quality characteristics of the bulb. The device must be resistant to mechanical damage. And also, it is better to take a transparent bottle, so you can track the process and to avoid traumatic situations.

Instructions for use

For a start, it is worth noting that for the first time use water pump vacuum should not be more than five minutes, is the passage of time allows you to prevent the side effects.

If you are using a pump is not right, there is the risk of reduction of erection. And to get additional symptoms, such as swelling in the field of application water pump, darkening of the housing member.

How to properly use pump with air pump:

  • First, the device is pumped in the air, that helps to smash the state on behalf of low pressure, which increases the flow of blood to the penis. Before placing the state in a water pump, has been applied lubrication.
  • The maximum time of use water pumps for a time is from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • To allow the flow of air in the device, that is, in this manner to restore the negative pressure, in certain devices it is required to exert pressure on the intake valve, which is located next to the pear. In other models, this is done with the open hole, which is located in kolba, who during the session closes with your finger.
  • After he had achieved the maximum erection, the base of the penis that is worn a special ring. Provides compression state, and not allow it to happen the outflow of blood from the beginning, i.e., state of "held" in an erection.

As you correctly enjoy a water pump for the penis enlargement with hydro-pump:

Before you start the process, you need to take a hot shower with a belt. Will help you to relax in the region of the scrotum, and help to boost the circulation of blood.

After 6-8 minutes of relaxation, take a pump and enter in the penis.

See carefully the bezel soothing rings, rounded. Should be tightly of the strap over the area of the scrotum, therefore, reduces the pressure in this region.

Place a pump from the girth of the penis should be uniform, when this is to maintain the scrotum, before you start pumping air. These steps are important, in order for the process passed comfortably and without injuries.

To make a small parenthesis moves to ωφείλονται in a vacuum. Then, with the help of a special valve, it goes down the excess water. The valve is located above vacuum pump. Often, the pump will need to swing about 6 times, for all of the water out.

As soon as all the water comes out, you can unwind and relax during 5 minutes. If there is a feeling that the vacuum was weak, turn up the level that you want.

To enlarge your penis, you can use such a layout:

  • 7 days – a process that does not exceed 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – a procedure 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions for 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions of 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 20 minutes, immediately after waking up, and 10 minutes in the evening.

It should not be abused power in periods of use of a water pump that can lead to micro ventilation in tissues erectile bodies, with the result that the formed hematoma and other traumatic injuries.

How to properly care for the device?

the growth of the penis

For maintaining the state water pumps for a long time, you need to follow the recommendations:

Before pipe water pump in business, you need to wash a little soapy water. To treat the adjacent parts and seals antiseptics.

As for hydration, don't use lubricants, the composition of which there are petroleum jelly or vaseline oil, I moisturize plant oils and other creams.

After use, also rinse the liquid with soap and water, wipe to dry.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that all the advantages of vacuum pumps confirmed a lot of enthusiastic reviews of men, the device actually works. And in combination with the specialized gel for enlarge penis, you can get the best result.

Penis pump – appendix quite controversial. Someone says that it is safe and very effective (rumor has it that it is a suitable water pump for the treatment of impotence). Others claim that the tool is extremely dangerous and the result of it doesn't exist. Who's right? Let's understand. In this article we will look at this fixture, we know that we have to choose, how the machine works how to use in accordance with the instructions.


Water pump vacuum for the head of state or for the whole penis – raising mechanism of the wind. For account created vacuum pressure becomes a stronghold of the penis and as a result – to increase the blood flow to the cavernous tissue, stimulate an erection and a temporary increase in the sizes.

The penis men there are 2 mast erection of the body, constantly flowing blood. When a man is stimulated, the spinal cord sends the signal, blood vessels expand, and the veins are shrinking. This causes a delay of the blood in the penis, with the result that the authority becomes hard and big.

When you use the device, air is drawn, and it is created negative pressure. This gives no blood in my veins, and delay, like when it is in erection, the penis becomes larger, both in length and in diameter. With the use of a water pump, the penis can increase about 1-2 inches for one time use. The result is a transient – in a few hours my penis return to the standard sizes. With regular use it is a permanent stretching and exercise of the tissue – this can give a greater increase in the size.

Why the appendix should be

How to use fanfare, in detail described in the instructions. Should be supplied with the device. Also, complete, for the growth of the penis should be:

  1. The bottle (cylinder) with o-materials at the base, where it is placed on the state.
  2. The valve of the air – protects from injuries.
  3. Manometer for pressure control.
  4. The device, creating a vacuum (pear or automatic suction).

When using a water pump increases the sexual intercourse.

The growth of the penis – is now the main purpose of water pumps. But this device, there are still several tasks (including prescriptions):

  • Extension of the sexual act. For applications vacuum pump for the time reduces the sensitivity of the receptors in the head of the penis, which slows down the arousal in men. For this purpose, the pump should be used immediately before sex.
  • The treatment of erectile dysfunction – regular use of the pump helps to stimulate the increase of blood flow to the penis and maintain a strong erection during sexual intercourse. Use water pump will serve as a good prevention of diseases that affect the potency. Through constant "training" gathering stagnation of blood in the vessels, so-called dysfunction spend.
  • Correction of the shape of a penis. If the man has a problem with the curvature of the penis, then doctors often prescribe water pump – helps to keep your penis in the correct position, gradually reduces the curvature of the penis.

How to choose the device?

Kinds of water pumps many – will operate on the same principle, but with small differences, so that the result will be different. Water pump should be selected, guided by their own objectives and with emphasis on the characteristics of the instrument. There are only general rules that need to be guided with the purchase of fixture:

  • The diameter of the roller should be about one centimeter diameter, an erection of the penis. When you buy the smaller device can cause injury.
  • The length of the roller should be 2 inches greater than the length of a man's penis. When using a water pump with a smaller length, as in the case with the diameter, increases the risk to hurt yourself.
  • If a man not previously enjoyed water pump vacuum, then better to start with pear κου'φώματα, which deflects the air with his hand. Cylindrical and electric pumps comfortable, but create the vacuum too quickly, and it is more difficult to control. There are even hydro-vacuum (acting on behalf of the water) water pump, but, instead, create a less pressure and tend to be less effective than their "cousins".
  • When purchasing check to make sure that the material of the sealer, how closely it will fit snugly to the skin. If it's too soft, it will pass air, and the correct pressure will not be created. Very dense and hard material is not suitable, as it stings the skin.

If you don't get a water pump down by the size of the penis, it can hurt.

How to use the device

how to enlarge penis

How to increase the member with the use of a water pump, how to properly use this device? Instructions for use water pump standard. When working with the fixture it is important to comply with the principles, similar to the rules of sport training, – first, I have to go warm up the penis before using a water pump it is recommended to massage the hands, to disperse the blood, warm tissue and muscle. Then, the device is worn on the body and is fixed to the base of the. Then, from the cylinder pumped air (automatically or with your hands).

Reaching with the help of air and water pump strong erection, at the base of the penis should be placed a special ring. Can wear prior to the initiation of the water pump, and having stimulation, to drag at the base of the penis. This ring will allow you to reverse the outflow of blood from the penis and will keep the instrument in the desired elevated condition. The process should last for about 15-20 minutes. Most a long time is not recommended, as it can lead to injury of the penis.

In order to achieve strong growth, will regularly have to deal with fanfare. It is appropriate here the comparison with a gym: converge to the gym and work on a simulator, you can feel the newly formed muscle. But a day goes by-two, and the body becomes soft. Only through regular exercise, you can achieve the desired muscle in a half an hour, and for months – yes, and under the condition that it is constant visits of the area and to maintain the result obtained. With the growth of the penis, also, exercise should be regular – fit three times a week. For 8 months it can achieve the increase of the length and width of up to 30-35% of the original size.

For the effect of the water pump, you must use it regularly.